Last year I screwed up my shoulder & I decided that I couldn’t do a video that week, and I was like, “Well it’s the holidays!” So I had decided to do a giveaway of all the books I’d reviewed on my channel that year. Well, I’m doing it again! Except luckily this year I am not in pain. I just wanted to say thanks. And also because I got really, really behind this week & it’s stressing me the hell out. And when say ‘behind’ I mean I have 3 reviews banked but, you know, God forbid if I’m not a month ahead. There may be more than 1 lot of giveaways! Specifically, I’m going to do the big “golden goose,” which is, as of recording this, 39 total books that have been on this channel. I take that back, 38. I can’t count. If I have enough people that enter, I also have… a whole lot of stuff that I got at RT that’s just sitting around my house from this year. There’s a “Romance or GTFO” sticker. There’s a tote bag that says “Drama Queen.” There is a fuck ton of bookmarks. There’s just a lot of stuff. I also have another lot of books that I have culled through my collection this year. AKK, did not finish them & got bored & moved on. And in total that’s like 23 romance novels. But the way I see it just because I didn’t like it don’t mean that it’s not worth reading. So in total, if I have enough people that enter, there will be 3 lots of stuff. This video will be posted on the 26th of December & I’m gonna keep the giveaway open til January 2nd. I will announce the winner/s on that following Wednesday which is the 3rd. What else am I forgetting, oh yeah! Actually how to enter the giveaway. Do y’all understand now why I’m scripted in these reviews/videos? The point being, if you want to enter the giveaway just, from now until next Tuesday, share a video of mine on any social media platform & link me- link me? That’s not the right word. Tag me is the word I’m looking for. Yeah. No wonder I script all of this shit. The giveaway is open internationally so it doesn’t matter where you live in the world, I will get these to you if you do win. I hope I explained everything okay. Uh, since I’m unscripted it is entirely possible that I didn’t. So in case, uh, filming Jacquie is a dumbass, I’m gonna leave all the rules & the details in the links below. In the description box below. Whew. Why do I keep saying links? I don’t know why my mouth makes half the noises it does. And it would be great if everybody entered was a subscriber of mine, but you know, I’m not even gonna be picky. I just wanna give away books. You guys leave such amazingly sweet words, you tell me what you think about books, you tell me what you think about the reviews. You just, you’re so sweet & you’re so kind & like, my melts every time 1 of y’all say something so amazing to me! Calm the fuck down, Jacquie. Calm down! The romance community in general is kickass, whether that’s on my channel or on Twitter or on other blogs. You just leave me love no matter where I am on the internet. And I want to say thanks. It’s the season of giving & I want to give back. How cheesy does that sound! [ding]


  1. Even if it's cheesy it's a good cheesy and who hates cheese really? I may be allergic to it, but I have many fond memories of it. (whoops there I go)
    How is it one can be excited for the winners? Some lucky people are going to have their hearts filled <3

  2. You crack me up all the time. Recently I have been away from YouTube but I’m back and catching up on your videos. So many I am marathoning! I shared it always love you on Facebook. The Memes make me happy. Keep up the good work and I will try to talk more.. I hope.. I mean if you want… ok I am shutting up.

  3. YAY!! *hahaa* You're so cute! Okay so I'm sharing on my personal FB page, my Tumblr acct, and my twitter accts (FromJessToYou and FromJesstoYouVA). Thanks for this hunny! ::HUGS::

  4. Hey you! Thanks for showing your tweet thingy. I went looking for it a while back and couldn’t figure it out. I am a bit foggy sometimes!

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