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  1. This was my favorite song from the album when I was a little. I don’t think I even understood what it was about, let alone really relate to it. But it’s just so pretty.

  2. Just discovered this song I love it. It's getting me through possibly the hardest period of my life… 4 weeks ago my mom suffered a traumatic brain injury and we almost lost her but they were able to save her by taking half of her skull out… 3 weeks ago a case got opened up by cps and forced my fiance of 4 years, my 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son to move out and back into her father's as a last resort, where I am not allowed because I don't have a 9 to 5 job, instead stay home and take care of every body in my home for a decent wage… now 2 weeks ago my grandfather started showing signs of dementia and 2 days ago he went full blown hallucinations and delusions and got admitted to the same hospital my mom is in… and tomorrow my uncle is having heart surgery there as well and will be admitted after that… I'm barely hanging onto my faith and my hope at this point.. barely… this song is helping me through this shit show I call my life.

  3. My buddy Joe die and this was he's song and I cry if I play this song I'm like he's son to him and he is like a dad to me and we are like twos a crowd a chuder

  4. One of the best memories I have is watching Retia Lea Cougot dancing with her daughter to this song. I also took this beautiful woman to a KidRock show. So there ya go memories if nothing else matters today is a new day and yesterday will always be in our hearts.

  5. Played this at my fathers funeral. Because its such a glorious song and he loved it ! Now i always play it !

  6. …kid rocks born free album has been in my truck CD player for 2 years..i sold that truck..took the CD put it the new truck radio and it still plays whenever i crank it to this day…roll on rollercoaster….

  7. I love this song so much my mom used to love jamming out to this song I still feel like she’s here with me when I play it RIP Mom 3-24-18

  8. He doesnt werry about people who helped him get were he is …….he is getting to where he sucks….seen it in time magizeen

  9. This fuck still owes me 60 bucks…..hey ritchie….beam me up Scotty…..yeah its me young man… me same number Vs

  10. this is for my homie that passed away rip friend you passed away too so brothas 20yrs old too young rest in Paradise brother I miss you friend Roll on g

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