Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer | Reverb Demo Video

Alright so we've got the Roland TR-08, which
is a pretty spot-on recreation of the fundamental TR-808 analog drum machine. Sounds huge, lot of cool features, let's get
to it. We're going to start off in Rhythm Track mode,
which loops through chains of patterns and fills so you can get a sense of what the TR-08
sounds like. All the classic 808 sounds are here. We've got the Bass, Snare and Hi Hat
going And now we'll turn on the Hand Clap with a little Rim Shot and Cowbell too Let's turn down the Hi Hat so you can hear those analog Tom sounds With most sounds on the
TR-08 there are some tweakable options Here we're shortening the decay on the Bass Drum Now we'll change the Hand Clap to Maracas And the Rim Shots to Claves Now we're in Manual Play Mode Trigger patters on the fly with step buttons 1-12 You can even automatically
insert fills, and set how often the fills play – right now, every 2nd measure This auto fill in feature is awesome for live jamming and a big part of what makes the TR-08 so
much fun to play You can switch between A and B variations on the accent patterns, which
is great for varying up your beat and playing it live Let's switch up the basic rhythm pattern
and hear how that sounds There are also A and B variations for your main beat. Or select AB and the TR-08 will cycle through both rhythms The menu button unlocks some additional features One surprising add-on
is the ability to change the compression on sounds Using compression takes your Bass Drum
from this… To THIS! Here's that compression on the Snare Drum You can also add global accents to your pattern to add even more variety to your beat The TR-08 has a dedicated trigger out track. Here we're triggering the SH-01A arpeggiator

38 thoughts on “Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer | Reverb Demo Video

  1. I've got a TR-08 and it sounds absolutely beautiful – very smooth, rounded and very "analog" – not digital sounding at all. On this video however it sounds truly awful, so something went badly wrong in the production of this video. If you want to know how it sounds, then listen to the real thing rather than YouTube videos.

  2. Stop fuckin around and give me a listenable beat terrible demo video . all the shit goin at once disco style

  3. Are the TR-8s 808 sounds identical to this? Because I tested the 808 sounds on the original TR-8 and wasn't that impressed, the TR-08 sounds much closer to the original and the Kick drum has that lovely warm low bass tone to it.

  4. 3:11 We see the hipster doing the standard "Touch the knobs like they're flaming hot" thing they all do when they DJ / play with little hipster electronic gadgets.

  5. i haven't touched the TR-08 but the limited time i've worked on the OG ROLAND drum machines this piece sounds great. i want to buy one


  7. Has anyone noticed an issue with either low headphone or low main output with the tr-08 or tr-09?  I tried both units in a music store recently with a pair of demo headphones, and even at max volume the units sounded really quiet with no "oomph".  Thank you

  8. These things sound really good, record quality out of the box. It’s Trippy, the 909 too! Really clean sound with lots of depth in the lows

  9. If you find a nice rhythm, you could just solo each sound into a computer and then mess with them there. Use your heads. And If it doesn’t sound like the original then live with it and make it sound good, y’all want a real one then get one.

  10. clearly the people that made this have no design bulid..the sound is ok, I can understand after so many years it will not sound the same but whoever design it has no connection with traditional roland layout,just squish and cramm and hope they can sell there shit..   just complete lazyness. iam not getting one..

  11. no individual outputs makes it a toy.
    Want to put a flange on the hihat, snare or delay on the reverb, delay on the toms..compress the kick drum…your out of luck..
    Maybe you want to eq the clap or the rim, make them less tinny, out of luck.. BYE.

  12. TR 808 drum sounds have been ran into the ground for the past 15 years… I personally would take one of the low bit-rate Eprom machines of the day over a TR808…

  13. Great video style! Reminds me of the knobs channel a little bit. However, this product is garbage, come on! Who wants samples or analog "modeling"?! Just give me a genuine analog drum machine, yeesh. Korg is annihilating Roland these days.

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