Rohan Kishibe: The Writer of Reality

Diamond Is Unbreakable, part 4 of Jojo’s
Bizarre Adventure. If you had seen the anime in it’s entirety,
you notice the narrator perspective from Koichi. Jojo usually circulating around the main Joestar
at the time, and you would think that it would be in their perspective. But for some reason, going past both Josuke
and Koichi, I feel like DIU was also Rohan’s story
Not as in, all of it about Rohan, but it was about Rohan and it moved to those who were
now present in Morioh. See it like this, Rohan and Kira have a history
through Reimi. Rohan had almost came close to the first kill
of Kira, who later on in the years had Morioh in his hands. Then when you have the Morioh Warriors and
the reconnect of Rohan and Reimi, it feels like they have some sort of background protagonists/side
protagonist roles. Even Volume 7 was named “Rohan Kishibe’s
Adventure”. I guess that’s more of when DIU had developed
their characters, you’re probably not going to see it when going over Rohan when he was
a minor antagonist for a bit. Revisiting that time in specific, I wouldn’t
even say that Rohan was actually evil. A bit insane, but he had some reasonable and
understandable moments. And at the same time, he had moments where
you would think that he could possibly be Kira’s little brother. But for Rohan it’s all in the issue of someone
trying to do the right thing, just in the wrong way. It’s time to revisit that time in specific,
Let’s go visit the mangaka’s house. When first being introduced to Rohan, he had
already seemed pretty abnormal and a bit terrifying. He had let Koichi and Hazmada into his home
and he had actually came around when being praised. Then we get to know more about Rohan’s workflow,
inspirations, and the secret to writing comics. This here was where I felt a connect between
Rohan and Araki, the creator of Jojo. “Reality is the lifeblood that makes a work
pulse with energy! Reality itself is entertainment!” At the same time, this isn’t supposed to
be taken so seriously. I doubt Araki is able to summon and manifest
his fighting spirit to fight vampires, serial killers, and the list goes on. But to interpret this, I would say that morals,
moods, and life itself has things to where they are included in Jojo. For example, Rohan’s reasoning in his writing. He doesn’t write for the sake of making
money, he writes because he wants to be read. Along with that you have him talking about
his inhibitions. First feeling great after a job well done,
but then that feeling of it going to nothing right after. Because what exactly do you do when you put
your hard work into something just for nothing to come out of it. For Rohan specifically, he feels that if nobody
bothers reading, then not knowing what to do and a loss in motivation would shortly
after. That there is what I feel that everyone can
relate to, or at least those that work in something that would rely on the entertainment
and enjoyment of consumers. Say that you do spend a lot of time working
hard on something, and had minimal results coming from said thing. How exactly do you go about it? This isn’t rhetorical, I’m actually asking
this. Comment below! For me in specific, I try to take apart why
it didn’t do well and try to find out why so it doesn’t happen again. I have friends involved in art, meaning either
drawing or graphic design. I know that some would put a lot of time into
said art and shows it to the world with a caption of, “Rough draft” or “Quick
drawing”. The reasoning behind that is to fallback safely
and hoping no one is going to be too critical due to the caption. Which is a flashing red sign of insecurities. Rohan doesn’t want to face said insecurities
so what exactly does he do here? Well, he attacks two high schoolers and steals
the memories of one of them. Which probably isn’t the best way to go
about this. You know what really puzzles me though, along
with having underlying insecurities, Rohan has really strong confidence. I had found this interview of Rohan when revisiting
the manga. Where it shows that Rohan really has no person
that he looks up to. Going even deeper on that, he believes that
there’s not a single person above or even equal to him. He also believes there’s not a single thing
that’s more important than his manga, and I wouldn’t even say that’s a selfish thing
either. In Rohan’s perspective, his work really
is his everything. It dictates how he feels, his relevancy, his
money, and other aspects that are highlights in someone’s life. So there’s nothing really else for Rohan
in that case, anything else is a possible bonus but isn’t necessary to his happiness. Having so much riding on one thing is stressful,
and having nothing to fallback on is a nail in the coffin if that one thing was to ever
fail. But what if you had something to get the results
you wanted tenfold? In Rohan’s case, it was other people’s
memories. But, it was for his literal everything. Which probably doesn’t make doing what he
did ok, but hopefully it lightens it a bit. Ok well, he kind of was ok with killing Koichi
for the sake of his manga and, yeah that’s messed up. But after getting brutally beaten by Josuke,
Rohan had turned a new leaf. I’d like to believe he had thought about
it, and had realized he should write more about his own experiences. Rohan had stayed on hiatus until Part 4 was
over, and that last clip of him doing his hand exercises (while being a reference) means
that he was getting back into it. Along with that it even says that the serialization
had returned. So his character had came together, a full
roundabout. When he came in, he had a huge problem due
to the only thing that had mattered to him. His problem being solved because of well,
human interactions and friends. Which hopefully he realized it’s ok to like
people. I mean well I would hope after the bond of
him and Koichi after the whole Cheap Trick incident. Or you know, chasing down the serial killer
who had been around for 17 plus years. But after rewatching Koichi’s narration
and perspective, Jojo being jojo about jojo and sometimes in the perspective of Jojo,
and Rohan’s history bound to the plot; I realized something. Everyone has a plot that you can actually
distinguish pretty well. Before you call me out on how that’s just
development, the case is somewhat different I swear. Everyone has a main goal for the most part
of Jojo and it was common, it was mainly to find the Killer. But when it comes to specific characters,
everyone needs something for the most part and they get said thing by the end of DIU. For example, Koichi as a character needed
development and growth. The events of DIU had made him a stronger
and trusting character. Rohan had needed closure and inspiration for
his manga. He got exactly that, more on the inspiration
part because that’s what makes Rohan, Rohan. Closure was a common goal for everyone due
to Reimi being the center of plot and attention. But on inspiration for Rohan, it’s actually
amazing to have a perfect give and receive situation. Giving time to live and receiving material
for his art, plus that allows him to not be like everyone I know during the summer and
let’s him leave the house once in awhile. Rohan has so much to experience in his life
and that alone is great for strengthening his writing as a mangaka. You can also catch up on Rohan’s experiences
through the upcoming OVA. Or you could just read it, and you know read
the other things he got involved in. He has multiple One-Shots guys, you don’t
have to just wait for part 5. Do something please. But when it comes down to the line, Rohan
was probably top 3 favorite characters for me in the show. I really had liked his character on the other
type of episodes like the Mikitaka or Highway Star episode. Or I guess arc, apparently that’s how it
all works. If you want highlighting Rohan moments, there
really is a lot, especially in arcs like those. There’s Josuke Vs. Rohan, Rohan saving Ken
(the Janken kid), Rohan vs. Highway Star, and then Rohan Vs. Cheap Trick. In Josuke Vs. Rohan, Rohan shows how adamant
he can get when someone is trying to play him. He also punishes himself for not being able
to figure out what Josuke has been doing. It’s not just because he’s getting played,
it goes back to him believing everyone is under him. So if someone who is supposed to be under
him is playing him, he’s feeling humiliated. He’s even going as far to think Josuke is
just laughing at him because Rohan hasn’t figured out what has been going on, while
Josuke is actually just terrified of getting caught. Also damn he dresses nice, jeez. Then there’s Rohan Vs. Ken, which had happened
before Josuke Vs. Rohan, but correlates with Rohan Vs. Highway Star. When establishing his win over Ken, he tells
Ken that he going to destroy his stand, and along with that he would set his fate in stone
so that he would never win a single game of Janken ever again. While doing that, Rohan slowly approaches
menacingly. Then Ken in a response to Rohan’s attempt,
tries to kill himself. Because he rather die than let someone control
his fate and heart, which is probably the only cool thing he did. Rohan thinks his act of freedom is amazing
and says the kid has got guts so he can’t someone like that get away. Rohan loves when some has the ability to say
no to someone with an overwhelming power over them, he thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. Bringing that up leads into the Highway Star
encounter. Where Highway Star offers Rohan his life in
exchange for Josuke’s. Getting this straight, Rohan doesn’t like
Josuke at all at the moment. This was right after the whole Mikitaka dice
incident, so Rohan and Josuke are going through the motions. Even after all of that, he’s easily able
to look Highway Star dead in the eyes and say the iconic line. “Daga kotoaru. I refuse.” Then he gives his reasoning right after which
follows why he like the Janken kid’s will. “The one thing I, Kishibe Rohan likes more
than anything else, is finding people who think they’re hot shit and saying no straight
to their faces.” This guy is Mr. Hot stuff, pretends not to
care about people, says no to death, and has the ability to control everything about a
person. Rohan in such a character, like he’s a anime
character that makes anime characters, and likes when his fellow anime characters act
like anime characters. He acts anime, while being anime, creating
anime, inside of in anime. Kaleb, Rohan is kind of an enigma. No viewer, his stand is Heaven’s Door, not
Enigma. Thank you so much for watching. If you guys enjoyed this video leave a like,
subscribe so you’ll be updated whenever I post a video. Both show support and mean a lot to me so
I know if, well I’m not fucking up. I’ll see you guys in the next one! Until then, peace out and God Speed.

100 thoughts on “Rohan Kishibe: The Writer of Reality

  1. I really hate when I pour my heart into something and feel really proud of it, show it to others, and only get a head nod and a "That's pretty good" from a few people, it leaves me unsatisfied as all heck and makes me wonder if people appreciate my art to be honest. I'm not sure what I even do in the moment, I just sort of feel empty because I was at least expecting more praise than just an "it's good." Though I don't mean to sound like an attention whore, I need support from people about my work to keep me doing what I love to do, which is drawing and making art, and though it I do have some people supporting me, it feels like it isn't enough.

  2. I have had hardly any appreciation when it came to my work and sometimes only criticisms when it comes to my work. I write and write looking for my own personal closure and enjoyment. My writing has become a major part of my life and it is a very sensitive part due to how long I have put my own blood and tears into it. I just want my piece to be perfect and so often I get burnt out due to only criticisms and even lack of feedback.

  3. Rohan is the most anime thing in JoJo, which is the least anime anime, and that's why I dislike him. 'Cause I hate anime.

  4. When you produce work that takes a lot of energy, a series of things happens.
    FIRST is that you want someone to like it. You put all that energy into it, somebody somewhere needs to like it.
    The issue is, most artists hate their own work so being satisfied with what you put out isn't likely unless you look back on it a week or so later.
    Next is you begin to compare your works to those who are also artists. This is likely where instead of picking those small places to improve you get
    dumpstered on by a grenade of "Man I suck at this."
    Then you try to produce more art so that you can at least entertain the few people who looked your way.
    But… well if only things worked that way for people starting off. It doesn't though.
    When you get tired you either repeat this process and begin to do something entirely different. This is what I'd call the desperation series.
    The desperation series happens when you continue to produce work while you are only either paying attention to putting the work out or mastering the basics. You do not care about putting any personality into it because the practice is more important. This is where people improve the most but likely rather than doing these, people just fizzle out if they aren't really into what they are doing or don't have the time for it.
    Finally they make acknowledgement that they need to focus on something after taking a rest and then restart at the top of this list.

  5. I really DON'T think rohan would have killed
    Thatd have been insane

    Just pushing them into a corner to see their reactions

    As we know
    Rohan is way stronger fighting wise
    So if he were serious he would have had many other opportunities

  6. i personally go by the line of if i keep trying i get better. i make a drawing get like maybe 3 or 5 likes i keep on trucking on and keep getting better and better till my likes go up so to put that whole thing simple throw 10000000 candies at the wall and the sweetest one wins

  7. About a year ago, I took an editorial illustration class. The teacher and I didn't get a long well, and she never "saw my vision". It was at that moment I stopped painting for other people. What was the point in painting only for others approval and recognition? I paint for myself. I do design work for clients. It doesn't break my heart when it's not perfect or they tell me to change it. It's perfectly fine to accept this about yourself. Love yourself, and don't always lean on other for approval. Some where out there someone will like your work. Surround yourself with supportive people, but also take their advice with a grain of salt. Their perception of you and your work isn't always the truth.

  8. You know, if Avdol were to use the ground trick he used on Polnareff he could probably beat both Rohan and Terunosuke Miyamoto… Cause paper?

  9. You know what I really hate? Rohan being called Araki's self-insert.

    Just so you know, Araki actually dislikes it when people compare him to Rohan because he thinks they'll get the image that he is hard to approach, selfish, and a jerk. Just because he created a mangaka character doesn't mean that character will be a projection of himself in his series.

    Sorry for the rant. "Rohan = Araki self-insert" is just a really annoying pet peeve of mine.

  10. A: Expressing your creations to impact others, should only be the byproduct. If it makes money or fame then it's only the byproduct. Impressing others can be easy, but changing a man is near impossible.

  11. Of hard work not fulfilling enough to be remembered,

    just write one chapter of ANYTHING in Fanfiction. Update a story, front page of that Manga, Video Game – anything. Few hours later, it skips to the next most updated story.

    Now put that in overdrive to something immensely popular like Harry Potter of an update one-upping every other story every 15 minutes.

  12. It occurs to me that the reason Rohan cannot edit himself could be because he sees himself as perfect already so he would have no need to write in commands to make himself better.

  13. I like it how everyone wants to learn Hamon or spin but then I want to get the skill of how good Rohan draws or writes

  14. Artists are by far the most insecure people on the planet. Imagine having something fester in your mind, calling out to you, begging to be let out. You put so much time and effort into letting these images/characters/ideas become real, to the best of your ability. You try to show it to others, you want that appreciation and if you are mature enough even some constructive criticism. Nothing has been more demoralizing to me personally than getting a simple "good job." I agree that those are perhaps the worst two words in the english language. Even if you hate the work I created, I just want to know how my ideas really impact others. It disgusts me sometimes that I feel an odd kinship with the characters I have created over the years, and I worry that no one will ever know them like I do.

  15. Does anyone link some solid Roahn one-shots? He really is my favorite character, but I have barely an idea of how to start looking.

  16. I come back to rewatch this video every so often because I LOVE Rohan (He's among my top 3 JJBA characters along with Gyro and Josuke)
    And you did a wonderful job of describing him here
    And I love it so much

  17. If you see the episode 35, when Rohan gets partially blown up by BtD, you can see what's really on his mind: he barely escaped Kira when he was a baby, and now that they were on Kira's tail he gets obliterated. That's, I think, the full range of despair on his face on that scene, that it ends up like that.

  18. Kinda feel like Heaven's Door is an Over Heaven stand.
    +Yellow & White
    +Can Overwrite Reality

    -How in the hell could he Over Heaven Himself


  19. I'm loving how a Rohan video is attracting so many artist/art related comments.

    We all are just jealous of Rohan for having Heavens Door.

  20. "he's even going so far as to think Josuke's laughing at him because Rohan hasn't figured out what's going on while Josuke is actually just terrified of getting caught"

    That sounds a lot like me

  21. I put my heart and soul into a partial amount of things, so I don’t really expect much from people but even if I put my heart and soul into something that I enjoyed then I get a ‘well done’ then what I need to improve on. So I’m disappointed but use that as an advantage to make it better

  22. Funny, this video calling him a writer of reality yet again the matured Kira basically does that for him in what could had been an infinite loop of death

  23. Well when I did my stand up comedy act for school, I poured my heart and soul into it, the next day I was made fun of. Basically i was sad and thought that it was a bad idea and never should’ve thought of doing it to begin with but then my friend told me that I should be proud because no one else had the guts to do what I did, so if something like that ever happens to who ever reads this remember it’s better to live life knowing u did something rather wondering what it would be like if u did

  24. School is a good example of how working hard gets you nowhere. I quietly sit in class listening to my teacher's boring lecture and stay up late doing my homework, and what do I get? A "ok" from my parents. There's better things I can do with my time, but I am forced to stay in school as it is part of the law.

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