RogersBase Verse – The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Cypher 2018

Yellow, purple, red Shots beatin’ bloody Calllllllll me Falco! I ain’t your buddy! Still not a rapper but I’m better than you Pity like, Palutena’s amused Shadow? Please, Chaos Control You say you’re alpha but you play Omega Which says to me you are a Beta Thanks SEGA! Call the Popo, they will say Nana You are persona, non grata Put you on ice seven years Young Link Eyes are too big for your ears Toon Link Do you play Wario too? ‘Cause your breath stink Gee, I wonder what your mom thinks Did she buy you your Old Spice? Bet she wants you to smell nice Maybe use it instead of complaining about all the memes that abuse it for likes Entertain the idea that you can smell nice as a Peach or a Daisy, yikes this nigga Token fuckin wild LMAO

8 thoughts on “RogersBase Verse – The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Cypher 2018

  1. Underrated. Shit gets stuck in my head all the time.

    RogersBase sounds a lot like Joba from BROCKHAMPTON

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