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  1. The most wholesome show of all time has so many dark secrets and skeletons. Nothing is as it seems in this world

  2. R.I.P. Robert Reed…I watched him in “The Brady Bunch,” through out my childhood & teens. Thank u, Mr. Reed🌈

  3. He was a great man. A father I never had w/my father. I'm sad he's gone. We all have a right 2 a private life. R.I.P.

  4. I watched Brady Bunch from when it first aired. I was the same age as little Cindy at the time. Until NOW I ALWAYS thought Robert Reed permed his hair at times to make him look like his "son Greg". Well u learn something new every day 🙂 I LOVE BIOGRAPHY!!!

  5. I enjoy interviews with any of the Brady Bunch kids, but I am especially glad that Barry Williams is willing and able to answer many of the tough questions thrown at the cast. Florence Henderson, Bob Reed and Ann B. Davis are all gone now. To get any remaining reflections of the Brady Bunch era, we have to look to Barry to answer. I think the other "kids" have been good sports at being interviewed but they establish limits. Thanks for hanging in there, Barry. For those of us who loved The Brady Bunch, we owe thanks to your candor and class for letting us know what it was really like, onscreen and off.

  6. I always liked Robert Reed he was a classy sweet sensitive guy. The story of him paying for the B.B. cast to tour England made me think of another story I read that he paid for all the kids on B.B. to travel to Hawaii for that episode where they went to Hawaii. The producers were only going to send Robert and Florence and he didn't think that was. fair. Great guy.

  7. Sucks to be stuck in closet 🙁 and not just be yourself. I hope everyone who is hiding frees themselves 🙏🏾❤️.
    Add me on Instagram to open up if you need to 🙂

  8. I can see why Sherwood Schwartz heard a lot from Robert Reed. Reed was a real professional and his standards were that of a real actor, not a doofus.

  9. One fact wasn't mentioned. Reed refused to do his scenes in the Brady Bunch's final episode for the 74' season (the hair tonic one) because he thought the entire script was inane. Schwartz wrote him out of the episode, and later stated that if the series were renewed for a sixth season, the character of Mike Brady would be recast or killed off.

  10. I wonder if the rift with his mother had something to do with his sexuality. If she was living there with him she would have seen him bringing guys home. Maybe he felt judged by her. It wouldn't surprise me. He had an unhappy life and that makes me sad. If he were alive today things would be different.

  11. I never met Robert Reed but I met Florence Henderson while working at the Marina del Rey Hotel. I will always remember her… she was such a genuinely nice person. It's sad that when Robert Reed passed away, the public would expose him in a way that he himself wanted to be remembered. I just remember it overshadowing his acting credits and career… This A & E biography really taught me a lot more about him as a person. I still love the Brady Bunch today. 🙂

  12. You know you’re dealing with a ridiculously difficult person when they know that strawberries being cooked have no smell and throws a silent fit about it. Who knows that? Nobody but difficult people who are waiting to point out your mistakes about strawberries giving off a cooking scent. Instead of walking off the set he could have just said something on the set. What’s the big deal? What a pain in the ass he was. Sound’s like he kept all the fun down to a minimum or to none while on set.

    If he was going to be so miserable playing the part of a straight married man then why did he do it? Was he expecting a ton a gay male leading roles back in the 60’s and 70’s? Perhaps he should have chosen a different career path then acting if he didn’t want to act. Straight people play the part of gay people all the time and don’t get upset about it. It’s called acting. If you don’t want to act like anybody except yourself then acting as a career is not for you. The whole point of acting is to act like the character and not act like yourself. Don’t take it out on the people around you because you’re gay and you chose a career that is almost always going to have you playing straight males. Especially 50 or 60 years ago. Miserable with himself so he makes everyone else miserable. It’s annoying to know that while I was enjoying the show one of the main characters were mad that they were playing their part. It takes away enjoying reruns although I haven’t seen any reruns in a very, very long time.

  13. I never realized how wide a scope Mr. Reed had regarding his talent. Tackling Shakespeare was a huge challenge & to be successful performing it was a tribute to him. It's a shame he didn't get a chance to do more, although after The Brady Bunch at least he branched out & was able to stretch his acting muscles. I will always admire him. RIP Mr. Reed.

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