RM 'moonchild' Lyric Video

47 thoughts on “RM 'moonchild' Lyric Video

  1. namjoon is our protection. he needs to be treated with absolute care and love. we love our baby boi joonie. stream mono ~

  2. Antis: Namjoom Cant Sing Or Rap

    Me,Casually Listening To Moonchild:Sorry,Too Busy Ignoring Ur Bull Crap

  3. This album really helps me namjoon, whenever I get bad thoughts or anxieties, MONO calms me down.
    Thank you so much 💜💞

  4. This is so me..haha..i work fucking hard to please my family and no one know how tired i am..they think i don't have feeling but the truth is i just hide it too well..often breakdown in tears when i just want to fall asleep…this song really give me energy to keep fightjng during the day..I LOVE NAMJOON SM HE DESERVE EVERYTHING fight me if you disagree

  5. In my opinion, Rm deserves better treatment then some Armys have been treating him sometimes. They need to hype up these singles, his two solo tracks and stop bringing up a certain song he made over NINE years ago during puberty. I don't care if they joking or not but it needs to stop.

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