riverdale cast confirms bad writing at interviews

well I've died every season maybe this is for real this time it's gonna stick for watching I never in the direction that I think it's already going which is more of the gang together like season one kind of vibes like high school a lot of the story takes place in high school a normal second you normal high school can you believe school for like three season getting it to colleges do you guys want to see these characters in college or what yeah I think oh yeah nothing we predict ever happens they usually don't even know what's gonna happen like the I hate to say that but it's true because I'm curious to see how they deal with obvious mental issues that Cheryl is having yes hopefully they did they'll go on diagnosed love the musical episode so we're gonna do another way I think so I'm sure no God please no Roberto loves them can't get enough I just I can never guess what the musical is gonna be like it's always something that I've never thought about no we're feeling pretty good season for good it's your MS same here yeah so weird so many created

2 thoughts on “riverdale cast confirms bad writing at interviews

  1. ‘do you guys wanna see these characters in college orrr?’
    cole looks like he’d rather get hit by a bus we-

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