Riverdale 3×16 – Candy Store (Lyrics)(Full Version) by Madelaine Petsch, Lili Reinhart, Camila Me…

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  1. I know at 0:07 it says 'pulling' instead of yanking. But they changed so many of the lyrics of this song, it something else tbh (yes I know this is the high school Heathers 101 version, but it just sounds strange)
    Also could some of you stop, you can only put 100 letters in the title i couldn't make it any longer so yes, Camila's, Vanessa's and Bernadette's name don't fit pls.

  2. You can tell they really couldn’t hit those notes like they were supposed to so they butchered the crap out of the moment and it’s terrible

  3. I understand that heathers has a lot of explicit words and themes and they r putting on a show for like 12 yr olds BUT WHY DO HEATHERS IF U CANT USE HALF OF THE SONGS

  4. i love that she says biotch i havent watched riverdale but love the song i want too Watch it tho but my parents says no beacuse im 11 XD

  5. Essa musica e um lixo se e pra ser ireverente fassa como o queen que fazia musicas de qualidade exelente nao esse tipo de lixo que nem deveria existir .

    Obs: a serie e ainda pior com tramas mediocres e muita sacanagem.

  6. How I would have redid it

    Are we gonna have a problem?
    Are you going insane
    You've come so far
    Why now are you pulling on my chain?
    Id normally slap your face off
    and every one here could watch
    But I'm feeling nice
    Here's some advice
    Listen up biatch

    I like
    Looking hot buying stuff they cannot
    I like
    Drinking hard maxing dad's credit card
    I like
    Skipping gym scaring screwing him
    I like
    Killer clothes kicking nerds in the nose

    If you're dreams aren't small
    We'll go to the mall
    And buy everything by the stacks
    Or could come hang out and you'll be making out
    In a Porsche with the quarterback

    Honey whatchu waiting for
    Step into my candy store
    Time for you to prove you're not a loser anymore
    And step into my candy store

    Guys fall at your feet
    Pay the check help you cheat
    All you have to do
    Is be apart of the crew
    That freak's not your friend
    I can tell in the end
    If she had your shot
    She would leave you to rot

    'Corse if you don't care
    Fine go braid her hair
    Maybe sesame Street is on

    Or forget that creep
    And get in my Jeep
    Let's go tear up someone's lawn

    Honey whatchu waiting for
    Welcome to my candy store
    Time for you to prove
    You're not a sissy anymore
    And step into my candy store

    You can join the team
    Or you can bitch and moan
    You can live the dream
    Or you can die alone

    You can fly with eagles
    Or if you'd prefer
    Keep on testing me
    and end up like her

    Honey whatchu waiting for
    Welcome to my candy store
    Time for you to prove
    you're not a lame ass anymore
    And step into my candy store

    It's my candy store, it's my candy…[x4]

  7. Y'all have to understand that this is not the original version so it may not be as good to you and also NOT EVERY FREAKING ACTOR CAN SING SO THAT'S WHY IT'S AUTOTUNED

  8. Some are saying that they blocked all the curse words, but legit they still said “Bitch and Moan,” like in the original.

  9. Camila: Course if you don't care, fine! go braid her hair maybe sesame street is on.
    Me- sure, I mean I used to be obsessed with that show and I just learned braids sooo…

  10. Legit Archie and Veronica had "a moment" in the shower in the beginning of the second season… why'd they censor this?


  12. Riverdale: hey Heathers can I copy your homework?

    Heathers: yeah sure just change it up a bit so you don't get in trouble.

    Riverdale: Thanks 😁👍 creates this

  13. I don’t care what anybody says, I love this episode and how they sing although they could have more harmony, i still enjoy this. I love cheryls, Bettys and Veronicas part better than Toni’s and Peaches’ part.

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