Ridiculously Romantic- Island Enchantress (Fun with Romance Novels)

I didn't enchantress bye but there's a stir by Joyce Meyer s uh-huh exotic seductress raven-haired aleisea Thurston's heart was heavy as she watched the shimmering white features of honey moon disappear from you already she was homesick for the beloved Island where she'd been born and raised by her missionary father and she dreaded the long ocean voyage to her new life in the civilized world then a huge wave washed her straight into the strong embrace of Johnny Royal with his sea blue eyes and well muscled friend her handsome rescuers soon turned to the journey into a seductive paradise filled with sea swept passions and star kissed seafaring stumble Johnny couldn't believe his luck when fate tossed the enticing Pacific beauty into his waiting arms nah had he beheld such a glorious sight her drenched clothing clung to her sensuous curves her blue eyes danced with though the food aloo sailor had vowed her omen the seven seas for a tree he couldn't resist Lacy's innocent institution he'd take his pleasure where he could inside his body and soul for the temptation oh look what's inside mm-hmm a temptation she couldn't resist I would do you compel you to do a thing against her own will he said in a tight voice his eyes filled I'd never do that force you but purposefully deliberately he lived toward LaCie again and hesitated staring down at the beauty a sight of her near naked body as he towered over her menacingly LaCie encouraged her eyes tight and opened the Mamas at once unable to resist looking Jon inclined his fine body to her and it lest she was in faulted in his embrace he tended it traced and touched kissed molded what she now offered him she found and let herself against mounting pillars before she knew this wasn't they where I needed more than anything she wanted to surrender absolutely and tomorrow next month next year as she had so often been warned by her missionary father she had to pay the devil his due for this instant ecstasy well she'd face that quandary when if found intense

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