Rich Dad Scam #1: Higher Education

28 thoughts on “Rich Dad Scam #1: Higher Education

  1. A Double-Education scheme or a 19 Gram Library would go a long way in avoiding Education plans as well as it would avoid Loans and idle Investments

  2. Smart people will make a good life for themselves, educated or not. Stupid people will not, even if they start rich and get educated.

  3. Im going to tell you this. School was designed to teach you how to make a living, which is not very hard to do. People that work hard pay all the taxes. I have seen it and i have lived it. I am not saying that these men and women here have all the answers, but what i am saying is that you may not understand what they are saying if you are not at a certain level. It takes years of understanding through mistakes over and over and over again. And it takes working for something that inspires you. Coming from nothing doesn't hurt either. You really dont need to spend money with these guys to make money, but don't fool yourself, education of this kind is not free. You can either pay people like them or pay "life" either way you will pay. And like everything in life, not everything works for everybody. It is upto u how far you go, not Robert. What and how u do something is very personal and thats why he never tells u what to, just how to do it. I never understood that till very recently. If someone hands you a million dollars it's best you become a millionaire quickly so you get to keep the money. You can criticize or you fight like crazy and become something. Its upto you.
    Just my two cents……..

  4. I've always hated the normal school… I loved street smart…. My mom always insisted finish school…. But I still hated it and couldn't wait to graduate and get out of it… But while in I kept educated myself… Then one day I came across Cashflow quadrant book…. And since then wow… At least my financial thinking changed from better to best. I thank the Almighty for you Robert K. & Co. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  5. True, my wife spent 5 years getting an economics degree but didn't know the first thing about investing when she got out.

  6. be aware of owning rental properties. your positive cashflow should be at least 40 %more than your mortgage payment .

    anything less, you will working for the bank to pay the interest.

  7. Calculus was invented by Isaac newton to prove gravity exists that the sole purpose of calculus maybe learning calculus isn't your thing but understanding why it's there and why it's important and why it's practical is very important otherwise you have people like the flat earth society

  8. Here's an unpopular idea for people living in areas suffering from sub-par educational institutions. Ready? Here it is: go to your nearby library and read good quality content books. Lot's of them (even about finance if you want). Admission to libraries is still free he last time I checked. Yeah, I know. Reading old fashioned paper media. Boring. Not the perfect solution to getting some entity to build a high quality Ed center near you, but it's worked for countless others.

  9. wow, so many good points. i want to cry. im getting emotional. SOMEONE HOLD ME! HOLD MEeEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee!!!

  10. Maybe working for companies isn't so bad because when you are rich you get bored of being financially free. Why do you people think Robert and Kim started Rich dad poor dad????

  11. Far too many silly people in the comments. Let's use the common sense approach here. Robert and Kim have millions of dollars in assets in real estate, oil, mines, and other companies. Both have been financially set for life for years and don't need to lift even a finger. Without a financial need, they created the Rich Dad company to help everyone of all classes to become wealthy. Robert and Kim are not doing this for money reasons, but out of the goodness of their hearts. They find fulfillment in reaching to millions all over the world to spread the message that they too can achieve wealth. 

    It's ok to be skeptical, doubtful, and even ignorant at first. But it's stupid to criticize, complain, and condemn out of ignorance.

  12. i went to one of those seminars for 3 days … i bought course for 8k..
    in two weeks i flip a property and made 9k …. had it signed for 6k and let it go to a rehaber for 15,500$…. you are the only one that can change the course of your life…
    currently i have 4 properties under contract… if everything goes good im looking on a profit of 64,000 in the next 5-6 months from rehabing them

  13. Although he does have some good advice, he's really selling greed. How else are they going to get people to pay so much for these seminars?

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