What is this, bro? I’m sorry, but I’m gonna get mad because if see- bro You’re, you’re going to get mad? You have no idea Ay yo, good morning! Oh! Oh sh*t What’s poppin’?! Oh yo First time someone else has started my vlogs EVER , Oh your going to keep that? Yeah hahaha Ay yo, good morning, Logang, what’s poppin’?! *Ayla coughing* Are you good, bro? That’s you She’s right guys I am sick I feel disgusting as a human Wait wait wait, real quick you gotta go like this Okay Ah, yeah, guys before I start my takes I always just do my mouth warm-ups ya ya ya ya ya Oh no brown cow (lol what?) Unique New York (u gud bro?) Speaking of New York Oh ohhh Guys, New York. If you live in New York Even if you don’t live in New York Yo, Ayla, you know your sh*t. Thanks Before we go in on what New York is about I feel like we should address where the f*** we are right now and why we started the vlog in this little, like, prison cell I am on set today for my YouTube Red show – it’s not my YouTube Red show. Okay, you good, bro? I’m just stretching It’s a YouTube Red show that I’m on. It’s called Foursome I’m an actor, bro. Eh, anyways NEW YORK! *random noise* Here we go. I got July 14 July 14- wait – what, what the f*** Why can’t we just say information without being interrupted? WHAT DO YOU WANT?! 201 Mulberry Street It’s a pop-up shop for Maverick Merch you guys the hottest merch in the game exclusive stuff is going to be there like this amazing backpack Thanks, Ayla And more stuff you can’t find online guys join the movement be a maverick get your merch and let’s go saan anyway It’s gonna be an interesting day. We’ve been trapped in this trailer for like two hours now. Yes, we just started the what Yo ho ho hooo Walkin’ to set. Walkin’ to set. What you got there, Ayla? Oh thanks, I don’t need it though, so yeah Why? Because I like to destroy things around you it’s really funny. You’re full of sh*t so you might need it No. Oh, god that was a good joke Oh man look at this bro. I mean, it’s dope there’s a lot of people, but most importantly – ya yeet Hey guys, so I’ve been out here acting and stuff. I decided I wanted to spice life up a little bit. so I brought Kong to set! Yeah, young doggy my friend has a mini monkey. I was like yo, I’m just sitting around Why don’t you come to set and have him ride Kong? That’s about to happen. What’d you think of that, Ayla? What I can hear you speak up for my vlog, please. I think it’s – stop. I hate when you do that Stop putting it close to my face. I don’t yeah, you do you CURTIS THAT’S MY BOY How are you, dude? Good how are you? Yo, okay, so you guys have met him before here’s a quick flash back now Sherlock riding Kong YA YEET Huh, that was that time that was that time that was it so sherlock sherlock them right here. He’s actually sleeping We got a we got a we got we got a chill nobody else. You always a second oh good I’m not good at chilling Marissa. I appreciate you, and I appreciate your hair that looks like my dog, but I need him back now It’s not a baby. I need a mag map to make him look good pathetic good. Well, I got a hold it right there Oh, here’s even want to be with you think you got a monkey to write on you. There’s a real live little monkey He’s about to ride my dog making history guys Logan Paul vlogs. like and subscribe realistically. Do you think this is doing work? I tell you the harm that could be done. We don’t call him kong the savage for nothing No, he looks root like he is they look at the tongue it never makes it all the way in his mouth Oh look at both the tongue. I think your dogs pretty chill man. You think it’s possible, okay? Yeah ok so Curtis is putting hand sanitizer on this hand for maximum sanitary purposes Your monkey has a diaper bro kong wants to wear it. I don’t think it’s Gonna fit Kong i don’t think so Kong That’s a small little diaper aww he’s in the corner. You could see his eyes , hes squeaking. yo, he’s so cute okay. All right come on out, bud. I love seeing this monkey See how he’s holding on to this blanket. Yeah, it’s like a furry blanket So that’s why I know it’s gonna work with king, really cause he’s going to grip Kongs soft fur I think so Yeah, okay. Let me do a quick sidebar yeah what’s up Good chance kong just eats the monkey. Like I haven’t fed him today EATS? yeah shut the fu- shut theHe’s going to hear you behind. What’d you say nothing, kong we just took him to Pete’s. he- he went to Pete’s Let’s try this thing monkey massage with the toothbrush wait whoa get him nice and relaxed. Oh, he’s not freaking out. Oh my gosh yo, this is amazing, can you give me a massage with the toothbrush no, but I could slap you in the face I’ll take it really yeah, go nice there you go . Oh my gosh. Did this require any skill? I feel like I’m doing good no your doing good man. Oh, thank you I made eye contact i just make eye contact What do you think of me? Did you get your new logang merch yeah loganpaul.com/shop always plug. yo What did you guys think in my head like? Oh he’ll grab on to your hair for sure, let’s put him on your hair, oh no way Oh my gosh. Yo, this is absolutely incredible It feels like a smaller version of dwarf mamba is on top of my head and just gripping me Dude, he’s so chill guys look at this how you doing lil’ monkey Hanging out being a boy so I’m so happy right. I know you don’t want to let go my hair buddy Just like all the girls, but you have to he has a grip. Yeah, dude. This he’s going hard dude is like titanic, bro i’ll never let go ha. This is what your hair looks like after monkeys been in it just so you guys know this could be vlog history right now Nothing much were to school right now. What is going down? oh my god, oh my god sorry kong, see kongs chill tho oh my god oh my god Don’t know if you like them Oh, no kong doesn’t mind he’s is sniffing his tail and chilling. I’m going to try to call him Sherlock down with a little marshmallow what he, awww oh my god Kong’s going from Marshmallow to oh yes. That’s why we that’s why we call him Kong the Savage What are you doing bro stop alright, oh my gosh it’s going down Oh my gosh see look kong Kong you good body yo he’s kind of on Curtis he’s kind of on kong’s chilling, they’re chilling bro ha kong doesn’t even care still go for the mallow’s stop buddy yo it worked for one second one second they’re getting used to each other guys? This is good the plan now is to make a little saddle for Sherlock to Ride hahahahah This is crazy putting the tape under it momma mia and It kind of works right that might be a ya yeet moment But can we distract kong with more marshmallows you can you put a marshmallow in front of Kong this is us being adults and using our brains its going down its going down It’s going down. We got two pets distracted with marshmallows. It’s definitely happening three pets distracted with Marshmallow, okay? it’s going down guys. Oh, oh ayla ayla. He loves you all animals love me, except me ok ayla we gotta get him on kong. I know you love him, but it’s kongs turn feel good right now I feel like this is it go for it , go for it , go for it kong lookit. Oh always happening it’s happening its happening this way kong, kong it’s Happening its happening i can’t believe it kong, kong, kong music easy bro yo I can’t believe it i think we did it. Yo, that’s a w bro, yeah bro first take one like that first day. That’s just that’s aw I mean kongs a puppy He’s a baby monkey for like being youthful yeah dude and if you had your first time on the fly like 100 percent I’ll take it yeah, yeah We did it kurt that was epic dude. Thanks for visiting me on set yo the vlog is crazy look at all this production he’s got for his vlog and I rented a school for sure that’s what I did if you guys want to check out Kurt’s channel the link is in the description Link is in the description Sherlock is also. I got another say a Good talk, bro. I sherlock the monkey your on the vlog How are you we got some some logangsters here waiting outside set? I freaking love when you guys visit me I literally have my merch at home and everything and my maverick merch yoo kong he just had a monket ridin him of course of course I’d be upset if we didn’t We were standing out your first two hours an hour. wait is this logan paul vs. right now that you guys are shooting No, this is uh oh I’m glad you asked that subtle plug logan Paul versus coming september And if we couldn’t get any better the writers of the show repping the merch, Selena Marissa Yeah, logans a great guy he’s on out show and hes fun He tells funny jokes funny person. Marissa What do you have to say oh? Nothing, okay. aww I was about to Where’s my boyfriend Kong oh? He’s not here That’s right on my tits. Oh Okay What? mines making my tits sweat double okay its like the juicy juicy mango great juicy mango im a go in here Guess what I just wrapped set for the day could you tell cuz my nipples are out? No okay? Oh, man? I’m gonna have a big headache right now somebody lot about vitamin Bottle whoa, okay guys. I’m home, and I want to address something okay. There is a youtuber named rice gum You may know him. I know him I? Consider him my boy. We go back to like we went to the Super Bowl together that a Tripod anyway people have been tweeting at me is saying whatever saying like that. He roasted my merch Bro, what are you doing? Have you not seen? The song do not know the line you dont f*** with the logang yo dont F*** with the logang bro, the or the Mavericks so I wanted to talk about that and address it and react to it and as you guys know I like to eject my life of spice, so let’s cook up some drama uh sky, right into the new Let me just start by saying I don’t want to be a drama channel I’m not you guys know this we do epic stuff funny stuff jokes pranks drama whatever I just happen to enjoy drama like who doesn’t like drama like can you hate me – fuck you logan if you answered yes to that uh go (maverick squeak) yourself also, uh before I forget Jake’s billboard uh Actually, we do that after ok let you guys know that. It’s just a joke like for instance I might say some stuff about Logan, but that’s my boy like me never way back It is true it is true he is my boy then why you trying to roast me bro just a question you dont f*** with the logang all these youtubers merch and shirt and clothing you know stuuf like that is like you couldn’t do any better well I agree with that a lot of YouTubers merch is weak so again I’ll ask um why you roasted me, bro Ok we get it. You don’t mess with the logang obviously ok let’s keep watching. What is this bro? I’m sorry I’m going to get mad because if I see it, well, you’re you’re going to get mad you have no idea What do you have to say rice if I see a store? There’s no way im gonna cop this . It is just a bird with an american flag on your chest look rice gum. Let me bro It’s more than a bird this is the logo that symbolizes the word Maverick Which is what I preach is people who don’t follow the path of others It’s the black sheep in the group the ones who don’t Live in the bubble that um society tries to place on people people who don’t follow the Rules bro you think outside the box I’m getting preachy okay. I’m going to stop. Here’s the thing though rice gum This isn’t for you Dude our merch is for people who are going to change the world aka the mavericks Albert Einstein Martin Luther King Gandhi? Santa Claus these are Mavericks bro they change the game santa claus f***ing he delivers that many presents That’s way bigger Okay, lost my cool there for a second logang for life. I love logan, but bro What is is you need to step it up? I mean, you can do way better I always agree that I can always do better not to dog on that shirt because I love that shirt, but we have a bunch of other stuff That’s amazing including but not limited to the brand new logang for life t. The Monochromatic logo hoody the – the dad hat the backpack the snap back the USA sweatshirt you good bro shhh its not out yet You’ve got the v-neck with the ves – thass muh boiii the savages like yeah yeet yeah Everything the point is we got everything did this just turn into a commercial Yes, do I give a f*** no oh God so funny? alright guys, that is the vlog ok for the stuff you saw that it’s not available on the website loganpaul.com/shop It will be but first it’s going to be exclusively available at the pop-up shop We’re hosting a new your weekend of the 14th Friday Saturday Sunday. It is going to be so lit guys We’re making this like an entire experience like you’re gonna walk in and you’re not going to feel like you’re on Planet Earth well
I’m excited details tonight will be in the Endcard get your merch subscribe if you’re not subscribed join the logang be a maverick and i will See y’all tomorrow. Take it easy fam pause real quick my bad. I forgot to talk about the billboard It’s the next morning, and I was waiting to see what was happening with the situation brother Jake has agreed to take the billboard down. It does take a bit of time, so I’m kind of like okay He did not physically removed yet But he did agree to it and the second verse is like that could like literally ruin my relationship with him So I’m not gonna release it if you hate me i dont give a f*** because this channels lit as fuuuuuu I will see y’all tomorrow Now I will see y’all tomorrow. Take it. Easy pause again. Yo, this is happening. So real time so fast guys I am on set right now. I just saw jakes vlog This maniac released the second verse on himself Yo, I respected dude like he said like he’s a maverick snaps of applause grunt of snap good job Jake like literally recording on my iphone right now. There’s no air conditioning. Here’s somebody, but like screw it dude If he’s gonna do it I might as well do it But if he’s gonna do it I might as well do it second verse going live in like three hours Enjoy ok now ill see yall tomorrow take it easy fam peace


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  14. Ok, now! F**k RICEGUM you know we call you "RICEGUM" cuase your just a rice in a gum. Got your back logannn! Mavrick is the best compared to "ricegum"!

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