Rhyme: Why Eminem is one of the most impressive lyricists ever

so we're down here on the floor with a piece of paper because a lot of people would ask me to make some videos about songwriting and songwriting techniques and there's a lot of techniques that I want to talk about what the first one that I'm going to talk about today is called rhyme now there's a very basic type of I'm that we're all familiar with called a perfect rhyme that's just basically when the words exactly rhyme they come in two breeds masculine like pecking trick and feminine whereas the second to the last syllable it actually rhymes like picky and tricky other than that anyone that's not perfect goes into the other category which we call family rhymes sometimes we got them referred to as general rhymes or new rhymes the family rhymes can get a bit confusing because they come in a bunch of flavors such as assonance constant is symbolic imperfect semi rhyme oblique rhyme half rhyme but there's even something called an eye rhyme but you don't have to worry about those because I want to talk about something a lot more basic if you are interested in all these other types of rhymes I'll make sure to put up a link to the Wikipedia page about rhyming which is a great place to start but I want to talk about rhyme scheme rhyme scheme talks about the rhythm of the rhyme let's take a child's nursery rhyme this Mary Mack all dressed in black with silver buttons all down our back now since Mac and black rhyme we'll put them in a group called a buttons doesn't really rhyme with anything so we're going to give it an X and back goes with the first group so we're going to also give it an A so you might say that the rhyme scheme for Miss Mary Mack is a ax a pop music is really great for studying rhyme schemes let's look at the Backstreet Boys for example fire and desire I'm so they get group a now we have a new set of rhymes but say in ways where you give them Group B because we finished one set of Ryan's before moving on to the next one this rhyme scheme is known as rhymed couplets now rhyming couplets are really really common in pop music but there's another style of rhyme scheme it's also pretty common at Poppy's so let's look at the Spice Girls now I know they're your favorite here smile and mile lines 1 & 3 rhyme with each other so their group a lines 2 & 4 also rhyme me and me now that's group B we call that an identity vine when you write a word with itself this rhyme scheme is called through written now I'm sure you're probably wondering with us by how does this apply to songwriting well let's look at every breath you take by the police after a long series of a lines they end on a physically shorter X line that doesn't run with anything in the song and really stands out now this is a well-documented songwriting technique to make the listener feel a little bit uncomfortable or off kilter a lot of people think this is a love song it's actually not it's actually a stalker song and they end the phrase on a 6 minor chord to make sure you know that okay so you made it through the boring stuff now here's the fun stuff these are rap lyrics released by rap group Run DMC in 1986 now you'll notice that we're always talking about the words at the end of the line that rhyme and this is called end rhyme this is basically how very early rap worked way up until the mid 90s so let's skip ahead here's another Run DMC song from 1993 now you'll see that the end rhymes are in fact still in place but before we are using perfect rhymes at the end of lines and now we're using family rhymes raps and hats it's close but it's not perfect but now they're starting to add another element of their rhyming in addition to the end rhyme the repeating vowel sounds from within the line itself jeans and adidas both have a long e same with tough and rough now believe it or not this rhyming inside the line is called internal running so this internal rhyme technique is really what's pushing rap a new direction nowadays you may have heard people say that it doesn't take talent to write rap music I'm going to go ahead and blow that out of the water right now going to look at one of the most efficient uses of internal rhyme in rap history the first verse of lose yourself by Eminem now you might want to take a minute and go listen to the song and then come back to this video what I'm going to do is every time I hear a word that has the same vowel sound as another word I'm going to put them in a column I'm going to make what we call rhyme columns so the first line of the song is his palms are sweaty knees weak you now have three vowel sounds to work with right off the bat knees and weak alone East ouncer they can share a column palms and arms or an ear rhyme as are sweaty and heavy there's vomit on his sweater already mom's spaghetti he's nervous but on the surface he looks calm and ready and then from here it's just rapid-fire to drop bombs but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crowd goes so loud he opens his mouth but the words won't come out he's choking how everybody's joking now the clocks run out times up over bloah I'm an impulsive somewhat of a fast one on you here he just said the word Blau which I don't think is a word but it doesn't really seem that wrong because it's preceded with all of our sounds that sound exactly like it and for the rest of the verse he just picks two vowel sounds and alternates between them so we take the line snapped back to reality he takes those sounds and those become kind of the structure for the rest of the verse snap back to reality oh there goes gravity oh there goes rabbit he choked he's so mad but he now when you use a combination of words mad but he to rhyme with a single word like gravity that's called a mosaic Ryan won't give up that easy no he won't have he knows his whole back's to these ropes it don't matter he's dope he knows that but he's broke he's so standing he knows and so on and so forth so if you go back to the first page of Ryan Collins that we did you'll notice there's almost no words in this entire song they don't rhyme with anything else that's a far cry from the early days of Run DMC when you were only rhyming the ends of the lines he runs almost every single word in the song so now I'll show you an example of how I use that technique when my own songs Carolina we look at the pre-chorus which goes it's a shame that nobody knows this thing that we got but we'll be the same way no matter if they know it or not so I'm working with a long ago sound nobody no no no and a long a sound shame same way they in addition to all this I have my standard enron got and not so I could have just gone for the a a theme and left it like that but because of all the internal rhyme it makes it sound a much better to your ears than just another mix those lines sound a lot more closely related it worked wonders for me in hey Molly the end of the first first was originally when you came out of math class here's something I wanted to ask you that's okay you've got a class and ask family rhyme at the end but with a little more work you can change it to when you were leaving math class here's what I've been meaning to ask you so now you have class and ask and leaving a meaning and I think the line works a lot better so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you want I can do more in the future if not that's okay too feel free to leave a comment here or tweet me on Twitter at Mike Lombardo as always I love them very much and I'll talk to you soon you

38 thoughts on “Rhyme: Why Eminem is one of the most impressive lyricists ever

  1. Bro am I the only one to care? Where's the link. I would love to read this…. as if it was a song and I was googling the lyrics…

  2. Your a master when you rhyme syallabels and accents funny the way u put that technique of ems verse is actually the way he alligned his lines in 8 mile beautiful study of work bro

  3. The crazy part is i do this without knowing all that iv tried to explain it before but couldnt now you just did.

  4. He’s most definitely one of the best no doubt. 90% people that’s his fans now weren’t even born before he was off drugs.

  5. He studied the dictionary since he was in grade 9 when he dropped out and pursued a rap career from battling in the underground to becoming the’ greatest of all time in the mainstream world wide

  6. When he said said it doesn't take talent to write rap music. Then Eminem comes I've his mouth. Puts anyone realize what's happening? What happened before Eminem? John Lennon one said before Elvis, there was nothing. This is very troubling.

  7. This idiot is over here dedicating his life to Eminems rhyme scheme and Eminem just writes raps in his head while taking craps in his shed.

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