Rhubarb makes this margarita rosy

when you hear rhubarb you probably think of pie but you can actually enjoy rhubarb in a whole new way and one half of the barbecue Queens as well as cookbook author and novelist Jew the fertig is here to show us exactly how to do that yeah it's it's amazing how good rhubarb can taste in like a lemonade or a margarita well so I was telling you this is what I'm used to seeing right and yeah my great grandmother used to make this into a pie rhubarb pie was like one thing she loved unlike a lot of women in southeast Kansas there of course but I have never seen it in a drink yeah well when it grows in your garden this is like kindergarten rhubarb you know this is a young stock and this would be like high school rhubarb you know so you know you want to use the high school rhubarb in in your drink because it's you're going to make it into a pulp so so we're gonna make this into like a simple syrup that you can use in cocktails or desserts of any kind you could drizzle it over fruit you can make lemonade and all you do is chop this up and you want about four cups of this and bring that with water to a boil it's gonna take about ten minutes and it'll make this pulp it shreds as it cooks okay and Judith where did you come up with the inspiration for throwing that into a drink I made the syrup a couple years ago and I thought oh wouldn't this be good in a margarita so Wow yeah so after it becomes a pulp you you strain it out with the juice you mix it with sugar bring it to a boil again you then you've got simple syrup okay and this here's our simple syrup right here so and that again you know it's good for any kind of drink you can pour it over ice cream you know you can pour it on a waffle would that be good yeah it would be awesome but you know we're talking rosy margaritas today so yeah what else besides the simple syrup goes on this well we've got our drink with some ice we've got a little bit of tequila of course I can put a little or a lot depending on how how you like your margaritas we're gonna add a little fresh lime juice okay so we're gonna yeah and the all-natural juice they're all natural Jesus I hate margaritas that have that Vicki lime taste yeah that's no no it's it's all you know that chemically kind of flavor all right got our lime juice and then we pour in and if you want you can add you can add a little bit a lot a bit of lime little a color in place this is you know okay it's like Bloody Mary only morning okay so I literally have never had rhubarb in anything but a p– I'm super excited to try this but yeah you know what are some other uses for the simple syrup well you know definitely cocktails but you know over pancakes or waffles you can do if you're doing a layer cake for example and you want you know the kind that you poke holes in and you could spread this with the rhubarb syrup and that would be wonderful it's good over when a pie this just come out of the oven all kinds of things okay so first I'm going to tell you this is so sweet and it's so wonderful but you know let's also talk about this right are some of those other uses for the simple syrup maybe in the cake therapist or one of your other books yes so that the whole idea of this was you know if you can't get away get away and in for the summer get away in another way get away with the drink get away with a good book you know so you can have a staycation but you know even if it's just an hour on a wonderful summer afternoon especially if it's raining and you can't do anything else you know curl up with a good book make yourself a drink and all is good well that would be wonderful and you know I'm particularly the memory of lemon you know that sounds like it would be an awesome read because who doesn't love lemon deserves yeah so it's about this I think taste runs in families and my family everybody loves lemon and so lemon is our language of love and so that's kind of what what the novels about the the main character tries to get her father who has been absent from the family to come back and she sends him all the all these goodies with lemon to bring him back well that's so sweet Judah thank you so much of course for sharing both the simple syrup recipe and of course the novels they would be awesome to read yeah now she was actually going to be sticking around and making a little bit zesty and peachy in just a little bit

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