ReZero Manga vs Light Novel review! Which is best for what!?

good afternoon everyone this is gonna be my second review of the day and it's a pretty cool one we're doing as many of you know I've done my review on zero light novel I ended up picking up read zero the manga version just to see what's the difference between the light novel the anime and the manga version so let's get into that first off immediately you notice the arts on the cover now it's by the same same guy character design same illustration all that's the same we had a character design by Shinichiro Otsuka and same thing here Shinichiro or Otsuka top a Naga Suki is the original story and so on support so none has changed but we do have ramen ramen sorry ramen rim on the front cover as opposed to Amelia and the light novel is obviously written in your traditional English book style you you know from not backwards if any no I'm talking about the manga is typical Japanese style where you read the book this way and you move on fregley uses animes for kids I don't really agree with that because this is the first page you open up to is not a Subaru all over the floor like it's half his skull missing an eye over there and you know his hands over here clearly detached from his body with we all know whose mace that is trailing in the background that she's just like butchered him with so yeah not all anime is for kids and this book kind of really doesn't you know work part for that it kind of proves it you know you got Dan you've got this poor dude is like day one he comes in here and it meets these dudes and his guts are like hanging out and yeah it does do a pretty good day over there we go nothing guts hanging out so house you can tell immediately in the manga series you're seeing stuff that you didn't even see in the anime got a lot more detail than the anime as far as what was drawn and you know things have changed a little bit the thing that's much different than the light novel is how quickly this manga moves this entire light novel here spent the time although all 227 pages basically just at the first scene in the anime basically he's fighting Elsa an assassin and trying to find a way to beat her that basically the entire first volume of the light novel is that one arc the manga covers that entire arc in about I'd say ten pages and it progresses from there at a rather rapid pace so if you don't really want to spend 220 pages reading about that and you just kind of want to get through it go with the manga the plot is gonna be the same so there's nothing I can really say there the only thing I can say for those of you maybe you haven't seen this or anything is that the plot is basically this boy super nuts key is someone into another world he has no powers other than power to return by death and so he gets to redo whatever he died by as many times he needs it seems that way at least but he it's not like the life-saving thing it's kind of you know he's got to figure it out and rule things out and make the alliances or whatever he's got to do and to figure out what's going on but he's basically useless in almost all other aspects he really can't do anything special no fighting power no prowess no nothing he's kind of a coward in the beginning you know lacked courage you just know that he likes this girl here when wants to you know help her and that's about it so yeah so this though it's going to progress quickly like let me show you so from time he summoned so he's in Japan BAM he's something to another world BAM he's already met these guys it doesn't even tell you basically what happened with the Apple for anybody who's seen the anime he already meets Amelia goes there and we're about three pages in four pages in he was already at the loot seller and five pages and he's dead for the first time so then we go here so we've already met Ryan hard at about that yeah that's about 15 pages probably it's a wordy nearing the end here we go and just like that battle is over right I'd save them and we are you know basically here so we're already at the mansion right here so that far in we've already hit the mansion where he's going to meet RAM and ROM and all them so by the end of that he's already died again to someone in the mansion the second part of the book does take a bit more time it takes from here to the end for him to die the second time so they probably rushed this beginning part to get to the kind of the not prologue the main story I guess or what you can say where he's it's not said that this is just kinda to demonstrate his ability and introduce you to Amelia things like that the rest of its kind of him being you know introduced to some of the more characters well as well get to know RAM and ROM better the to the twin maids at the manor everybody knows RAM and ROM and yes that you know I'll give it that but it just feel I mean you're gonna skip certain things pretty quickly I definitely follows the anime as far as that kind of stuff those detail things like that there's more detail than the anime did as far as the guts and stuff but it follows the anime storyline pretty close whereas like I said the light novels are going to take the entire book to go through kind of like one episode on the anime so yeah but other than that everything's pretty much the same the character development is the exact same guru is kind of useless and he's sort of useless throughout but he doesn't give up and he keeps on trying that's kind of his strength right there so yeah artwork you can see I like the artwork if you like the artwork in the light MA light novel sorry he'll like it here the only difference is you know as instead of watching even the anime it's you know gonna be black and white but the artwork is good no complaints at all there's Rosewall goal at the table there and this guy is eccentric guy he's a long gates his words and everything have funny they were that are twin mates pokey and Amelia Bucky is her puck as he's also known is her spirit contracted spirit so ya got RAM and ROM so if that's ráma rám but anyways so there we go we've already gone over it you know there's an army comparison so I don't really need to do that and what I recommend it yes I would recommend it to anybody who just wanted to read if we want something that's gonna give them it's not your typical transported to another world type of story it's something more so if you're thinking it's just me sword right then it's not gonna be sort of it's gonna be much different the hero is weak and pathetic honestly how many just he is useless so with that said that's closed about it I believe I'm done with that I'm reading volume two for this reading I'll be reading volume two for this and I'll be getting absolutely do up and no game no life I have a lot to read a lot to do a lot on my plate so stay with it also I can't think of anything else there's a few more months that are coming out but they're not too soon to lavro eventually by seven seas and toreador by seven seas as well they'll be releasing new versions of that gotta pick those up but until then that's about it so if you guys like this video subscribe to me please leave comments below if you want to see something give me a thumbs up for those likes and share these videos with your friends if you have someone who wants to see it yourself or if you just want to you know get someone into anime maybe or I don't know whatever tell them it's not for kids no not just for kids there you go again anyways hope you enjoy this video and enjoy the rest of your day have a good one

31 thoughts on “ReZero Manga vs Light Novel review! Which is best for what!?

  1. I love this manga. The anime.
    The protagonist os just a stew-feed a$$ troll.
    Just hit that man.
    You good 🙂

  2. the reason they rushed the beginning is because thats chapter 2: a week in the mansion and they pretty much did a log of what happened on chapter 1: a day in the capital

  3. Im so confused with everything. is the manga even still ongoing after arc 3 chaoter 29? I think im missing alot here but i cant find it

  4. Что мешает сделать как ты.. купить ранобэ и мангу.. зато за ранобэ не отхватишь люлей😂 Ну типо книга)))

  5. Всё таки обложка с Эмилией красивее) Первая причина купить😂 Nice)))

  6. The re zero manga are weird, even though it’s labeled as “one” it’s actually part one of chapter two, that’s why it cuts so far ahead

  7. which light novel is after re zero? i know i could find this somewhere else, but i keep getting difference answers :/

  8. Do you guys know where can I read the light novel online? I desperately need it… Couldn't figure it out on my own TˆT

  9. I watched your tosnd review before and I must admit I like your voice and the way you describe and sum things up. You definitely got a sub from me! Just keep up with what you're doing and your channel is going to grow by itself 🙂

  10. where did you get these? i want to get physical copies of both the LN and the Manga but i cant find anywhere online that sells all of them :/

  11. you have the seccound part from the manga the first is missing thst why you are teleported so far to the main part xD

  12. i dont know if you know but how the manga is broken up is into arcs…the manga you got is the second set there were two other volumes covering his arrival and all that.

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