Revising Your Novel: Where To Start

23 thoughts on “Revising Your Novel: Where To Start

  1. I didn't start watching your videos when you started making them. I am late to the party. Thanks for your work. I like that you have fun with this.

  2. I revise as I go. like the week I'm watching this I'm commenting this, I haven't completely finished the book and I find it easier to revise as I go.

  3. I'm having a really hard time finding a GREAT beta reader for my psychological thriller……………. does anyone know of… anyone??????

  4. How do you tackle combining characters? I'm combining my main character with a secondary perspective character to strengthen the MC. Reenvisioning their story line(s) and weaving their new scenes into the rest of the story is making me pull my hair out.

  5. Finishes first draft….watches all of Alexa Donne’s videos in a single sitting because Alexa says I need to refill my well.

  6. Glad I watched this! I finished my first draft (hooray!) but have been overwhelmed with getting it into shape for quite some time now (long enough, in fact, that I won't even mention how long!). But this helps me as I prepare myself mentally to tackle it and hopefully prove to myself that I can do it.

  7. Found your ebook at my library. After listening to all your videos, I can hear your voice in this book! It’s almost like you’re reading it to me 😂

  8. Alexa! I saw your book at my local book store in South Africa. I can't imagine how amazing you must feel to have your words travel so far away from home. Love the video ♥️

  9. I am a newbie, and I just finished the first draft of my first novel and the 234 pages and the 103,455 words are a little intimidating. BTW I am 12 and as you are reading this you must not believe me and you probably think that its really bad and a twelve year olds weird imagination but I ran it through 5 friends one of which is a writer. And he has successfully novels his name is Branko Gradisnik and he thinks it's great. This video has helped me in revising and thank you so much….. I love you

  10. I tend to do A revision straight away just because I can't stand leaving it in first draft mode but then I leave it for a few months until I do a Proper revision

  11. I'm in the revision process of my first book and I love how you describe the process! Thank you for all of your videos on writing and publishing!

  12. As much as I love writing, I love revision more. There's something about getting things in order, the right sentence, the right word; it just makes me happy.
    And it's probably why I edit as I go, instead of getting the darn book finished. Something I have to work at.
    ~ Jon

  13. Late but I just found your channel. I love revision too! One thing I do to edit word choice and flow is to get each paragraph and edit it is isolatiom before reading the entire chapter aloud to make sure each paragraph flows nicely into the next. It takes awhile but when I'm done I see a lot of improvement usually.

  14. I love this! It is my first time revising a book and I am scared, excited, hopeful, all at once🙃 thank you for giving me some motivation 🙂

  15. When you talk about "too many characters" I assume there's a hard line between what classifies a 'character' and a person in the story who is named. I feel like I have the right amount of core characters for my genre, but there's a fair amount of reoccurring named people who get their own whole paragraphs, description, or are saying significant things too.
    Should I not be doing that?

  16. Thanks, you've just made revision simple. Even though it can be tough. Your list of tips made this less overwhelming. 😃👍🏻

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