Revising a Novel for Young Readers: A Summer Children's Literature Workshop

I never would have thought that publishing a book was possible my role is to be a midwife for writers it's just been wonderful to watch them blossom this collaboration with all these incredible creative people has solidified my desire to be a writer and my passion to be a writer there is a magic as the others have said it's almost spooky how we enjoy one another so much and get together and have a real degree of trust there's no competition between any of us we all feel very invested in one another's work there's a lot of good that comes out of children's books I've always been concerned about the stigma of children being held back and so by coming here and working on a manuscript about that maybe helping to take that signal away I'm a pediatrician by Trey that's my day job I see lots of things that I think need books but I sometimes struggle to find the right books for these kids the words make a difference and they have to be clear and concise and words can change how things get interpreted and how people see the world it's just been this very freeing great experience my Collins has always been for me a great place to come back and continue growing Collins is for magic happens

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