Review & Insights Plus Study Tips – English Literature CLEP Exam

12 thoughts on “Review & Insights Plus Study Tips – English Literature CLEP Exam

  1. Do you remember any questions ? any vocabulary? For instants I remember a story about Raggedy Anne which I couldn't interpret. Also the term iaconic or question on rhyme schemes.

  2. Very nice! You are selling yourself short. You are not ignorant. Just to do this is great! I think you are very smart and simply had the "love of learning" taken away by the public education system like many teens in HS. Keep up the great work! I'm taking the ENGLISh LIT soon.

  3. I wanna say i just took and passed my clep exam yesterday!!! Thanks for all your help and tips man!! You helped me out more than you know!!

  4. Definitely will be taking some clep exams after this. But quick question do you go back and retake these exams with the intentions to pass ?

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