Review : Five Little Pigs – Unpredictably brilliant detective novel

Hi guys! You all don’t know who I am. I am
Lalitha, the creator of Balaram, the creator of this channel, Rock’n Roll. Okay Balaram, take okay? Okay. The reason why my mother introduced this video,
is because today I shall be talking about a book that is mainly meant for elders, and
the second reason is that the book I’m going to be reviewing, is written by a lady author,
also addressed as the Queen of Crime. So, you must have understood the author, but the
book I’m going to be reviewing is Five Little Pigs, this time published by HarperCollins.
So now, let’s get on with the first segment, the Author Segment. All over the world, Agatha Christie is known
as the Queen of Crime. Her books have sold more than a billion, that is ten crore, books,
in just English with another more than a billion in foreign languages. More than 100 foreign
languages. She is one of the best crime writers, second only to Arthur Conan Doyle, who created
Sherlock Holmes. She wrote her first book, that is The Mysterious Affair at Styles when
she was serving in World War I. Towards the end of World War I. So, in 1926, she published
her magnum opus, her masterpiece, that is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. It was the first
of her books to be published by Collins. That is the first of a list that went on for many
years, and also her first book to be dramatized under the name ‘Alibi’. Agatha Christie died
in 1976. And her books, some of them, have been published posthumously as well, including
Miss Marple’s Final Cases. So, let’s get on with the Introduction Segment. This story features Hercule Poirot, Agatha
Christie’s most well-known detective. He was created in The Mysterious Affair at Styles.
So, in this story, it happens that Caroline Crale was accused of murdering her husband,
that is Amyas Crale. But, of of course, there were five other people who could have done
it. The first one is Philip Blake, who was Crale’s best friend. The second one is Meredith
Blake, who was Philip’s elder brother. The third person was Elsa Greer, that is the person
who Amyas was infatuated with at the time when he died. The fourth person was Cecilia
Williams, who was a forty eight-year old governess of the fifth person, who was Angela Warren,
Caroline’s thirteen-year old half-sister. But, what has happened had happened sixteen
years ago, so when Caroline’s daughter comes back and says that her mother is innocent,
Poirot has to dig all the way back into sixteen years back and he has to find out if what
Carla : that is Caroline’s daughter’s name : Carla says is correct or not. So, how he
finds it out is the story. And now, let’s go forward to the Summary. Although this book is meant mainly for adults,
children can read it for the following reasons. One, it improves your vocabulary. So I will
recommend you to keep an Oxford Dictionary with you while reading this book. Secondly,
kids who like detective stories will enjoy this book. But, the minus point in this book
is that the poisoning thing will get you a little scary. So, I wouldn’t recommend this
book for ten and under. My father has a collection of Agatha Christie books. So, what I did is,
one day, I just started going through the description at the back. I didn’t want any
books that involved stabbing or shooting. So, what I did is, I picked up this book which,
the theme is poisoning. So, I just flipped through the pages to see if I understood,
and surely, I did. So, I read the whole book and I enjoyed it a lot. So, I will rate this
book 4.5 out of 5 stars. Hope the viewers liked this video. If you
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