[Reupload] Rising Of The Shield Hero Cut Content 4: What Did The Anime Change? – Episodes 7–8

in today's episode of shield hero cut content we're gonna cover episode seven and eight were a lot of the misc scenes and interactions focused on building our main characters both as individuals and as a team so join me once again as I fill you in on what exactly the anime skipped from both the light novel and the manga let's begin episode 7 the savior of the heavenly bow covering volume three chapter twelve in the manga and volume two chapters 15 to 17 in the light novel we start from where now Fumi is heading to a village to sell some herbicide for their recent vine infestation not wanting to be seen as a hero he switches to the book shield where he can turn it over and place it in his hand to make him seem like he's carrying it allowing him to blend in as a normal merchant rather than be recognized as the shield hero something that he was actively trying to avoid well the plan worked because he was instead recognized as the saint with a god bird an identity that these villagers didn't know was shared by now Fumi now these villagers were in need of dire help normally they would have put in a request for a hero to be sent by the crown but since that would take way too long they decided to beg the saint for help instead now for me is only condition for helping was to be paid upfront it was just a precautionary measure in the case that his identity as the shield hero was revealed which could potentially result in the villagers treating him differently so it was sort of like an insurance of payment the group heads off and before even reaching the main plant boss they're first attacked by parasitic vines they had to be careful with these because if they were touched by it there was the chance that they'd be infected just like how the villagers were it's during these initial fights that now Fumi uses his newfound magic to cast fast guard on both Raph Talia and filo which if you recall from last episode it's a minor defense buff they're then attacked by the monsters that we see in the anime the bio plant which was the main boss and two subspecies burst from it called demand or agora and the plan tree the flower looking plant was a humanoid creature made from vines that attacks with a cloud of poisonous pollen while the amande or agora was in a mobile fortress type enemy that spit acid from its vines in order to stun its target so that it could slowly drag it in and then eat it it's while confronting these monsters that now for me comes across a weird exception to the shield's rules remember he's not supposed to be able to use anything other than the shield n' it's innate powers when attacking right well did we not just see him use the weed killer to attack and eliminate the bio plant I'm pretty sure that doesn't classify is attacking with his shields so why didn't the shield prevent him from using it your guess is as good as mine but now fool me suggested that the shield didn't see the monster as an enemy to be attacked but rather as just a plant that was forcibly being removed from the area a process that was no different from mowing the lawn or pulling some weeds but that made him wonder how is the shield able to judge between what was an enemy and what wasn't so he theorized again maybe the weed killer just wasn't a weapon and just like how holy water was used to kill Undead you can use this weed killer as a tool to get rid of giant poisonous plant monsters if I had to guess though I'd say that it's because the potion was a direct product of the shield and because of that the shield was okay with it being used but whatever it was now for me didn't really care that much as long as it worked he was happy now in the light novel there was a bit more danger to the pipe because the entire time that fellow and Raph Talia were taking on the bio plant now Fumi was holding the agro from both other plant monsters all while trying to provide support with his various shield effects he used air strike shield for makeshift platforms and then shield prison for temporary protection from the vines it's only after realizing that his defenses were high enough to literally nullify every attack but he decides to nonchalantly walk up to the roots and pour the weed killer on it having defeated the plants as is his usual routine after every fight he absorbs the remains of them to unlock some new shields the bio plant plant we and mandragora shield this also gave him access to a brand new line of tree related shields with plenty more to be unlocked though out of the three that he just gained the bio plant once stuck out the most due to its plant reform equipped bonus this allowing him to imbue his seed with magic he decides to test it out with one of the bio plant seeds which results in a display showing its entire stat and ability line turns out he's able to change each of these properties in their levels in exchange for some of his mana points curious as to how far he can go he attempts to put all the points into growth is seeing that it worked he smirks at the thought of the true miracle seed that he can make with this ability along with all of its potential profits that is in tow raff Talia brings him back to reality so they head back to the village but now Fumi was still curious about the abilities of his newly unlocked plant shields looking at a closer revealed that the bio plant shield actually had chemistry with the mandragora's plant analysis ability so after sleeping with the mandragora shield equipped to passively gain equip time in order to unlock the shield's ability he decides to try out plant reform once again to find that more seed information was now available to him it gave descriptions and additional modifiers to the seed now being able to understand the settings that he was adjusting he sets the seeds expansion rate to for its food production rate to a 15 its ability to grow in any type of soil to a six its resistance to diseases a four then unsure as to what intelligence meant he thought it was best to keep it out of one so as to prevent a hostile takeover from autonomous plants then he upped its growth rate to a fifteen and minimized its ability to turn into a monster by setting mutation to one as for the dried seed growth modifier he changed that option from mutation range expansion to quality improvement essentially turning it into the fruit making machine that we see in the anime now the second arc of this episode comes from the extra chapter of the light novel and it's a bit different because rather than showing events from now foamies point of view as all the other chapters do this chapters told from Raph Talia's POV it's meant to show in a comedic way Raph Talia's feelings towards now foo me and his lack thereof towards Raph Talia there was actually a pretty funny scene skipped where it's just Raph Talia and now for me in a room alone Raph Talia only has a towel on now before you get too excited it's because now for me wanted to try some new medicine on her in order to treat the scars on her back however Raph Talia had different plans in mind and yeah it's pretty much exactly as you think you see ever since her initial bath in the hot spring she became really caught up and thinking about the sign that she saw and because of this she really wanted to get now for me to take a bath with her so what does she do she drops her towel and proceeds to ask how her naked body looked at this point she wanted him to really see her and comment on her matured appearance but now Fumi was just looking to see if the medicine worked on her scars he didn't flinch her even respond at all in any way that Raph Talia wanted all he said was that she's changed a lot of course this was extremely embarrassing for aft alia all she wanted was to be seen and treated like an adult but as things were now she knew he would continue to keep treating her like a child the only thing left that she could think of was to just confess her feelings and in typical anime fashion as she was about to a feel of walks in sees raf talia naked and proceeds to follow suit which is now my cue to move on to the next part of the story and no nothing happened after that this was more of a scene intended to highlight the contrasting views that now fully unwrapped alia half of each other the rest of the hot spring arc is pretty much the same and the end of the episode then leads back into the main story of the light novel opening up the dragon and curse shield mini-art leading us nicely into episode 8 curse shield covering chapters 18 to 20 from the light novels second volume and chapters 12 to 13 from the manga right from the beginning of the episode there's quite a few interactions that were skipped between the three of them you see as it was getting pretty late both filo and raff Talia were getting ready to sleep raff Talia is setting herself up in the carriage when she decides to call it – now Fumi and say that they should sleep together now for me a bit confused by this assumes that it's because she's lonely or having bad dreams again so he tells her to just to sleep next to filo of course that wasn't what she intended with her request so she decides to ask another question she asks if there was anyone he liked back in his own world he responded no but what did come to mind was the thought of bitch and that started to piss him off a little bit he's able to put that thought aside and he starts to contemplate his time with the other one raff Talia he thinks that maybe he's pushing them a bit too hard after all they are both still just kids raff Talia may look like a woman but inside she's still a kid trying really hard to act like an adult and it's because of this mentality that it brings us back to this belief that he needs to treat them as if they were his own kids and raised them as such it's a little bit after that that filo has her own conversation with him asking why out of all the eggs she was the one that was picked and now fool me said it was just random luck but he's happy she was the outcome and couldn't imagine it any other way these were just sugar-coated words to make people feel better he didn't actually feel that way because deep down he saw himself as the villain he wants to set filo free and make the world a better place RAF Talia but he wasn't strong enough to accomplish any of that so all he could imagine was having to keep these kids as his slaves forever which was an outcome that he didn't want to accept he couldn't have it be that way it just wouldn't be fair to pilla when RAF Talia a filo then goes on to talk about how she heard that she was cheap turns out that during her evaluation with the slave trader he commented on how she was only worth about 50 silver coins you see filo actually came from – flightless folios and as such would have been raised to be eaten but the slave trader speculates that it's either because she was with the shield here or ate the chimera meat that she grew up to become the queen she is today you can imagine that something like this would have a lasting effect on filos view of herself hearing herself being called cheap made her have a fear of being abandoned she is always thinking in the back of her head that if she's not a good monster she'll be left behind of course now who me reassure sir that if she just behaves that and that won't happen she then falls asleep on his shoulder while now whom he continues to contemplate on how he's going to make a place in this world for both math Talia and pillow to live peacefully after the fighting is done all right now let's get to when they arrived at the diseased village he's immediately recognised as the Saint with the god bird and now Fumi quickly notices the severity of the villages plague it looks so bad that he wasn't even sure that his medicines would work that's why he insisted on applying the medicines himself doing so makes them more potent and effective you see he didn't want the people to start to lose faith in him should the medicines not work he wished he could make stronger ones but he just wasn't knowledgeable enough to do so after applying a few potions to some patients he noticed that some of the surrounding ones were also starting to appear healthier it would seem that now Foom he has a medicine efficacy range expansion ability which allows those in close proximity to him to also be healed even if the medicine isn't directly applied to them now aware of this he gathers as many sick villagers as he can and has them form a circle around him allowing him to use single medicine to heal all the villagers of course this only made them slightly healthier it didn't fully eliminate the disease and now for me wasn't pleased with these results he wanted to cure them not just to give them a temporary solution and then leave it's the little thoughts like these that really highlight the contrasting views between him and the other heroes now whom he's always looking at the bigger picture looking for ways to make things better in the long run whereas the other heroes seem to be rather short-sighted not considering the consequences of their actions and merely just acting on what they think is best at the time likely stole seeing this world as a game rather than something real with real ramifications which is why we see now for me constantly cleaning up their messes it's around this time that we're told about the dragon oh and her yeah she doesn't exist in the manga or the novels anyway now whom he accepts the job to remove the remains of the dragon and sets off for the mountains the path was filled with many new types of monsters giving them the opportunity to gain a fair bit of XP and unlock some new shields he's able to unlock the following poison shields each of which grant various levels of poison resistance he also gains the bee needle shell – with the only difference between this and the first iteration being that instead of paralyzing an opponent this one deals poison they eventually reach the dragon and as you know it becomes an undead version of its former self this had actually frightened now for me to the point that he was screaming in terror and Raph Talia had to calm him down the reason being that in the games he used to play he knew that undead versions of living creatures were always stronger than their living counterparts so all he could think was that there was no way they'd be able to defeat this monster as they were now but before now whom he could call for retreat filos natural instinct as a flow Leo kicked in causing her to attack the dragon due to their innate animosity for each other the way that the fight transpires after this is more similar to the light novel because in the manga now Fumi actually tries to call fillo back but she ignores the order and this triggers the curse seal to activate momentarily stunning filo and causing her to get eaten by the dragon and remember this was only a day after that he had promised to protect these two as their parent this triggered a completely new emotion within him it hurt but it wasn't the same hurt he'd belt when he got betrayed no this was something far worse this was true despair a feeling of pure hopelessness and devastation where no action or revenge could make up for succumb by the severe feeling of grief the shield presents the curse series as an option then the same black mist that he saw when dueling Motoyasu begins to expand from the shield his entire shield tree flips over to reveal a new one of only red and black but there was only one that he could select the shield of rage this came with the iron maiden ability and an attack version of change shield what we mainly see in the anime though was the equip of X called the self burning curse he also gains increased physical strength but the curse is what's really worth noting here the exact details of its effects aren't quite known but based on the events of the fight I'd assume it's a passive effect that allows him to emit a flame like aura that deals both fire and curse damage to anyone that basically makes contact with him or is within the general vicinity he also attempts to cast the iron maiden ability to close out the fight but there's actually a set of conditions that need to be met in order to activate it it's like a sequence of actions that must be performed before casting sort of like a combo move once we get to episode eleven though we can talk about that more at the moment now if when we didn't feel like trying to figure out what those conditions were he decided to just let the dragon attack then let his self burning curse and physical strength that do the rest he was pretty much on autopilot and so long as he remained angry the curse series would remain active it would even get stronger the angrier he got so all he had to do was continually think about all those people who betrayed him it's only after feeling the warmth of Raph talia's hand that his hatred begins to fade and as it does the shield starts to talk back is saying how his anger was weakening asking why it's being refused and finally stating that it will always be watching watching for a weakness to exploit so we can come back which brings them to question the level of sentience behind this legendary weapon is it fully controlled by now Fumi or does it have a goal of its own something that will only be found out as we learn more about this world now although rough brought his composure back the fight still wasn't over yet the dragon was still alive what the anime didn't clarify though was that the return of his sense of self gave him more control over the self burning curse rather than indiscriminately attacking everything he was able to focus the curse on the poison and burn that instead but that still didn't change the fact that Raph Talia had severe burns all over her body and no amount of first heal magic or medicine could fix it in the meantime the curse was burning the dragon while pillow was eating its insides which is what caused it to eventually be defeated feel the whanau foo me then clean up the remains though letting the shield absorb pieces of it didn't seem to unlock anything for him which was kind of a letdown considering the difficulty of this monster after returning to the village now Foom he gives more thought towards Raph Talia's wounds perhaps this Shield of rage puts an untreatable curse on its victims a thought that triggered all sorts of guilt within him if he just controlled his emotions and wasn't so weak he wouldn't have had to use this shield he should have trusted that they would have all been able to handle the fight had he been more composed he could have supported fellow rather than distract her and they could have won the fight together but he was held back by his own thoughts that were too afraid of losing them ones that were too afraid to let him trust that they'll be okay on the frontlines every single time when he goes on to talk about courage and recklessness versus caution and cowardice it's actually Wrath Talia who says these lines she's on the verge of tears trying to reassure now Fumi that they'll be alright in those situations he just needs to have a bit of faith in my opinion having her say this instead of now Fumi would have been better to highlight her growth as a character not only would it have been a sign of her increased maturity but it would have also paved a path for now for me to begin seeing her like an adult and the light novel now Bumi even mentions how he couldn't treat her like a child anymore he now saw all three of them as a team so all in all the theme of this episode was all about personal growth each member had their own inner and outer conflicts and most of them were either handled through discussion with each other or through personal action there's a level of maturity that was reached here that the anime didn't seem to have very well rather than just being another adventure with some unfortunate outcomes this was a learning experience for all of them so yeah that's episode seven and eight I really hope you guys are enjoying this series because it does take a significant amount of work from Sal's r84 and I to put these together so it's always great to see your support the next episode will likely be in two weeks and cover episodes 9 and 10 eventually we will get caught up to the anime but until then thank you all so much for watching and if you enjoyed this type of anime content then you already know what to do so until next time ciao

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