Request Books via I-Share

To request a book through I-Share, we’ll start on the Library homepage and go to the “Books and Videos” tab. Here I’ll enter the title of the book I’m looking for and click “Search.” This
brings me to the BenU Library Catalog. As I scroll through the results I can
see the book I’m looking for isn’t here. So to broaden my results, I’ll go up to the drop down menu where it says “Benedictine University” and
choose “All I-Share Libraries” and click “Find.” This brings me to the I-Share
Catalog. I-Share is a group of about 80 academic libraries across Illinois, so I
have a better chance of finding the book I need here. As I scroll down sure enough
here’s the title I’m looking for. I’ll click the title, and scroll down to bottom, to the
holdings area. Here I see a list of the various libraries that own this book. I’m
going to go with the first one and click “Request Item.” You’ll be prompted to enter your barcode which is 2281100 followed by
your B-number without the “B.” And your last name. Next you’ll choose your
Pickup Library, which is Benedictine University. And your Pickup Location. If you are a distance
online student, your items will be mailed directly to your home address. And click “Place Request.” To check the status of your request, go to your
I-Share account in the upper righthand corner of I-Share and click “Requested Items.” Allow 3 to
7 days for delivery. You will be notified by email when your books arrive. If you are on the Lisle campus, you can pick up your books at the Circulation Desk. Books not picked up
within 2 weeks will be returned. If your request has not been filled within
10 days contact the Interlibrary Loan Department
for assistance. One last note: You can use your Ben Card to check out eligible
materials in person at any I-Share library. To find the full list of I-Share libraries, head over to I-Share, scroll to
the bottom, and click “List of I-Share Libraries.” You can also view them on a
map. If you can’t find the book you need in I-Share, contact the BenU Library. We
can almost always find what you need.

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