Repeat text in MS Word Using Document Property content controls

23 thoughts on “Repeat text in MS Word Using Document Property content controls

  1. Followed all steps but every time I add or change the information every field changes to the same thing.

  2. Hello!
    document propertie just have 15, that's I can reply
    But what if I need more than 15 times.
    I have document, in that document I need reply text more than 15 times.
    And thank you 😊!

  3. Hi Laura, this is brilliant thank you very much. I have a formatting question i need help with please? I follow the method above to create a title page, i also want select details to appear on the header on following pages. However, i would like to use a different colour/font size. If i change one it changes both. The only way i can get round this is with a drop down which would not work for a few of my fields. Any suggestions? Thank you.

  4. Copying the fields did not work for me. I have Word 2016. And I have tried this in different ways.

  5. Is there a way to reference a value selected from a content control drop down menu? I know how to do this in legacy fields, but can't seem to figure out how to do using content controls.

  6. The only problem i see here is when you try copying the section to a another word document. It wont paste the input data you put in. It comes out blanke. I dont know how to fix this.

  7. Hi, I am creating a contract template and want to make it error-proof. Your video is excellent, only what I wish to offer the Sales team is one separate template in which they simply need to fill things once (ex: Client's legal name, Clients DBA name, Contact number, etc.), so it auto populates the actual contract, in the various places. Right now, the basic information to be repeated is not all at the top of the contract, so I would have to highlight the first-time appearing terms, throughout the contract, so the Sales people are forced to locate them and fill them. Is there a way to create such a template, hidden from the client, to whom the contract will eventually be sent (we may sometimes convert to PDF, but let's assume we need to maintain the integrity of the Word doc, for this question)?

  8. Hi, thanks for sharing this video,I found this as helpful but i need the video to find the same url links which is already existing in the word document

  9. Thank you, have spent hours trying to find out how to do this, the only thing I cannot work out is under address, if I want the address to go over several lines, instead of one continuous, how do I format this. For eg
    I want
    Mr and Mrs Jones
    10 Black St

    instead of Mr and Mrs Jones, 10 Black St, Smithfield

  10. Laura. You're the best. Spent hours trying to figure this out and you helped me in less than 2 minutes. I'm so grateful!

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