Remote: Conan Visits "Sick" Writer Michael Koman – 5/16/2007

all right I'm gonna let you in a little bit of Maya we've been having fun here and telling some jokes I'm a little fun with some sketches but I'm gonna let you in on some reality here for a second true story all right I came into work this morning as I always do and I was told that one of my writers Michael Coleman had called in sick there's Michael Coleman right there it's a recent photo of his grinning puss now I'll be honest with you Michael seemed perfectly fine yesterday and as you can all see from that photo he's a young healthy guy so something just didn't sit right with me okay so I decided on the spur of the moment to go see his apartment and see for myself how sick he really was this is just a couple of hours ago and like I said I I decided this very quickly he had no idea I was coming we didn't call first or anything I just grabbed a camera crew we jumped in a van I found out where he lives I went down there to find out is this guy sick or not what the hell's going on here's what happened okay I'm here in the West Village about an hour and a half ago one of our writers Michael Coleman called in sick frankly I didn't believe his story so I jumped in a van I came down was find out what's really happening let's go how are you we're here to see Michael Coleman I'm Conan O'Brien from TV's Conan O'Brien show you're familiar with the show good to see you what is your name George George good to see you old chum Michael Coleman lives here yes he's my writer maiya we'd like to go up and see him is that possible very good now very high-security Maria buddy boy I have a little sore throat you really aren't sick house yes are you well my throat is sore and I've kind of like a chill well they're sick and then there's I'm so sick I can't come in and work our new organ jokes actually for your SAT analogies yeah Perez Hilton 2007 is – getting 45 days in the slammer as Paris Hilton 2006 is – getting 45 slams in a day okay she's having sex a lot I guess so because of why that's a slam I don't know if you've been drinking my liquids yeah do you think you're running a temperature I'm not sure I might why don't we find out I have the thermometer place once you put that under your tongue please it's clean yeah it's pretty clean we found that outside you think that you stayed home to keep other writers from getting sick no officer like a sleep on speak wave though okay but why do you think you stay don't try this when it's digital what were you doing when we buzz oh yeah Digital ninety six point eight wow you're a death door Oh big um yeah should be pretty nice something up yeah it might not be Yeah right do you think you caught this cold from anybody well right I mean how else do you get a cold so you're being snotty about my question well honey one Oh what I mean did you catch the school from summer yeah I probably caught this cold for what s-somebody whatever I have well the first symptoms is acting like a dick not concerned about you I came over to see how you're doing it could call not have woken you up well you have so much done I was against this idea worked get a camera crew go down there he's not and I was like whoa oh you're really sick and he's just sick okay whined and whined and Here I am I honestly try to play along have a lot to offer comedic Lee right now but so what else is new I'm gonna take your blood pressure if you don't mind it's gonna clip on at this point I don't want to go back to the office and quickly well you never know you've seen some of the turn two guys squeeze out blood pus is perfect exactly perfect blood pressure perfect temperature quite frankly you can't prove anything if I say I'm sick and I kind of talk in a weak voice you have to take my word for why if I worked at a bank I was the president of the bank wouldn't come to my house and swab my throat were you talking about now that happened to know a little something about the old drainpipe Oh actually that looks very red oh man do you see that you know what I really don't want that I really don't want to get sick they sent me down here and it's clear to me now that I'm gonna get that yeah I have this in two days will you come to my apartment yes good luck getting in it's a real apartment building this is my Christmas gift to my staff I don't know if it's sad that I insist that my face be on everything that I give to anybody are you going this is a trip form that I haven't even unpacked for him in San Francisco liar look at this when you were planning a trip to France today day off with sickness and you've got a packed bag this this is for audience members only this is for people in the audience you took this what was the liar well you like that I don't like it all stop sucking off my teat okay no this cow can only give so much sweet milk I feel like there's a gravy train and you got a pretty good ride haven't you you sitting in the back of the gravy train drinking all the free gravy and occasionally writing a joke about Paris Hilton getting slammed which doesn't even make any sense no one says I got slammed last night that didn't it let me do this it doesn't mean one awful joke though it's my even send it in my quit screwing around go to work okay okay let's go that gum is lasting a long time today I wasn't complimenting you – he's as healthy as a horse no temperature yeah blood pressures perfectly normal he seems fine well kid George said you seemed fine to him thanks sorry I'm outdoors yeah you're good man George we'll see you later [Applause] I'm told about half an hour ago you you did see the NBC doctor yes I did okay and you're not really sick are you no I'm not so Michael I understand you're completely clean well not exactly we'll take a break we come back [Applause]

24 thoughts on “Remote: Conan Visits "Sick" Writer Michael Koman – 5/16/2007

  1. I know one thing if Conan was my boss that would be one good reason to always have my house or apartment clean… that dude just show up….

    Omg… did he really make him show up for work!!!lol

  2. shit, i wanna work for Conan

    That's A SUPER NICE apartment for New York

    Sure i'll have to put up with the occasional psychological comedic haressement, but that's asweet ass apartment

  3. I wanted to see if this guy has done anything since then and apparently he co-created Nathan For You 😮

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