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– Hi, I’m Reese and this is my Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot. How the Sunshine Book
Club was sort of born out of me just posting books
that I liked on Instagram. I started a production company
seven or eight years ago that was trying to create projects more projects that had
roles for women in them. I’ve always really gravitated
towards female authors and women at the center of novels, so I started optioning some of them and turning them into movies. And then I just starting sharing
all the books that I read ’cause I read a lot. And I love the effect that
it has on the authors. That’s really cool. (bright music) It’s real exciting. Particularly, like, we
have one author Delia Owens who’s in her 70s and it’s
her first fictional novel. It’s called Where the Crawdads Sing and it’s just become this huge book and she’s sold over a million copies and we’re turning it into a movie. And it’s just one of
those really exciting, once in a lifetime
opportunities that, yeah, it’s very fulfilling. One book that we’re adapting right now is so exciting to me is
Daisy Jones and the Six. It sort of feels like
a VH1 Behind the Music about this girl’s life and
how she joins this band and they create this super group and the most amazing album of all time, but then it’s the only time
that they make an album. And it’s just that kinda
sexy, 70s world filled with rock ‘n roll and it’s
just a really cool project and I’m really excited we’re doing that. (bright music) There’s a book I love called
From Scratch by Tembi Locke. And it’s a beautiful love story. A woman from Texas goes to Italy and meets this incredible chef. It’s a true story. They have a kid, they fall
in love, they get married and something tragic happens. Tembi tells her own story
in the most beautiful words. And so, I love that book. Check it out. (bright music) The book that made me
laugh out loud in public. Anything by David Sedaris. I think he’s so funny. I love Calypso. I love all of Nora Ephron’s books. Heartburn, I Feel Bad about
my Neck, I Remember Nothing. Particularly as a woman,
you know, coming of age and learning about what
it means to be a woman who walks through the world. She tells stories about
motherhood and aging with such humor and self-deprecation, I just think it’s a must read. (bright music) I would probably say the book
that I am desperate to read a sequel to is The Secret
History by Donna Tartt. It’s a book I read when
I was in high school and it’s about kids in college and they have this crazy, wild night out and something happens
and one of them dies. It’s really atmospheric and you find out the most thrilling plot
twist in the last ten pages, so I always wondered what
happened to those kids, so maybe Donna knows. (bright music) Well, anything by Jon
Meacham or David McCullough, they’re the foremost historians
about American history and I think if you can throw in there, you know, you heard them on
PBS talking about their book that’s really helpful, too. So, anything by Jon Meacham,
anything by David McCullough, anything dealing with
the Revolutionary War, I think that’s a good one to call out. (bright music) I think the book that had
the biggest impact on my life was Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It’s the first book that I
optioned to turn into a movie that I was producing and starring in. And I was really nervous
and I asked Cheryl if it would be okay to option her book but I didn’t really have a
track record as a producer, but she took that leap of faith with me and I’ll be forever grateful. And I love that movie. I love the themes of women versus nature and the idea that at the end of it, she ends up with no man, no
money, no job, no parents and it’s a happy ending. (bright music)

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  1. Ok I love books and needed a new read but to have Reese freakin Witherspoon discussing books and films. I love beauty makeup skincare etc but this is such breath of fresh air. Ugh. Dying. P.s – absolutely loved you in the film 'Wild' <3

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