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  1. Whenever I hear this song. I can't help it but crying in tears because I feel like my love of Jesus Christ is overflowing inside of me and that's why I will countinue worshiping him.

  2. I need to be pryed for my mom got abused by my step father and he is trying to take my mom and dad away from me by telling lies.

  3. This song gives me" reckless love " to god and when I herd this song the first time I new I had love from God to give me strength. "There is no shadow he won't light up, no mountain he wont clime up , no wall he wont kick down , no lie he wont tair down " for me ,for all of us . This song is my favorite of all time it truly reminds me of God . When I here this song I fell safe, corage, and strength. When I listen to this song I fell like I have done bad things but I can make it better by praying to God

  4. My dad needs prayers. He is in the the best hospital in the world and is suffering from lung cancer he is having a very hard time breathing so he has a tube in his mouth to help him breath. Because of the medication he is taking he is super weak and can barely wiggle his toes on his own. The doctors are doing there very very best to heal him and try to get him out of the hospital in 2-3 weeks. He is getting better step by step because of the hundreds of people praying for him, make it thousands

  5. Of course I deserve God's love! What I didn't deserve was the Sinful Nature, the Curse of God because of what Adam and Eve have done to us all. But God knows this, which is why He sent His Son Jesus as a sacrifice TO US! God has made His sacrifice TO US by sending His Son Jesus. God has taken responsibility for what we did not ask for, the Sinful Nature, and He is making things right for us, because WE DESERVE IT!

    [Rom 8:3 NLT] 3 The law of Moses was unable to save us because of the weakness of our sinful nature. So God did what the law could not do. He sent his own Son in a body like the bodies we sinners have. And in that body God declared an end to sin's control over us by giving his Son as a sacrifice for our sins.

  6. I get this visual of Jesus kicking down a wall. It makes me cheer. Ya Jesus our Savior. My Savior.

  7. I wanna read the scripture to us. Luke 15: Now the tax collectors and sinners are all gathered around to hear Jesus. The Pharisees and teachers of the law muttered: this man welcomes the sinners and eats with them. Religious ppl are mad. Jesus told them this parable: suppose one of you have a 100 sheep and loses one of them doesn’t he leave the 99 in the open country and goes after the lost sheep and finds it a and after he finds it he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and he goes home and he calls his friends, his neighbors to and says: rejoice with me coz I have found my lost sheep and I tell u in the same way, there will be more rejoicing in heaven over 1 sinner who repents than over 99 ppl who don’t, He is that good.

    I just wanna share the story of this song before we sing the bridge:

    When we sing the reckless love of God, we are not saying that God himself is reckless, he is not crazy, but what we r saying is that the way he loves in many regards is quite reckless. What I mean is this: he is utterly unconcerned with the consequences of the actions with regard to his own safety, comfort and well being, his love isn’t crafty/ cunning or shrewd, in fact all things it might suggest it is downright ridiculous. His love bankrupted heaven for you and me. His love doesn’t consider himself first, It isn’t selfish or self-serving he doesn’t consider whether he will gain or lose by putting himself on the line. He simply puts himself out there in the chance that u and i might look back and give him that love in return. His love leaves leave the 99 to find the one every time. To many practical adults, that’s a foolish concept. What if he loses the 99 in finding the 1. What if finding that one lost sheep is and will always be supremely important to Jesus. His love isn’t cautious, it’s the love that sent his own son to die a gruesome death on the cross. There is no plan B with the love of God. He gives his heart so completely, so preposterously, that if refused, we would think irreparably broken, yet he gives himself away again and again and again time and time again. Make no mistake, our sins pain his heart 70×7, and yet he opens up and allows us back in every single time. His love saw u when u hated him and when all logic said “he rejected me” Jesus said, “I don’t care what it costs me, I lay my life on the line as long as I get their hearts.” To make it personal, his love saw me broken down with regret as deep as the ocean. He found me and put me on his shoulders and he carried me on coz he is just that good, he is just that kind, he is a father that never gives up and as we sing this bridge and chorus one more time, let it break down those walls tonight. There is no shadow you wont light up… Cory Asbury

  8. My gran was diagnosed with liver cancer ,chemo therapy was making it worse until she put all her trust and faith in God and left the chemo the cancer has shrunk ..God is never failing and his love is so overwhelming

  9. What is a "reckless love?" There are reckless drivers, reckless behavior (meaning bad, destructive behavior) but reckless love is an oxymoron. Christian lyrics writers should make sense when they write a song, not invent play on words that is, actually…reckless.

  10. My name is brianna and im 13 4 years ago when i was just shy of 9 years old i was taken away from my mom and placed with people who said they were my birth dad and stepmom and I hated life i kept putting myself down unless i was at camp i go to a christian camp in Ontario called scott mission camp thats the only time i can worship god because my parents are agenst the religion and every year i hear this song and it brings me into tears

  11. My youth pastor sang this on the last night of youth group. He also almosy never sings and I love the pastor like a father, as mine is a raging alcoholic. I was fighting back the tears so much. I love this song!

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