Reckless – Game on (Official) (18 year old lyricist kills a freestyle)

yo listen listen to the real shit not that feel shit yeah only the vibe to spirit a couple roms always on my grind taking my time yeah I let me get it bro yo yo I gotta start to dissing gotta start the killing let me get the mic imma beat it Ellis when I Spit it you won't even fight cuz we're not gonna get it i'ma ripping you will bitch just like a bribe what you think of all my blondes I'm not that I gotta grind gotta say violence like centripetal force pull up on your porch and a force kicking down the doors reinforced cuz you know my got the force like I'm Opie you don't even know me but you wanna be my homie so I can peace like baloney and they know I'm never phony if you really want to phone me then pull up this you my brownie and you know I'm always wanting the rapping and I'm always smilin never skated there's no lies just looking like a mile bitch I lay low like I'm lazy you know I'm crazy I take a li and do it take me behind pay these mobile courting are gonna maze me believe me keep it talking about babies bitch I'm only 18 hit over the head to see if the bed she might be unconscious dag either way I'm not impressed what bitch you can't take a motherfucking hit it was up this time on the a-list it was super shit and make a stupid hits while she's still my dick trying to make another victim add to the collection if I want to spit you want to look impressive because I came to bumper ball with the coach if you think I'm camping dig your grave like a mic right over this be like a boat bouncy flow Pennywise we all flow I am the coaches take note cuz I'm never gonna let up on the boss and like in a foreign cause I got no key it's close to start I'm going far you see me shining like a shooting star you with the dog all bark time to put a muzzle on it and I'm teaching them my phone next and they know I'm always walking Led Zeppelin how I'm blocking what you think I'm gonna stop it now bitch eat them up just like a muffin going far ID me like I make love and what you think that this is it is not seeking assist I'm gonna get the kill I'm gonna get the thrill I am like Kill Bill with the air will to kill everyone I think they real whoa try me crazy I'm at a Haley make a baby what the fly like a math test cuz I'm next everyone better show respect whoa the best in the game as to in the st. and they know when my name cuz I'm chasing the fame time to get out of my situation they don't really get it but they up here always praying and saying that I'm I never make it into the game it doesn't really matter though cuz I'm running free and the fame Hey say my name a motherfucking bein I'm gonna come for your neck we're just a Nintendo game there ain't no respawn you was baby like a fawn I don't really give a fuck better get the fuck of long cuz I'm gonna mug you down cut you short like a lawn if you really want to get it bitch game on a reckless you'll see why they give me that name stone

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