Receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature

you not only for this visa Academy but all of us the ceremony today as its particular significance we can finally and over draw at of 1970 the insignia of his award mr. Alexander Solzhenitsyn I have already made two speeches to you the first one you couldn't listen to because I was a frontier to cross the second one I couldn't deliver because there was a frontier to cloth your presence here today doesn't mean that the frontiers are at last abolished on the contrary it means that you are now on this side of a ball of a still exists but the spirit of your writings as I understand it the driving force for your work like the spirit and the paws of our prevalence last will and testament is to open all frontiers to an able men to meet men freely and confidently the difficulty is that such a confidence can only be built on truth and nowhere in this world of ours is truth always greeted with pure pleasure truth goes from house to house and the dog barks at whom he does not know cistern old philosopher but all the more happy and grateful are those who recognize the wandering stranger and ask him to spend the night and his life wisdom in the deep maybe even desperate hope that they may not be far off when a frontier is as as it should be merely a line on the map which we pass on our way to friend Alexander Solzhenitsyn my dear friend with these few words I convey to you the wrong congratulations of the Swedish Academy and asked you to receive on the hands of His Majesty the King the insignia of the PI's to whose value you have added your honor

13 thoughts on “Receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature

  1. Alexander solzhenitsyn truly a Voice of Truth, in a sea of Lies. May death as peaceful, as life was profound.

  2. I ten człowiek na Nobla zasłużył. Przyznawanie Nobla osobom, które nie dorównują mu do pięt to niesprawiedliwa zbrodnia przeciwo wielkiem i zasłużonym pisarzom.

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