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hi I’m Tom I’m a book publisher I publish a lot of books for preschool primary school high school and colleges every year I create lots of videos voiceovers and animations for my books and funnel those into CDs but I face a few problems every year I spent a lot on CDs bundling content into CDs and their packaging and handling you see these are fragile they get scratches and are difficult to manage not everyone has a PC or laptop nowadays a lot of laptops are coming without CD drives if I add new content only new buyers will get new CDs plus there is a disconnect between the printed book and the CD imagine you’re reading a chapter in a book and then I ask you to get a laptop and that book CD and then search for the content isn’t it too much of a hassle I always wanted to know who my readers were what topics they liked and I wanted to connect with them to advertise my books based on their likes and dislikes and then I came across rainbow Reba is the perfect solution for all my problems rebook is about based augmented reality platform for book publishers free ebooks supports millions of interactive ebooks in the cloud with Reba I can add fun interactivity to all my books and guess what I can use my existing multimedia content as well just point your mobile camera towards an ABC book to see alphabets coming to life in 3d or watch a story in a book come to life or scan a book cover to know more about that book or salt an interactive quiz or exercise in a book or just relax and listen to the audio voiceover of a book learning has never been so easy and so much fun rebo offers a variety of interactions for all kinds of books like English science maths physics chemistry coloring books and much more RIBA is available on app stores and I don’t need to create CDs anymore I can now update my content anytime and all my readers get access to new content with rebook I get access to detailed analytics now I know who my readers are which geography they belong to which books they are reading which topics or sections are more popular now I can connect with my readers by sending them alerts and notifications about a new book launch or an interesting news or maybe some ongoing discounts a very effective cross selling tool indeed just follow these steps to make your books interactive step 1 choose the book and pages that you want to make interactive step 2 choose from a collection of hundreds of ideas for different subjects and topics step 3 prepare multimedia content step 4 submit the pages and the content step 5 print free book instructions on your book rebook has made my books fun engaging and interactive kids are getting more learning out of the books parents are happy my costs have come down and my sales are growing so what are you waiting for sign up for ebook and make your books interactive today

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