hey guys it's Sarah and today I have a little bit of an experiment for you guys I saw a trend going around the Beauty side of YouTube basically people were purchasing the lowest rated items on Ulta and Sephora and trying them out and seeing why they were rated so low what was so bad about that makeup and it got me thinking what are the lowest rated books on Goodreads obviously it would be hard to just kind of do that search off the top of my head so I used the list feature on Goodreads could reads basically has this feature where people make lists of different types of things like if you're looking for why a contemporary books like there'll be a list for that or fantasy or whatever they just have this thing called list topia and you can basically go in and see lists how many times can I say list in one video my quest brought me across a list called the worst rated books on Goodreads essentially for a book to qualify for that list they have to have below a 3 rating apparently that's very low on Goodreads most books have above a 3 what I will say about this list is it didn't really account for how many ratings or reviews a book had basically if it just has below a 3.0 it could have like two ratings and still be on the list so I don't really know math but I feel like in order to get a gist of what people on Goodreads really are thinking are the worst books ever you have to maybe look at a book that has tons and tons and tons of ratings and reviews and still has a very low rating cuz math and like percentages and fractions and stuff so the criteria I set for this experiment was picking books that had over 15,000 reviews because again I think based on math that would mean that them having such a low score would be kind of like a lot of people read it but it's still so low I'm still not explaining this math concept very well but hopefully you're you're with me I don't really understand how to explain math but I just felt like the more reviews you have if you still have a very low rating that means there's quite a few people not enjoying your book so this criteria that I set for the experiment led me to five books but one of them was a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada series I've seen the movie with Meryl Streep but a Nerva at the book and I didn't want to force myself to have to read the first book to read the second book so that book was out the door so I narrowed it down to four books and so what I did for this experiment was I went ahead and I read them so the first book I read for this challenge was the almost moon by Alice Sebold for those of you familiar with this author she also wrote The Lovely Bones which is not only a critically acclaimed book but also a movie starring that Saoirse Ronan from what I know that's a lot of people's like favorite book of all time so I was very very surprised to see that this book was on the list the almost moon has almost 32,000 reviews and it has a two point six seven rating 18% of those ratings are one star ratings this book centers around a woman named Helen who I believe is in her 40s her whole life she's had a very complicated relationship with her mother and at the very start of the novel like the very first sentence she admits to readers that she has murdered her mother and so basically the novel just kind of delves into why she murdered her mother how she murdered her mother basically she's been caring for her for many years because her mother has dementia and it's just a very complicated weird story from there to say that this book was unsettling and not good would be to say the least I think this is one of those books where you think to yourself why would someone want to write this what possessed them what brought this upon them what in their life told them that this was a story you should read now don't get me wrong Alice the bolds writing style was great I feel like her writing is very compelling the way she says things is very honest and very raw and she doesn't really like shy away from saying things that would make you uncomfortable which I appreciate those things I like to read a lot of thrillers that have that similar writing style and so I liked that and I can almost see why people really like the lovely bones but there was just so much about the character of Helen and her life and just elements of the story that led me to just really hate this book and don't get me wrong like I said I'm super into dark fucked up stories I'm here for a good daughter kills her mother's story but that's not the problem but for me this book was more just is –ml and sad it just kind of felt like a wet blanket of a book helen is a bit of a miserable person and all the narrative did was just kind of keep confirming that she had a terrible childhood and that her mom had some mental illness issues that went unchecked her whole life her mom had agoraphobia as well as potentially bipolar disorder it doesn't really go into detail about what was going on with her mom but her mom just did and said a lot of things that aren't too great and so Helen obviously was neglected because of that and had some bad experiences growing up what was weird about this book was that I just am not really sure what so bold was going for I feel like we were meant to feel bad for Helen for having such a bad life but then at the same time she was such a miserable and like mean person that I had a hard time feeling bad for her and then part of me was like are we supposed to feel bad for her mother because of her mother's mental illness but then I had a hard time doing that too and her mother's mental illness was extremely vilified throughout the book like it was just very like looked down upon and Helen just like hated her mother to a degree and then there's a lot about Helens father as well who died before the novel starts when you go back into the memories you kind of see what her dad was like and he also struggled with mental illness there's even a scene where Helen has an experience with her father where she realizes that he attempted suicide at some point when she was a child and instead of vilifying his mental illness the way she does with her mother she's just kind of like it's not his fault so it was just like really weird how she was dealing with mental illness in this story and then obviously I think Helen had some of her own issues and everything just felt unchecked and sort of like confusing and Helen even talks about having tried to go to therapy but how she just like thought the shrink was a quack and like didn't like him Helen just makes a lot of weird decisions on how to deal with having murdered her mother the only person she tells us her ex-husband and she sleeps with her best friends like twenty five-year-old son and that scene was just really weird I don't really know what to feel about this book because I like morally gray characters I like people who make bad decisions like I like that in books so it really wasn't a matter of just not liking an unlikable character it was more so just like I don't like Helen and I don't like the things she did or and I just didn't understand her motivations so this book which is really confusing again like I like to think of books as something that the author felt they needed to tell and I'm just not sure why she wanted to tell this story again don't get me wrong I think Sybil is a very good writer in the sense of her writing style I definitely would be interested in reading the lovely bones but um I gave this book 1 star so I contributed to those 1 star reviews and I'd have to say Goodreads had it on this one it definitely deserves the rating that it has and it should be on this list of worst books on Goodreads if I'm sure you could find a book that better encapsulate a dark family dynamic that explores mental illness and how it affects yourself and everyone around you it didn't go over that well in this book so I definitely recommend spending your time on something else after I finished the almost Moon I said to myself they surely can't get worse than this there's no way but these books could be this bad you don't understand like I wasn't going into this trying to hate on these books I just wanted to find out scientifically whether or not Goodreads reviews to some degree were trustworthy because I think we've had a lot of discussions surrounding this topic in the past there's a lot of occasions for people rate books on Goodreads that they haven't read or people don't find star ratings to be very reliable so I was just like is it true are these books bad and so after the almost Moon I was like it's got to go up from here there's got to be one book that I really enjoy and so the next book I read was pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk this is another author that you probably are familiar with he wrote Fight Club which was also a very famous movie with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton from what I've heard of Palomeque and also from what I've seen in Fight Club I knew his writing style was going to be gritty like I knew it was gonna be all about the shock value and making you feel weird and question things because like I said I've seen the film and I've heard about him as an author so I was prepared to a degree but then as I read pygmy I realized I actually wasn't prepared to any degree all I can really say to this book is what the literal fuck did I just read pygmy has almost 24,000 reviews and ratings and it has an average reading of 2.96 with 13% of those being one-star reviews from my understanding this book centers around a young boy who is from some sort of communist country and is a spy and he ain't a group of other youths come to the US as foreign exchange students and stay with families but they actually are like I said spies and they have commands from the government to infiltrate the US or something like that the main character who doesn't really have a name everyone calls him pygmy but I don't think that's actually his name tells the story in broken English and there's a lot of things that are redacted and sort of it's like told as if it was like a spy log oh that sounds fine but the broken English part is actually really offensive because it kind of gives the impression that he's from a sort of Asian country and he speaks English in that way that's almost like making fun of someone who's Asian trying to speak English and what's weird to me about that too is that if he's supposed to be this like highly trained operative from a communist country I feel like he would be able to tell the story completely normal so I'm very confused about why Chuck Palahniuk chose to tell the story in such a way his country of origin is never really revealed as the story goes on I feel like that's something that makes it almost even more uncomfortable and honestly racist I'm gonna be upfront this book feels very very racist pick me never even really describes himself the only way I was able to pick up what he looked like it may be assumed that he might be Asian was because of how people were describing him there were so many racial slurs other side characters just called him so many racist things honestly even him going by the name pygmy is racist I looked up with the word met and it means a member of certain people's a very short stature in Equatorial Africa and parts of Southeast Asia also pygmy is essentially a terrorist because they're big operative mission and coming to the u.s. is to set off a bomb in Washington DC as sort of like a terrorist act which is so stereotypical like i i've got no words for this and don't worry if you thought it couldn't get any worse from it just being blatantly racist it's also extremely sexist one of pigmy side goals is to impregnate an American woman and so he constantly is looking around at women and judging their I guess breeding abilities he often refers de them as receptacles for his seed which is really gross pretty much all the men in this novel treat the women with little to no respect there is no shortage of slang terms for women's breasts in this book like I said I knew that Paula Nick's writing salad was meant to be very shocking but there were so many things in this book that felt like they were written in just to make you feel uncomfortable like just for the sake of it not really to do anything to move the story along but just to make you feel so weird side like there is this scene in the beginning of the novel where they go to Walmart pygmy ends up having this confrontation with the school bully because he's like a secret spy operative he's really good at fighting and he ends up not only severely hurting the bully but he also sodomized his him and you didn't miss hear me he sodomized is him and it's just such a weird scene and it makes you so uncomfortable you just like what did I just read him he even comments on that it was a waste of his seed to do that to the bully and then the bully later comes to him and confesses his love for pygmy because he's been like secretly gay which i think is like a weird mistreatment of like LGBT themes I don't know how else to describe this book I know I'm giving away a lot of stuff that happens in this book but I like urge you not to read this book because it made me so angry like I was really like what the fuck there's another scene where they're at the dinner table and he drugs his host family and he removes a vibrator from his host mother's vagina I don't know why she just had a vibrator chillin up there but like I couldn't even make this stuff out it literally sounds like I'm making things up but that is literally what is in this look it's so confusing it makes me so uncomfortable I actually didn't read I think the last like 20 pages because I was just like so uncomfortable and I had done enough of a gist you know whether or not this was a good book it just is weird and I feel like it for no reason at all like perpetuates some like racist things or slurs there's sexism there's weird sodomy in it I don't even really know how there's got this book again I thought after the almost moon that they just couldn't get worth it went even lower and I didn't even know that they could go so low so after those two books as as you can see um I wasn't having a great time but I thought again it can't be this bad like again Goodreads is not the end-all be-all like there's so many people who have different opinions in the world still think that's true but the next book did not help me out either spoiler alert the next book on my list was the emperor's children by Claire Masood I have never heard of this author so I have no pop-culture reference to give you for this I just it was just a random book that was on the list and I was like okay I'll read it this book has over 18,000 reviews and readings with an average reading of 2.9 for with 11 percent of those being one star ratings this book takes place in 2001 in New York City and it follows a handful of characters who are all connected for different reasons one of them is named Marina Thwaite she is a brown graduate and she has had a book deal for many years and she just hasn't gotten around to writing her book and her father is a very renowned journalist named Maurice wait and so a lot of her prestige comes because of her father and who he is and the different things that he's written over his lifetime another character is Danielle who is one of marinas friends from college and Danielle works as like a sort of like TV producer person and so she's kind of like traveling through life not really knowing what she's doing another character is named booty you heard me right his name is booty cuz real name is fredrik but the column booty I'll get into that in a bit and he is I believe 18 or 19 and he doesn't really believe in higher education but is extremely smart and wants to just sort of like pursue his intellect and so he is actually Marie's nephew and so he wants to come to New York and like live with Murray and then there's a few other characters that I'll talk about as I talk about the book but that's basically the gist of the story there's really not a lot that happens in this book so just know that it's about really pretentious people living in New York City in 2001 after reading this book I think if you were to go to the dictionary and look up the word pretentious there would be a photo of this author holding this book apparently when this book came out it was on the New York Times bestseller list and a lot of people were giving it a lot of literary acclaim and saying it was really great and everybody should read it so I noticed in a lot of the Goodreads reviews that people were commenting on that and kind of questioning why it was on the list I have to agree with a lot of what people said let me just get into an explanation of why I view it this way like I said previously there's not a lot that happens in this book it basically just centers around a bunch of uppity privileged white people there's literally only really one character of interest and diversity and that is Julius II is their other friend from brown and he is gay and he's also described to be Asian I don't think the author even really takes time to really explain what his background is I think she just kind of like calls him Asian he's gayness and his story I feel like he's just used as a prop to add some sort of diversity to this book he's described as being very flamboyant and sort of just like a caricature of what a gay person in New York City should be at this time I don't know how many times I can reiterate this but I feel like nothing happens in this 431 page book the characters are just mind-numbing lean privileged and they don't really take time to analyze the consequences of their actions and they sort of just flit from one thing to the next with no real intrigue I think some people could argue that some stuff does happen but what I'm really trying to say is that this book is boring and the characters are just oh annoying and privileged that it makes it like really difficult to want to read about them and like I said earlier I like unlikable characters that is not a problem for me but I feel like there has to be a point like why are you unlikable besides just being a vapid brat also I think the most enraging thing that Masoud does with this book is in the last 50 fucking pages she turns this into a 911 book I kind of thought early on as I was reading it that it was weird that it took place in the early 2000s I feel like she avoided saying upfront that it was 2001 for a while until the very end when you kind of start to piece that together I'm telling you she like throws up a Hail Mary like nothing's been happening in this whole book and then out of the blue 9/11 happens and it's so weird that she does it at the end of the novel because everything you've been building up to with the characters all there no personal dramas and there's their stupidness just sort of gets like thrown out the window and then she doesn't resolve any of the character conflict it's just sort of like oh my god 9/11 happened and all the people are like that's crazy because obviously 9/11 is a huge deal and I find it a gross misuse of that tragedy to just throw it into your novel at the end and have it be just something that makes the characters go huh life is short and adding a random tragedy to the end of your book that has nothing really to do with the rest of it is like a big pet peeve of mine and so I just feel like it was so inappropriate to use it and also 9/11 is so serious and you can't just like throw that around like that's weird also the writing of this book is unbearably verbose this is where the pretentiousness really comes in side note about the author she actually is also a Brown graduate and I feel like she wrote this book as an ode to her Brown education and she's sort of being like look I have an English degree at I'm so good at words and so basically this book is just a series of run-on sentences that literally span like half the page like I'm not even kidding they're like such long sentences and they're so hard to follow and understand I feel like you have to have dictionary next to you I listen to the majority of this book on audio which I found very helpful because I read a lot of other reviews that it was hard to follow even for people who are very intelligent I actually have an example of a sentence that I can share with you and I will also be saying the punctuation out loud so you can see just how long this sentences and I probably I'm gonna stumble over it because it's so long xi comma who had felt she saw so clearly that it hurt comma I felt that the truth comma cristalyne comma was comma with Murray comma granted her parentheses though not through his help comma or anything he did : but just by his presence semicolon as though comma indeed comma he were but a part of her that had been lost comma a magnificent platonic epiphany repeated comma and daily repeated : this comma surely comma was love exclamation parentheses comma felt comma now comma that the weight of emotion lay like a veil comma a fine mist I just counted 16 commas two parentheses one semicolon and two colons in this sentence and another thing that really bothered me about this book was the treatment of the character booty like I said I would get back to talking about them calling him booty his name is Frederick Tubb but for some reason his mom and everyone calls him booty and so his character is described as being very large and overweight and there's something about the treatment of this character that makes me feel like Masood hates fat people she just has everyone treat this character so poorly and be so insulting to him that I feel like she's just trying to say something about her true feelings about overweight people the name alone and rages me like who the fuck would call someone booty every time another character insults booty his largeness is described as being like almost the worst thing you could be like every time someone talks to him they're like well I've never been fat like you I didn't realize you were gonna be so fat like constantly characters are talking to him like that which is just so annoying and so upsetting and she also constantly brings up descriptions of him being sweaty and breathing heavily and kind of making people feel uncomfortable with his largeness because he's very tall and very big and she doesn't just leave it at him being at either she also describes him as being creepy and he ends up being in love with his cousin marina which is just super weird and I don't even understand why she did this with this character I also thought her treatment of minorities was really weird like I said Julius was written sort of as like a caricature of a flamboyant gay man more than once she uses slurs to refer to Julius and his gayness I don't want to repeat the word because I feel like that is a word that belongs to the gay community and they can use it as they see fit but I don't think it's appropriate for me to use it and definitely not appropriate for Masood to write it into her book especially when this is not on voices there's also a very minor character who is black who she describes in a way that was very troubling to me he's not a huge part of the book he only shows up I think about twice I wish I had a copy to read it exactly but I remember her specifically referring to his skin as being like midnight and she sort of says something along the lines of I wrote it down not American black but a black from deep in Africa which is just really uncomfortable and really weird and why would you say that like I said I just found this book to be incredibly pretentious and I just don't know what she was trying to accomplish she just over writes everything and all the characters feel very flat and two-dimensional and their motivations are just really unclear and like I said she just sort of ends it on 9/11 and then the characters are kind of like wow life what I didn't like this book either so again I would think there's better ways to spend your time um Goodreads was on to something again in this book deserved its rating and I gave a one-star honestly it is so hot in my room right now and I'm getting really heated talking with these books because of like how much I did not enjoy them and I'm telling you I wanted this experiment to not go in this direction I wanted to like these books I wanted to be that person that's like I don't know why this book has a 2.67 rating because it deserves five stars but these three books that I've already managed and just made it really hard and then I moved on to the next book and so the next book on my list I still have from the library and it is for blonds by Candace Bushnell and this is another book that you might have heard of because she is the creator of Sex in the City the original novel that the show is based on and so you think yourself okay like if this author has written a book that became such a critically acclaimed show sure her writing isn't that bad for blondes has almost 24,000 ratings and reviews a 2.81 average rating and 16 percent of those are one-star basically for blondes is an anthology that follows for blondes it's not very creatively titled and they're all told in slightly different styles the first one is told in third person and it centers around this girl named Janie who used to be a model and she every summer likes to vacation at the Hamptons so she finds a different man every summer to vacation with and she dates him and so on and so forth the second book follows a journalist I don't remember what her name is but that story actually really he follows her and her husband because his perspective is also taking it into account and it's also told him third-person but it's sort of like present tense issue written that was a good way to describe that and then the third story is told in first-person and centers around a socialite who has married a prince and she's sort of struggling with some like mental health stuff which sounds interesting but I'll get into why it's not later and the fourth story is also written in first person and it centers around a writer who goes to the UK to find a husband the back says she chronicles the lives of four beautiful women as they face turning points in which each must choose between her passions this book was also very confusing and appalling to me I don't really understand what Candace Bushnell was trying to say Bushnell relied very heavily on stereotypes of blondes and like their experiences being blonde when I was reading this I thought the first story was pretty poorly written kind of hard to follow I didn't really like the main character who was the model she was just very focused on money and wanting to get with the right guy who could like put her further in her future and she didn't want to get a job and every time someone tried to help her make something of herself she was just like no I'm a feminist even though I rely on men for my life first she had like a weird explanation of why she thought that was seven is not trying to judge other women's feminism but it was just confusing to me I didn't really understand but then as I kept going the second and third story had me questioning which was the worst story the fourth story kind of just felt like it was added on last minute it didn't really bother me it was just kind of random and honestly it almost felt like an afterthought it was definitely shorter but the second story with the couple the journalist wife and husband they just fight the whole time and they're so unhappy and this is a personal thing but I just don't really like depictions of super unhealthy marriages where they're like not trying to work on it I like to read stories about marriages and seeing the troubles of them like I really really enjoy landline by Rainbow Rowell that examines marriage this one was just kind of like they were very competitive and they were very rude to each other and they were like malicious and and they were just like wasn't really an explanation for it besides that they were just terrible people they literally slut changed so much in that story the girl character kept talking about how women that dressed slutty or like stuff to lots of men were just like sluts and whores and she just like kept using that kind of language to describe other women so I also didn't really understand the second characters like the third story about the socialite princess was just really weird because her mental health was like on another level she was very paranoid and she suffered from an eating disorder her treatment of characters and the way she was treated throughout the story was just very odd again I just like don't understand what we were trying to do with this book like I'm sure people like this exist in the world but I'm not really sure why we want to read about it like I don't know if the Sex in the City book is anything like this I'm shocked that it got published and that it became such an award-winning television show like I've seen episodes of that show like it's not my favorite show but I have laughed or thought it was enjoyable and I could even see their feminism a little bit more than the ones in this again I'm not trying to judge I'm just very confused if anyone's read this and wants to explain it to me feel free also like I said in the third story the princess was suffering from an eating disorder but if you like to a degree all the characters in this book had some sort of like body dysmorphia because Candace Bushnell took every opportunity she could to wait Shane it was like a side character was too fat the main character was too thin this character was this this character was that there was like just constant attention brought to what women's bodies looked like in this book in my Goodreads review I actually included quotes from the book that show from all the different stories a lot of the weight shaming and unhealthy disordered eating and like just the things that they were dealing with they were like addicted to exercise and they just constantly talked about how much they weigh and there was like a lot of numbers and like body fat percentages that were written into the book which sound really weird I don't want to read them aloud right now just in case anyone would be triggered by that so if you do want to see examples from the book directly you can look at my Goodreads review but again I don't recommend reading that if that's something that would bother you or upset you but I don't recommend this book for someone who struggles with those things because they were so improperly handled in this book and it just it just blew my mind again I just don't understand what Candace Bushnell wanted to tell with this story the back of the book says studded with Bushnell's trademark wit and stiletto heels sharp insights or blonde serves up the zeitgeist and mores of our era with gossipy scandalous Verve even if these were the views of early 2000s I just feel like it was really unhealthy to write the book this way like just so much shaming I just didn't have a good time with this book I don't really know what else to say about it I don't recommend it it deserves its low rating and again I gave it one star I gave all of these books one-star so yeah I don't recommend that I'm just trying to calm down now after talking about all of these books this is why I have been kind of delayed in posting my wrap ups because it took me a while to get through those four books and I didn't want to do my wrap ups and talk about the books I was reading before doing this video so you'll see my wrap-up coming up very soon for both March and April because I actually read a lot of other books that I really enjoyed during those months so look forward to some positivity in those I didn't go into this experiment trying to be super negative I really wanted to disprove some of these Goodreads readings but unfortunately for these four books I definitely agree I think they all kind of deserve low ratings and all of them had some sort of problematic content and they were just like why did you write this if any of you are still super interested in me doing more of this experiment I actually have a list of four more books that fall just below the criteria I gave with 10,000 to 15,000 reviews and readings and so I definitely could read those books as well I'm willing to try again to try and like beat the system I'd be like please a book with a low rating that doesn't deserve a low reading I will lengthen reads list that I got these books from down below like I said I was really rooting for there to be an underdog but there just wasn't yeah that's pretty much it for this experiment again let me know what you thought down below and thank you all so much for watching you're all beautiful have a nice day


  1. I haven't read Sex in the City, but I have read the Carrie Diaries by Candice Bushnell and it was… terrible. Like. Awful. I had a big issue with Carrie's feminism, and the romance was GOD AWFUL. I don't think I would be able to pick something up by her again.

  2. Omg, I've read The Almost Moon!! And I didn't hate it, I really didn't! Was it unsettling? Yes. But I thought it was very brave in tackling the topic of difficult carer emotions. Obviously, what the main character did is terrible, but I think that feeling of aggression against the parent you are forced to care for, the awkwardness that comes with the involuntary role reversal, is a frequent issue that is hardly ever addressed. So I applauded the book for tackling this topic in its own way.

  3. lol i have no idea how you can do this, if i see a cover that i don't really find intriguing, i don't even read the blurb

  4. You might enjoy Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King if you liked the idea of Almost Moon but didn’t like that particular book

  5. You deserve my respect, I barely give myself time to finish books, and it'd be unthinkable for me to approach any book that has less than 3 stars (I know, I may be judging by the cover).

    Besides, you gave me ideas what not to do when writing, especially the diversity part, so I thank you for that too.

  6. I actually thought the first book could have been interesting, but maybe it was just executed badly.
    Though I have to question, where is Troll? I HOPE that would have negative reviews. Maybe not too many, though, I suppose

  7. You're a sensible person but you don't need to be so politically correct. I'm gay and a person of couler. We're just people

  8. ……why is idintity politics involved? If your part of the feminist/sjw crowd please try to keep the id politics and labels out of a scientific reviews of books and stuff of the kind. I've grown wierry of idintity politics it's sickening how much of it there is. Also if non of this applies disregard. Good day.

  9. for the Claire Messud book… she studied English, yes? She doesn't happen to be German, does she? That amount of commata really sounds like something the German language would do xD We use a lot more than in English and have an awful number of rules when to use them – and nearly no one gets it right every time -.-

  10. Enjoyed your approach. Being inquisitive is one trade on a person that enjoys to read, btw. But it’s not about math. For a data to have significance – as you’ve said “only 2 people read but gave bad review” – has to be based on a pool of subjects or readers large enough to be possible fairly extrapolate the results. Good or bad book. Nice subject to propose to Good Readers, Audible or Amazon.

  11. the emperor’s children sounds like a weird, try-hard rip off of the secret history honestly

  12. Excellent review! Never watched a full video on books unless it's Authentic Observer talking, but this one was DEFINITELY worth the listen.

  13. If you wish to continue with this experiment, try Empress Theresa, a book that NOBODY liked. A book that drives sane men mad, and which has been known to cure literacy in humans. Can it be that bad? I'm afraid to try to read it.

  14. This was brilliant. I found myself also saying wtf as you were explaining these books. Glad you did this and not me! Your burp scared my dog too by the way haha

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