READING RUSH READ-A-THON VLOG: 900 Pages and 2+ Books!

hi everyone and welcome to the start of my reading of rush read-a-thon walk so sit down and let's talk about this video it is currently early early it's like 9 a.m. in the morning on Sunday so I'm so excited to be participating in the reading rush this year this is a read-a-thon that has eluded me I feel like for such a long time usually because I'm moving across the country every year it feels like so I'm so excited to be able to participate this year I'm actually one of the hosts so I can be reading sprints and all of that shenanigans but also I just really want to have a very successful weekend reading so I can't wait to like push myself to read more maybe in those moments where I would normally watch like love island I could be reading instead so actually it is the Sunday before this read-a-thon actually starts so funnily enough the week of the reading rush readathon I am super busy like I have a lot of work obligations after work and then I'm also going to Canada the weekend of the read-a-thon so I figured to try to get as much reading as possible in I'm just gonna start it a day early for myself is like a challenge so I'm gonna do eight days of as much intense reading as I possibly can so that's what this is so I started at midnight last night I did get some reading in last night and I will talk about that but yeah I am kind of cheating and start a day early but it's only because this will be my most free day of the read-a-thon so I'm just trying to get as much reading as I can in I'm gonna quickly rego over my TBR but also introduce the book I'm currently reading cuz I wasn't able to finish this book before the read-a-thon started which is totally fine this is a stress free zone here I'm just trying to read as much as I can but let's talk about the books and then I'm gonna get right to reading I'm gonna put some golf on and get started so this is my original read-a-thon stack but this is the book I'm actually currently reading it is keeper of the lost city's never hour nightfall this is actually a really long book it's almost 800 pages long I'm 585 pages of the way through so I actually was able to get a lot of this read yesterday I didn't read a lot last week for various reasons but I'm loving this and I'm easily gonna finish this this morning this is my goal I'm gonna get this out of the way get a couple hundred or rather the remaining pages of this read and then I think I'm gonna jump right into my first book of the stack which is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone I think I'm gonna read the illustrated edition of this but I'm really excited I'm actually very much in the mood to read Harry Potter and then playing with Matilda at the same time and then the other two books I have are the music nightmare is by Laini Taylor and then wicked Fox I'm gonna say this TBR's hesitant I obviously am interested in these books but I'm going to pick up whatever sounds the most entertaining to me in the moment because I'm again trying to read as much as I can so if for some reason these books aren't calling to me I might switch it out but I'll definitely keep everyone posted that being said let's talk about the amount of pages I've actually already read so last night I did start around midnight I didn't vlog cuz I didn't actually think I was gonna read very much but joke's on me I stayed up till almost 2:00 a.m. reading Kuipers velocities at nightfall because this book is amazing I mean it's no secret that I love this series but Wow each book just gets better and better you just love the character so much but I just feel like so many elements are currently being discussed there's like complicated elements of the world like there's criticism going on you know and I mean like this fantasy world is not perfect even though it's a middle grade book like people are commenting on society like just because something has been that way for so long doesn't mean it's right kind of thing so as I said I'm on page 585 and I read 185 pages last night so that's great I've ordered around 185 pages of this read-a-thon so far I'm gonna continue to read this and knock this out this is so fast paced I mean I cannot log the keeper velocity series more so entertaining I love the character so much cheapy I would die for but anyway I am going to make some coffee cuz I have not had coffee yet this morning again put some golf on and then try to get a reading montage and I'm we sitting on this couch and just reading reading reading clay is out of town right now he it wasn't Georgia this weekend to see some family but he's coming back later this afternoon so I'm sure my reading will be a little bit interrupted when he returns so that's why I'm trying to be getting as much as I can before he hits home before he distracts me but anyway time to get started welcome to the blog hopefully this vlog series isn't terrible I'll try to read as much as I can you're gonna see me during the week which is gonna be so wild work week Reagan here we come okay I'm gonna really gonna get started out toodle-loo it's happening copy is how I literally get anything and everything done listen espresso is the greatest thing I don't all right I have my coffee my book I have a golf I have Matilda we are about to get our reading on so I will check in once I have some pages down my friends wanted to do my first reading check-in because I'm killing it so far I think I've read already another 85 pages feeling like a broken record loving this book so much you guys are familiar with the keeps the lost cities world it's a middle grade story where you follow a huge cast of characters it's set in an elven world and in the first one we mostly have our main character Sophie who thinks she's a human but she finds out she's Alf she goes to magic school makes friends but really what's so great about this series as I am now I think officially six books in is that the mystery in the world just grows and grows with each one and I love how many characters there are there's so many friendships different types of relationships there are so many positive types of relationships present in this story like great parental figures they go through really complicated topics while this series is very easy to read that doesn't mean it doesn't deal with as I said like heavy topic it touches on things like mourning and grief and sadness what do you do when you're angry and you don't feel like you can express yourself it also shows how like adults can make mistakes but like that doesn't necessarily the people at fault and shows how you can have really open and healthy lines of communication between your friends and your family when you're feeling certain types of ways which i think is really great I also think like it's also has a lot of commentary on as I mentioned like society and history like this elleven world is great and we love Sophie we love all these characters but that doesn't mean anything's perfect and like Sophie being raised as a human coming into this world is kind of questioning some things that have been you know present in their society for a very long time but to her she's looking at it from Carol was an outsider's perspective like questioning things that people hadn't really thought to question before which also I feel like adds a really nice touch because it's just like why is it that way and if the answer is like what's always been that way that's not necessarily good enough especially if it's hurting someone but yeah I love this book series so much like I just want to give all of these characters a hug I also love all the different magical abilities like elves have they manifest a power and they're just super unique and I love like watching them train and use them in different ways and I also feel like it's not just about combat it's about like problem solving and innovation and teamwork and something like that so I know the series is great I love it a lot I've been reading it a lot and I now have 100 and like 40 pages left so I'm gonna keep reading 100% gonna finish this this morning I'll probably break and make lunch and then I'll start reading Harry Potter I want to say next like that's the book I want to read next but yes I just wanted to do a bit of a check-in and let you know how things are going so far Matilda's here but I'm checking in because I finished I finished queue for the last city's nightfall loved it so much honestly the end read we just want to pick up the next one I do have book 7 which is the most recently released one book 8 comes out this fall so I feel like I should like wait a little bit so I can savor it but like oh my gosh the ending of the book I just want to pick up the next one I also did a calculator out my god I did a calculation of how many book pages I read because I'm really bad at calculating but I've already read 390 pages today 185 last night and then I already forgot 205 today of Cuba for the last 50 was nightfall so yeah I've already read 390 pages so far for this read-a-thon which I'm really pleased with that's almost how much I read in an entire weekend so being able to knock that out in like a night in the morning I'm very proud of myself I am gonna switch over to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for this afternoon but I am hungry it is like 1:00 p.m. so I need to make lunch so I am going to do that so and then I think I'm gonna put on an old season of The Amazing Race and read and watch that at the same time which is like one of my favorite activities do I love to read and watch TVs though I think that's gonna be my plan but 390 pages if I connect like 5 600 pages today I would be very proud of myself but oh my gosh I just want to keep reading keep velocities ahh reading Harry Potter watching The Amazing Race living my best Sunday life isn't that right Mathilda how do you feel about it good bad all right all right I am so blurry so I'm watching The Amazing Race and I'm making lunch I basically make this like chicken finger salad which sounds ridiculous because it is but it's basically a healthy salad chicken fingers on it so it becomes medium healthy I've also read about 50 pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and it's just so great it's just I think the first one feelings for me it's probably the one I've read the most so it's just so good to read because I love the illustrations but I'm gonna put this salad together I'll show it to you and I'm done and then I'm gonna eat some lunch so this is basically what I make it's just a salad with arugula but feta cucumber sunflower seeds and then the dressing is squeezed at half eleven olive oil and I just mix this up badda-bing badda-boom hard to do one-handed and then I'm gonna just cut up these some of these chicken fingers and stick them in there so you know it's like a breaded chicken salad sometimes I make it with chicken breast but chicken fingers are just so fast and easy and delicious so I use these too this is a bone Appetit I love The Amazing Race this is a good day taking a quick pause from reading I'm like tracking how much I've read in this version but I am reading the illustrated edition because I'm actually going to edit a video right now hi I have a lot of great news to share one I finish editing this video Matilda's had one of the best naps of the day so far and clay is on his way home he should be home in like 20 minutes so I'll probably take a bit of a break from reading but I don't feel bad about that because I've already read for over 400 pages 440 pages and I'm gonna read more I'm like very flushed if you didn't know it's like 103 degrees in New York City right now and my air-conditioning is trying its hardest but it is 76 degrees your apartment anyway so I am gonna sit here and try to read more Harry Potter before clay gets home and how to get to over 500 page spread I will be so pleased if I can get like halfway through Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone thriving thriving I'm also gonna try to read Harry Potter exclusively from this spot so I can win one of those reading rest challenges which is to read one book from the same spot and then I can watch Harry Potter later in the week which will be really fun maybe I'll watch that on the plane to Toronto but no I'll read anyway I'm going to stop talking get to reading because it's a sprint everyone let's do a reading sprint solo reading sprint starting now so guess who's home from Georgia clay and then we went outside for like we'll probably what clay 20 minutes 20 and we've all had to come home and change because they were covered in sweat it's so humid it's like next-level humid now we're gonna put on some Bravo and I'm gonna watch that but read at the same time and also good news is I've read 88 pages of Harry Potter so these like almost read 500 pages so my goal is treat over 500 pages tonight so I probably read that many in my lifetime but yeah it cuz it's the first day of my read-a-thon so I'm trying to start strong because it speaks really busy and we're going to can we are we're not but anyway we're gonna watch now we order pizza we're gonna hang out so goodbye peace is here take a Harry Potter break to dig in hi friends Matilda's here this purple hue I know it's the TV it's this like purple background that's currently playing Lily's on the list but till the made the list what are you talking about well I'm just happy we're all the list we just finished big little lies season 2 and I'm about to start this book is really hard to pick up um reading again I've already read 100 pages of Harry Potter The Sorcerer's Stone before we started watching the TV show so I think I like officially read 500 pages today in one day which I'm super pleased with the looks in the same let me get let me get you the good angle comfortable Matilda anywhere as I was saying I've already read 500 pages today which I'm super pleased with I'm gonna get more reading in but I would definitely say day one off to a good start I'm obviously gonna try my very very hardest to read as much as I can throughout the work week and I'll keep you guys posted and bring you along Tuesday and Thursday are both gonna be really tricky days as is Monday Wednesday those looking great yeah Wednesday is the day for me but anyway I'm gonna fit it in where I can on my commute and all that so just be sure to bring you guys along for that journey and hopefully but in the week I'll have read my goals to have finished two books in one week which is about 1.5 times the rate in which I normally read especially during the work week but I'm gonna get to reading now and go to bed well good morning everyone I am about to head out to work it's Monday the official first start of the read-a-thon I will not be blocking at work will not be reading our works as you know gotta do that gotta do the cooking with the books what am I saying it's really early but I just wanted to say hi good morning and I'll see you when I get home later tonight and then I will get hopefully all sorts of reading in as well as various other things I need to do this evening so just why don't I say hi welcome to the start of the reading rush read-a-thon and also goodbye oh hi everyone just got home from work what a day not that this should be a therapy session but I feel like I need to have one for just a second first and foremost I'm soaking wet it's torrential raining outside I had an umbrella but it's like flash floods in New York City wet head-to-toe I'm squishing my sneakers I really want to take them off my figure out vlog first – such a long hard day I could put on a really hard project late nights ahead and I'm stuck is the read-a-thon but I will try to get as much routing as I can and despite our plate I have to work and stuff but right now I need to hurry because 1 million is go the bathroom but she's going to have it because it's raining outside she's gonna have to deal but then I have to do Twitter Sprint's it's already like 7 p.m. I just got home buying the big dinner Twitter Sprint's for the read-a-thon tonight and then I need to read somewhere in that and like edit and answer some emails and stuff so you know what though your girl's gonna do it it might be a little chaotic it's raining so hard but it's gonna hate this so much but it's gonna be fine once I get into dry clothes it's all gonna be good so one thing it gotta take a little bit out all right I started my sprints I've got my timer I don't even have my book I probably I'm gonna try to read on the latter half of my Sprint's but first things first I'm actually gonna try to cook dinner while doing sprints which kind of jealous about cuz I would love to read but you know Duty first everyone sprint sprint sprint officially feeling great because I just made it super quick and I'm really excited about it dinner I made some gyoza some steamed broccoli some sauteed mushrooms and I'm currently conducting a sprint so much to reply to some tweets eat amazing reigns and then I'm gonna get to reading yay yeah yeah yay great news everyone until this year I finished all my test Sprint's are over dinner is cooked eaten I cleaned it up I finished video I just learned all my emails and it's only like 9:30 so I can finally start reading which I'm really really really excited about I'm actually gonna take a quick shower then I'm gonna go into the bedroom put the Amazing Race on as background entertainment and then read some Harry Potter but I just wanted to let you know that I accomplished everything woo woo woo and I was time to do the deed it's time to do the thing and that is read isn't that right miss new but time for a shower because that rain did a number on me I did you mean something but Sir I am thriving everyone I got my Harry Potter book I'm gonna put Amazing Race on I got my favorite snack of Hershey Kisses and peanut butter pretzels this is like literally I eat way too much of this and it's time to begin time to finally get the reading on and this read-a-thon on this Monday I'll check in in a little bit to give a clearer picture of how much hi Fred because I did read a bit on my commute today but I really just want to like get started hi friends I wanted to check in and give you a reading update I've read 30 pages and I finished my delicious snack that I definitely didn't need but definitely want it and finish my episode The Amazing Race so now I'm going to focus on reading I turn off the TV and I'm just gonna like read read read for the next like 45 minutes to an hour before I go to bed that being said all in all I've read 70 pages so far today so 30 pages of this and then 40 pages of my commute book which is city of blades which I'll show you because I took the train every day ideally would be nice to bring the one of the books that I'm reading for this read-a-thon but I like to read on my phone it's just so much easier on the train so I'm just continuing to read one of my one of my ebooks that I have on my phone and I'm reading city of blades which is the sequel to city upstairs to read last month it's so good all those new kind of main characters like a secondary King character is now the main character which I'm actually really liking but it's a great fantasy series but definitely not my main book of this read-a-thon but I'll probably be mentioning that I'm reading it everyday cuz I will read it every day from the office that being said it's time for me to read Harry Potter wait actually how many pages have I read well I'm able to remember how many pages I read yesterday no so I got a hundred and thirty pages of Harry Potter I've had 40 pages of city of blades and then I read what four hundred and ninety pages cubed velocities so I think therefore it six hundred and sixty pages so far this read-a-thon which I am really proud of myself I am gonna try to read a chunk more tonight it'd be like 70 or so pages more and then I'll have read 100 pages which I know is not amazing but I am NOT in the camp being hard on yourself I had a really busy day so I think if I'm able to read 140 pages total for today that would be amazing maybe I'll be able to read more but it's time to get your reading and I again will keep you posted on where I am I'm currently in potions class so just to give you an idea it's hard because I'm using the page numbers of the paperback to like keep track but I'm reading the illustrated edition trying to get those extra pages you feel me anyway I'm gonna get to reading them I keep saying that over and over again but I read it now hi friends I rounded 30 more pages and then I fell asleep so I think I'm gonna hit the hay and call it a night to sleep the echo on but I would call day one of the reading rush a success hopefully I'm able to read and finish Harry Potter tomorrow that will be mine oh look good night everyone I'm so sleepy good morning everyone and welcome to technically day two with day three of this blog it is Tuesday of the reading rush read-a-thon and I'm about to head out to work Millie's over there making all sorts of noise for attention today is interesting I have an after work obligation with work that I have to go to and I'm not quite sure how long or what that necessarily entails so I'm not quite sure when I'm gonna get home tonight obviously I'm gonna try to get home as early as I can but regardless I'm not quite sure but the good news is about that is I don't actually have a lot of stuff I need to do aside from reading tonight etc so when I get here I should be able to just jump into reading I figured I'd show you my outfit if you guys are interested this can be part of the vlogs now was reading referee to thought I'm wearing this shirt these jeans these sneakers we're ready to go to work my office is very casual so this is something I can wear if I so choose which I do so choose I'll maybe vlog a little bit later tonight depending on what we're doing and I'll bring you along but otherwise I'll see you when I get home I just wanted to pop in and say good morning and then hopefully wishing myself good luck I have a feeling I'll be able to do a lot of Harry Potter reading tonight I hope anyway I did not mean to fall asleep so early in the midst of reading but I'm so pleased I think I've read almost 700 pages so far this read-a-thon so I will take it but I definitely want to do better so I'm gonna keep working but I do have to go to work don't want to miss my train so I I'm gonna go now hi everyone it's me and Matilda's booty I am checking in I just got home from work it is still day to Tuesday of the read-a-thon unfortunately I worked a bit later tonight than I was anticipating so : lot later than I thought I would be just after 9 p.m. so bit of a bummer I did have like a work thing that I had to go to after work which is why I'm home late I hope this vlog is terrible that's what I'm worried about this is why I don't usually vlog during the week because honestly my life is just I work I come home I edit I sleep I try to read in between and of course I have like a really busy week a very busy week during a read-a-thon and that being said I'm trying to stay positive I still have plenty of time tonight to get some reading in and I did do some reading today so I did read 40 pages of city of blades on the train today I'll show you a quick here's like the I read in that in the night mode anyone else read that it's like nicer in my eyes anyone else have a preference but I read city blades on my Kindle cloud and I read four pages at that so I have read some and then I my goal tonight is to try to finish Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone I am on page 150 I want to say around there it's hard to say because the illustrated edition is obviously shorter than the actual paperback but I'm about halfway through so I really feel like I can read this tonight Harry Potter is a really easy read especially the first one so I feel like it shouldn't be a huge problem and it's super relaxing and I feel like this is actually exactly what I feel like reading I don't know if anyone else but after like a stressful day coming home and reading Harry Potter sounds ideal so I'm gonna sit on the couch I'm gonna light a candle I'm gonna get a snack I might put love island on in the background but I'm gonna try to read for the next two two and a half hours before I go to bed for tomorrow Wednesday is the day I hope this week to get the most reading in because I don't have anything going on after work so I'm going to come straight home get to read in hang out with Matilda thrive and then Thursday I have another obligation after work there's like a week alt like a capability like my department if you will there's like a little gathering so I don't want to be like the only one not to go so I'm gonna go to that for a little bit and then come back home I need to pack because I think I mentioned already that clay and I going to Canada this week oh I'm just super exciting so I'll have time to read on the plane and stuff but I'm gonna stop rambling now I'm gonna go get a snack some Trader Joe's snacks and get to reading Harry Potter because bless but I wanted to give you guys an update staying positive I also know wanted to say sorry that I'm worried about the concept of this vlog I haven't been able to read as much but I think I've hit the 700 page mark because I had read up to 660 yesterday and then I read another 30 pages I might be past 700 I will need to do like a full calculation look at that tomorrow but I just wanted to check in say what's up talk about the book I'm reading which is Harry Potter illustrated by the way if you guys have never read these before it's a wonderful experience honestly I feel like it's like a new way to experience it in a way and it just adds so much they're so beautifully done and I can't wait for the fourth one that's coming out this fall now I'm rambling and procrastinating so I'm gonna read right now I am here I got my corn puff snack from Trader Joe's Matilda's here trying to steal it what's new I also lit my candle I have my book Millie moved over here it's all happening it's time to read just trying to read Millie but you know come on over what is even happening right now how do I even get this on camera properly oh lordy just at the iconic oven Guardian Leviosa scene also random fun fact about me I love to listen to sleeping at last when I read Harry Potter one they're a great band but two and high school I want to say like one of my first readathons I ever did for booktubeathon and I read a bunch cuz I was on summer vacation those were the days I listened I liked marathon the Harry Potter series like very quickly back-to-back and I listened to sleeping at last the entire time I was doing that so now I deeply associate sleeping at last longs to Harry Potter so it just it's like a really nice like nostalgic feeling warms my heart so I like to play them now every time I read but I'm gonna get back to it I've only read like 15 pages but I wanted to check in and let you know that I got to that great scene and there's about to be a troll in the dungeon guess he was home happy Tuesday everyone Matilda is excited I'm excited I also have like not very much the slaps I've read almost 50 pages sitting here which is very exciting what is that Harry Potter clay and Sorcerer's Stone have you read it before nope my first time first time for everything Millie he's just the craziest loaf of bread I retired to the bedroom because Kaali was distracting me and I will not be swayed away from reading and Mathilda's here are those wondering I wanted to quickly do a reading update I think I mentioned that I've read a few a few pages I actually read quite a bit I'm actually very pleased so far I also found out kind of where I am in the actual book which is page like 222 so definitely have read some tonight I'm still going to try to finish it we'll see but I'll try my very very best if not I'll definitely be able to finish it tomorrow I don't have much left I've got 70 pages in here and then about I think maybe a little more than 70 pages in like the actual physical book regardless though I am flying through this I'm loving this so much the tricky thing is honestly now that I've started I don't want to stop like I want to read chamber secret so maybe that will happen we'll just have to wait and see this might be a Harry Potter read-a-thon but I'm gonna get back to reading I'm getting really sleepy it's encroaching my bedtime and I'm going to try to read as much as I can tonight and I will check in as I continue to read more things are obviously starting to heat up the early books are just so great because there's so much lower stakes you know like they're still able to be defeated but it's just a simpler times you know just some trolls and some like but which two brooms you know gosh those were the days hi friends quick reading update I'm almost on page 260 I'm so close to finishing I maybe have like 30 or 40 pages left but I'm sold I think I have to go to bed I can't keep my eyes open I keep like nodding off while I'm reading but good news is I actually was able to read quite a bit tonight I've read I want to say over a hundred pages which is great plus such pages I was able to read on the train and given that I wasn't sure how much I was going to read because of my hours today I'm really proud of myself so I think that's what's most important tomorrow I'll hopefully finish this and then I'm going to start another book I'm not sure what I'm gonna read next I think Chamber of Secrets it's pretty high up there maybe white-hot kiss I want to read something really entertaining but Harry Potter is really speaking to me because well transparency I'm a little stressed and Harry Potter is like it's such a great stress reliever for me so we'll see well cross that bridge tomorrow but I wanted to check in gave my final reading count so I do think I'll read about a hundred today I'm pleased that so tomorrow let's see if I could go up that hi folks welcome to day three it's Wednesday of the read-a-thon I'm about to leave for work there's Clayton I figured I would show you what I'm wearing today being a little adventurous in my roughly white blouse the air conditioning is blowing it I like it it's new so I'm trying to figure out if I can like pull it off or if it's like too roughly but I got a headband got a shirt jeans ready to roll but yeah I definitely got a ghostwriting mind I had such a chaotic workday so I'm actually home in a really decent hour which I'm super I've about I am going to hopefully do a bunch of reading today I have a few things I want to get out of the way first gonna clean my apartment cook dinner I also want to start editing the first part of this vlog tonight so we should feel like about that but ultimately gonna get reading 100% gonna finish Harry Potter and then I'm gonna start another book I actually don't know what I feel like reading kind of ornery Chamber of Secrets but wicked Hawkes is also kind of calling to me and so it's white hot kiss so we'll see it might be a game-time decision but I just wanted to say hello had a great day gonna have a great night all all the reading is gonna happen yeah but first I gotta clean the apartment is not so clean look how light Matilda is about this dental shoe I just gave her this is for her teeth mind you vet recommended she is living her most excited pug life I have to get the large animal sized ones otherwise I'll swallow it all are you just so excited mooing yes yeah doesn't know what to do it alright love island is on I put a lot of stuff away that which is out out here I'm gonna start dinner I'm making the same I made on Monday which is just those pot stickers from Peter Jones steamed broccoli and some sauteed mushrooms it was so good so I just wanted more gotten my dip and mushroom marinade making my pot stickers making my broccoli I love this meal because it literally takes 10 minutes it's amazing ooh delicious mushrooms broccoli wontons these mushrooms are honestly the star of the show they're so good all right let me go eat this now hi okay finish dinner I'm going to sit down and finish Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone which I'm really excited about it's still so early in the evening it's still light outside I'm starting to read I'm so pumped um also I still have no idea what I want to read after I finished the Sorcerer's Stone I follow Victoria Aveyard on Instagram and she was like talking about how she organizes a castle for a chapter she was writing one it was a really interesting thing I was very entertained but – it made me want to read fantasy with the castle which is problematic because I picked the wicked fox or white-hot kissed green eggs I don't think have castle so I don't know what I'm gonna do I might have to have like a serious sit down and brainstorm because I just don't want to impede my reading like I want to read something that I'm really gonna fall into and love and like I want like a dramatic fantasy novel set in a castle you know like angsty but with a castle it's not a John Ross at Google do I have that can someone help me I need help um anyway though in the meantime I'm gonna finish Harry Potter The Sorcerer's Stone and pull up I went back on so dramatic this season is so dramatic anyone else think that anyway back to reading you tried to do a reading montage but you don't have a try amazing news I just finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and obviously I loved this book so much on reading Harry Potter often feels like coming home it brings so much nostalgia it's just a story I've lived with my whole life and it's funny because every time I read it I always feel like I noticed something new and it's like I always get something out of it both like what I expect and then also there's like a little bit of a surprise I really want to read the second book but yeah I just loved this so much I definitely think I'm gonna treat this as a reread like I feel like over the next months through the remainder of the year I'll try to maybe read a Harry Potter book every month or like every other month the fourth book does come out in an illustrated edition I want to say in October so at least read one through three before that comes out ah but I loved it I wonder how many pages is it let me see well see how many pages this is I am going to take a minute here later tonight and write down everything I've read and like start writing down page numbers in books because I'm losing track already and it's only day three so I figure oh my god they have a chapter sample first the second one in here can you imagine do I want to continue alright so this book is 309 pages I read the whole thing so great and so yeah I'm going to write down everything I read and I'll check back in and kind of give you an overview of everything so far especially because this is the last night of this part of the vlog I'm gonna do a two-part vlog that beings that I'm actually going to take a mom and edit some of this footage I'm obviously going to continue to vlog through Wednesday but just to kind of lighten the editing load of tomorrow I'm gonna start on it tonight maybe put on some Big Brother while I do so and then ponder my existence and what I want to read next I have no idea the struggle is real how meta is this this was this this was like two hours ago editing today's vlog the funny part is I literally was worried that this blog wasn't gonna be long and it's already over 33 minutes and I haven't even edited today's but it's really yet this has got to be weird as someone who's watching this vlog but hey just trying to stead of the workload you feel me also in editing this vlog I realized that my page counts were off when I was trying to remember from memory let's just go through it all shall we from the top first things first I read 390 pages of keyboard the last cities an incredible book loved it and I just finished like 30 minutes ago Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone which is 309 pages then I read city of blades on Monday which was 40 pages city of blades on Tuesday which was another 40 pages and then today I was able to read 39 pages of city of blades so all in all all those things together let's do the calculation there 818 pages I'm actually really pleased that I feel like I'm making some decent progress I definitely want to read more I have time tonight to read more so I'm going to do that I just needed to do some editing some housekeeping I still have no idea what I want to read that's also a really big problem so I think I'm going to put Big Brother on and just ponder because I feel like picking the wrong book could just be the end could be the end of your readings read-a-thon success so until this here I got a go ponder I'm a firm believer that you really can't get much done in life without a good old fashioned of snack and Big Brother I know I should be reading right now but I just love Big Brothers hi everyone it's unfortunately later than the last time I checked in it's 10:20 do what did I do with my time at least did I squandered it I basically edited until like 9:20 and then I put on a rabbit hole not knowing what to read at all and being like fixated on I picked the wrong book it's gonna just mess me up and so then I started watching like YouTube reviews of all these different books and good reasoning them like texting my friends like have you read this book should I read and you know what I've just decided I'm just gonna pick up the book I initially planned to pick up next which was wicked Fox I've heard mixed things about this book which i think is why I was nervous about picking it up like obviously I want to love it and the premise sounds really interesting to me it's like a Korean fantasy story set in modern soul house bromance think is heavily inspired by kdramas which I'm also like really appealing to me but we'll see you Bree love it I definitely wasted a lot of time tonight oops you could see but I am now gonna try to read for as long as I can before I have to go to bed I do have to wake up a little earlier tomorrow because I have a early call that I had to be the office for so I can't you know like cruising at 9:15 like I do we gotta get there you know like 7:00 like 8:50 it's not even that early like it's a normal time to arrive at the office I'm just usually not an on time person at the office Ben anyway I'm gonna read now and I'll check in as much as I can starting now hi quick reading check-in I have I'm on page 30 I'm actually like in this book a lot I can definitely see the kdrama influence it definitely starts out with the Fang from what I can tell it seems like the girl is kind of like the bad guy or like the vampire character and the guy is like the normal going to school character and there they meet in an unlikely type of circumstance which is really interesting also just like the Korean folklore that's involved the story is like very intense in like a great way finish the story with the lurid etc that's not just kind of like glossing over just like referencing a few things here they're like this is deeply ingrained to the story which makes it one super unique to me cuz I haven't really read anything like this before and – fascinating because there's all these creatures and terms I feel like I'm like learning so much as I go along it's really cool so far I also can like visualize the story really well grants I'm only thirty pages in so I'm trying not to like jump the gun here but like I can just really see these characters doing and seeing things it plays like a TV show in my head maybe because I know about the kdrama thing I don't know but so far so good I'm gonna trying a little read a little bit more turning it to page like 50 or 60 before I know I'm gonna fall asleep because I'm already very sleepy

36 thoughts on “READING RUSH READ-A-THON VLOG: 900 Pages and 2+ Books!

  1. Been catching up on everyone's Reading Rush vlogs! And I see my fave Raegan uploaded a 42minute vlog! Monday been made so excited! Also I loved the bookish food challenge Raegan was a host for! Hope you had a great Reading Rush Raegan❤️

  2. Do you have an app to keep track of your pages or do you just add them all up in the calculator?
    Always enjoying your vlogs & living vicariously thru you (as a momma of a toddler you don't get too much reading time, lol)!! xx

  3. I'm reading Keeper of the Lost Cities because of you… I'm on the third book, Everblaze. I am LOVING it! Thank you so much for recommending it. I wish it had been around when I was younger because honestly it would have been up there with Harry Potter for me. I kind of wish they'd make movies for these and it could be the Harry Potter for this generation.

  4. Only thing that can make her super cute outfits, interesting vlogs, and reading motivation better is Matilda’s adorable presence! <3

  5. Regan, think about checking out the Leio reading app to help you track your reading. You can see percentage left in the book you are reading and how many pages you have read each session.

  6. Random thought but how many times does Matilda go out? I’ve always wondered how she does apartment living. 😁

  7. Another great vlog! Thanks so much for these, Regan! Speaking of work taking up so much of your time, with almost 300K subs could you do YouTube full time and make a living just from that? Thanks again!

  8. Loved this reading vlog as always! It's so hard to find time to read during the work week. It's awesome you were able to do the Reading Rush!

  9. The reading rush is fun this challenge got me out of my reading slump but I have only read two books but two is better than none as far as I’m concerned lol. I love that blanket of yours. Matilda is so adorable. That salad does look good and I will try putting feta in my salad cuz I do love me some feta. It’s crazy hot in North Carolina. It’s always raining here in the south; thunderstorms for the most part. Your dinner looks delicious you just made me hungry. Love your vlog boo

  10. The exact same thing happened to me on Wednesday evening!! When I finished my third book I didn't know what to read next! I ended up going to a local bookshop before work the next day and the owner helped me pick one out! It was awesome! The book was iffy but I met 3 challenges with it!

  11. Okay first of all, I'm STILL on a quest to find those leaf art prints you have above your couch! Does anyone know where they're from??

    Second of all, I always love seeing your outfits because you have such a cool unique style that is very inspiring!

  12. Just finished the 3rd KOL book. Keefe has started getting annoying with all of his nicknames so I hope he matures a little or he will just annoy me and ruin things.

  13. I usually use the night mode on my ebook reader only when it's night/dark. other than that I prefer the usual white background 🙂

  14. Your vlogs are my absolute favorite. I like that you keep it real AND I like that you don't rely on montages 📷📚

  15. I camt wait for book 4 illustrated harry potter. I started a marathon with those and ive finished book 3 at the end of last year and waiting is killing me. I'm for sure not waiting for 5-6-7 illustrated ans just gonna jump in and continue abbaba. Figure i'll do a reread for each of those xD. Pretty sure its gonna take 2years or more for each books anyway. Maybe 3 for book 5 ah. Its gonna be gigantic

  16. Regan!! You should read Twelve Kings of Sharakhai!! It's so good so far and it's absolutely fantastic. It's not quite castles, but it's a middle eastern fantasy that focuses on a fighter woman and dark, immortal kings, and a ton of political intrigue and revolution intrigue. Also, the covers are gorgeous and would look amazing on your shelf.

  17. I want part 2 now! My Reaction after reading a good book but in this case after watching an amazing vlog😍

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