Kimberly Clark (Clark, Clark) [BOOM!] Hey, it’s Kimberly Clark (Alaska Voice) I can do it all.. (Detox shaky jaw sound) (Russian Accent) Herpes. Thick and Juicy! I’m Kim Clark and I’m not sponsored
Anastasia thinks I’m a monster And yeh that’s how you say it, that’s
how you pronounce her name I know more about this makeup shit than Miss
Fuckin’ Fame I’m a drag queen, feminist, YouTube starlet
Political, Lyrical, Real, when y’all just aren’t
— I’m not “being PC” I’m here to change the world
I’m rockin’ cis male privilege and I’m STILL A GIRL Yeh I said it, don’t forget it, get your
dicks out your hands ‘ You dumb little boys, I’m a real-ass man
K. Wait, I know you hate it when us ladies get pushy
But what the fuck you gonna do? (Grab em the by the pussy) Ooh! Mmm bye, it’s a new fuckin’ day
And me and Anita are here to stay You can troll me but you can’t control me,
sir And my PGP is “she and her”


  1. 😂😂🙊 dang it!
    I was just raving about your anti haul videos to a group of old ladies from my church, telling them to for sure look you up and check out your videos! 😂😂😂 and then this gets posted! Haha. Honestly- I forget that… your not just a typical woman! I forget your in drag. I think of you as Kimberly, a woman who knows her cosmetics and knows the industry and can be trusted for honest and good reviews! Haha! BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO YOU! Lol, and I suck for forgetting that. And also- it's gonna be funny when I hear the experience the old ladies had when they look you up. 😂😋

  2. wow, next level editing. bet this took some blood, sweat and tears! had to watch it a few times to really appreciate it. it's awesome!

  3. ENCORE! ENCORE! I need more of this in my life! Ahhhh, I couldn't love you any more! You are what the makeup community NEEDS. So perfect ☆☆☆☆☆♡♡♡♡♡

  4. AAAAA you SLAY! Also, holiday sets are out and Sephora sale starts tomorrow–I think we all need your anti-hauling wisdom!!! Please?!!

  5. I just cannot express how much I adored this. Especially the (subtle?) MURDER- yeah you murdered it. I love that you shamelessly love Anita. A+, with extra credit 😉

  6. I'm sure you've answered this somewhereee but is drag race something you'd ever do? Do you think the Anastasia thing would matter?

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