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I'm Lisa von Drake from the University of Minnesota libraries archives and Special Collections and one of my favorite things to do is share picture books you're missing a lot if you didn't see these this year I'm gonna start with this book because this is a book for anyone who loves book making picture books laughing out loud or design shocking but true this book just ate my dog by Richard Byrne this naughty book belongs to every detail of this book is delightful but this book just ate my dog walkies let's go Bella was taking her dog for a stroll across the page when something very odd happened oh if you're teaching how to make picture books or you're teaching a design class or you're talking to little children what happened to the dog the dog fell into the gutter and that's what this is this is the gutter of the book so when we're evaluating books for excellence we don't want anything to fall into the gutter and that's this book just eat my dog another so there's a theme here a little absurd this is thank you octopus by darren farrell i like covers off because it's easier to hold on to the books the palette is exquisite so the octopus it's the little boy bedtime ahoy and the voice is all pickles but I made you a warm bath and the boy says thank you octopus um egg salad gross no thank you octopus well you see where this is going in the vein of fortunately on fortunately and that's bad and that's good so this is the fun book to read aloud to a group of four year olds and up we have the giggles you won't giggle so much in this but you will enjoy Shh we have a plan now this is when I need a whole group of kids oh by Chris Halton and this was the winner of the Ezra Jack Keats award this year for best new writer or illustrator I actually can't remember you'll have to look it up Shh we have a plan by Chris Hoffman look hello birdie Shh we have a plan Shh we have a plan and you can see where this is going and this is a delight because by the third spread you have 30 kindergarteners saying Shh we have a plan this is a book that came out of the box and I was amazed Edda a little Valkyries first day at school Adam our Beck is the writer and illustrator of this delightful first at school tale which features a Viking child Etta is the littlest Valkyrie she lives in a scarred a land full of magic and adventure Etta's Papa and her big sisters watch over a scarred and sometimes Etta helps them search the land for unruly monsters you can see where this is going but when Eddie goes to school it's a little difficult to make friends with the very very fallible human beings and is that the group up one more one more little Elliot big-city by Mike Corrado if you're looking for a exquisitely Illustrated sweet charming read aloud bedtime exploration book that is little Elliot and Lydia little Elliot was an elephant and this is brownstone Brooklyn where I'm from so I know the illustrations are accurate little Elliot loved living in the big city but sometimes it was hard to be small in such a huge place and we know lots and lots of children who find it hard to be small in such a large place that this world is and so they will identify with little Elliot and his adventures you

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