Ranting About The Most Objectively Excellent Light Novel Ever

you're at rent lake where I rant about whatever my $15 a month plus patients want me to rant about you can get one of these by being one of those this one is for Benjamin wheeler who says rant about what would be the most objectively excellent light novel ever I eat genre character arcs etc like a chef talking about what he puts into a chili alright is what you gotta have first of all it's a piece of ergo de literature what that means is that you have to actively move around the book in order to read it similar to house of leaves you would have a structure where it's bouncing between different perspectives and also lots of meta pounds it would all be meta everything about this book is meta the main character is a early 20 year old genius who is trying to solve a riddle from an older genius an adult who has built a sort of labyrinth of text that the main character is trying to navigate and there's also like a a child genius who's involved somehow there's got to be there has to be a horror element there has to be some element of of magical realism you know there has to be some video game bad guys and shit like you know like traditional RPG monsters basically it should have the tone of Shin Megami Tensei it should have the characters of an e cos e novel it should have the structure of house of leaves meets boogie pop and it should have the you know it should have the character designs of ooh who do I want to do character designs for my ultimate light novel shit let me look at all these fucking posters I got laying around it has to be really sexy it has to be a really hot girl let's be a few really hot girls all you really need is a a protagonist girl a lolly and some kind of big titty girl who does the hottest designs I mean I guess I guess I guess akio Watson ah Bane but this is kind of a it's a bit darker than what I'd expect who draws the hottest characters other than Akio Watanabe maybe I would just find some porn artist who's like hasn't hasn't done anything yet you know I just would want it to be really sexy but you know with that anime mo a flavor to it hmm well I'm undecided on the character designs will go with Akio Watson a bit just for now even though that would make it too nice EoE scene asked and I don't want it to be too nice the only scene you know I could handle a dose of that in my ultimate light novel but the most important thing is the structure of the book being a puzzle for the reader to solve along with the character trying to solve the puzzle obviously I just have to go ahead and write this like novel like the only way that I can truly allow you to understand would be if I went ahead and did it so we'll add that to the long list of things that I'm supposed to do the long list of promises that I'm making people are always like Oh dizzy promises all this content it doesn't deliver motherfucker I'm only 27 I got I got 80 years to do for all this content you just wait

15 thoughts on “Ranting About The Most Objectively Excellent Light Novel Ever

  1. Anyone else find light novels to be somewhat post-modernist? That's the reason why I hate them to be honest

  2. Why should I listen to anything you say anymore? Sao is the best LN adaptation. I can't substantiate it myself but someone else did so you can't convince me of anything.

  3. Did you come up with this on the fly?

    I'm actually writing my own light novel; I came up with it by trying to fix The AssWar. It's called "War Game," and it's about high schoolers who control mini-robots with their bodies to simulate battles between armies. It makes sense as a high school sport since they're actually training to enter the military after graduation, and the army sort of forms a whole ensemble cast.

  4. You should watch the movie “under the silver lake”. It’s nothing like what you described but it basically is that but then it isn’t but it kinda is in a way ya know?

  5. This video is incorrect. The Objectively best light novel is "I Wrote This Light Novel In Like A Day, It Sucks And I Hate It" by Conrad "Digibro" Collins. Done. Next rant.

  6. maybe if people knew about light novelist seiryouin ryuusui's English translation website https://thebbb.net/ebooks/
    we'd start getting more weird shit.
    he has a biography he did of Micheal Jackson for some reason it's free right now apparently

  7. Omg i have it. The next masterpiece light novel is Alex Jones and vampire maid in the media labyrinth fighting gay werefrogs from the 4 dimension.

  8. We can just light novelify the house of leaves. It is called. My house has a portal to the kawaii dimension: raphsody w.

  9. You should have the artist from of the Manga of School live or Oh Great! The creator of Air Gear and Tenjou Tenge

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