Randy Writes a Novel – Edinburgh 2016

26 thoughts on “Randy Writes a Novel – Edinburgh 2016

  1. he still performs i think, i looked at his website and he has a show scheduled for march 22, 2019 (time comment made feb 24 2019) and its in Canberra, the capital of Australia. he just does live shows now i guess :/ p.s the tickets are sold out

  2. Blue, in nature, typically means it's poisonous. But, fish are often blue! So: FISH RANDY!!!! FIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSH!!

  3. I just discovered this little, hilarious, felt comedian and there isn't near enough of his content. Then I see that his page hasn't posted anything in a couple of years. What happened? Where did he go? I want to see more, and I know that there's a LOT of people like me. I hope he returns.

  4. Where are the new randy videos? I saw one posted on some one else's page, but it was a recording of a recording, and the only one they had. It was a hysterical stage show about 45 min long. Why are the new shows not being posted here?

  5. i suggest you guys go ti netflix see if they want to give you a special {your surging in popularity atm seize the opportunity and get back out there}

  6. Randy, congrats on the best comedy nomination. Your show was one of my Fringe highlights. I hope it doesn't take you another 4 years to return!

  7. I saw this when I was watching you scream at Rosa, when you were sober. Comedy gold. Price of admission right there! I won't do puns, however. I'll stick to my culinary wrong Flying Scotsman.

  8. I can't wait to see Sammy J and your(purple)self in Galway next week!!! I'll be the one throwing the edible undies. Na I'm joking. They won't be edible. ๐Ÿ™‚

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