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you're watching verified on where now thank you for joining us so we have a guest who's back on the Vita after a while he served disappeared a little bit when he was writing his new book and now he's back a mr. parkis in the studio welcome it's been a while I'm happy to see you thank you thank you isn't it so new book is out at Auburn really cool yes everybody's holding up a pattern branding I guess we must remind our viewers that before taking up a career in literature as an author you used to manage marketing which is why you've showed up wearing a t-shirt with your book on it absolutely no such thing as too much marketing shameless plug in yeah but this is a really interesting take on rather opposite if I know that you've talked about the fact that it was difficult to write but with a and I don't want to give too much away but it's actually a look at his life before the kidnapping of senior and in some way he does become a protagonist dr. Jack his protagonist because you start to sort of root for him he literally was what why did you decide to nobody's ever looked at him that way in India yeah guru T there have been attempts to kind of explore his story but the the you know the meaning of the word Rama you know is the journey of ROM right so the narrative is obviously the journey of Lord Rama as a hero and all other characters come in as characters in what is essentially his this story so very rarely have you had a Sita you know very rarely have you had a Ravana you know we've had their stories in piranha Cathars in you know some other conditions but so which is why exploring this was in some senses very interesting research base and how much did you have to fill in the gaps Allah know there is there is a reasonable amount of research which goes there many versions of Terra Madre and in some ways it may appear new because most of you know us modern urban Indians the version of Robin we have in our minds is based on a 1980 cell vision zero which was relatively simplistic in its approach to Robin and showed him just as a pure core villain yes bad guy the ancient versions were far more nuanced not just the original Valmiki Ramayana but many of the other ancient versions both Ramayana and the Rama and all of them right so perhaps my books are relatively close or in terms of their outlook to the ancient world it was more texture in the ancient versions our ancestors always looked at things in a nuanced way there was no simplistic black and white in anything it was I remember when when we did remind in college in in old Kannada yes there is I remember reading this whole this thing about how Robin was a devout Shiva bhakta which is why Shiva had he is his tapasya was so pure that he was given the power to fly and he was an excellent King until that moment of weakness when he saw Sita and in that moment of weakness all of his excellence crumbled to lust but your view and this is very different from that he is it's it's not a one moment weakness no because actually like I said even in the ancient versions his bad points are not kind of hidden right the fact that he had a massive ego this is there in most versions of the ROM and the fact that he had no control over his temper and because of his temper he did many things that he should not have you know that is there and most of the versions of the Rama and the fact that he had no control over his his love for the results love for the pleasures right of life again this is also there but the thing is it does not take away as you rightly said from his strengths he was extremely scholarly he was a very good administrator he was a brilliant warrior it was a brilliant musician and in that sense you know like I do pop quizzes and all my in all my events I asked her with his Robin of pure villain easy a misunderstood hero or is he just complicated and most people say yeah he's complicated which is true for most of us right I mean if you consider you know most sort of Maquis literature Shakespeare for example only had great characters there was no there was no completely black or white everyone was sort of dark everyone was sort of you know you weren't able to really decide lovable villains this actually towards and you know you find yourself as as a reader somewhere in the middle of the book sort of rooting for him which is a surprising and it's a surprising place to be and then when he loses it yes you kind of get more and more repelled by him at the end then with him for missing out in that sense a bit of a bit of sadness the same way that kumbhakarna would have on him in his younger brother you could have been a great man and what are you becoming yeah what is wrong with you and this was you know this was the way most it wasn't just our ancient versions of the Ramayana mob are even our ancient Sanskrit players all of them actually had a lot of nuance all of colitas plays bastards plays they weren't simplistic because look real life is complicated right and often what happens with your you know whether you're a good person or not is not about what happens to you tragedy happens to everyone it's about how you react with what happens to you and every one of those all of us have troubles yeah-hoo-hoo as a bed of roses here in fact you've talked about the fact that this was the hardest book for you right so far so very safe he's a dog character you know so many artists will tell you that you know what we write tends to impact us where we are emotional people artists right we feel emotions more strongly it's also the last two years emotionally has been a little difficult for me so I guess maybe it kind of got into this negative feedback loop right my more going into the book and the books more going into me just become sort of also dark I'm happy it's over actually with an apology to your writers to your readers having a partner for the long gap it's just you know been it's been hard this is the longest certificate book around it is the longest and in fact many of my readers were getting upset I was I was getting lots of tweets Facebook posts if I even said that look I'm I need to relax I'm at this place and posted a photo rate say what the hell are you doing going right so but like I always joke and say it's good to have readers who waiting yeah who was saying why haven't you written as yet rather than saying why the hell have you written you know in fact george RR martin who writes game of thrones yeah and he he takes so long that one that is we decided to write to him saying that listening hearing although you might die exactly and we'll never know what happened in the end i can't tell you what his response was because we can't repeat it on but I could see the picture and sadly the ending in the series left a lot to be desired no but I believe in ending in the show and the ending in the books are gonna be different apparently so so yes I wonder how will he sell the books exactly so the ending of the show season six but it was written by the director yes he just signed off on it yes so knowing him is probably evil and he knew to the bad like poor disappointing I may sign off on purpose but you know you've also talked about an abyss a very interesting angle you Fishman which are sort of engineering a villain for the good of Mother India he said we need a villain so that our hero can defeat him and then become a hero again was this creative Liberty why did you decide to do this you know some part of it like the the enmity between guru Vishwamitra and guru vashisht yes is actually based on ancient texts right so right back to Vedic times Ron I'm sure of a regret as you know the ten bundles in it and books three and seven Mundell three and seven are from vishwamithra family and they were sister family and from vedic times there's been an enmity between guru Vishwamitra and guru assists and so much so that even now millennia later there are people of these to go through who still dislike each other I'm not joking okay till this day one of the things that you get when you explore the characters of of both of them they both very simple Spartan people nothing for themselves right and very dedicated to the land very dedicated to to the society but their perspective on what is good for society differs right and that leads to an enmity between each other and which guru Vishwamitra approaches look end has to be right but I will do what I did know partly things you know to restate Guren whereas guruva sisters approaches know the means are as important as the end and in some ways their enmity is one of the defining things of the Ram Chandra series because you know the worst enemy you can have is one who was once a very good friend and that's what guru Swami guru and guru Ashish were there were very thick friends and fellow close friend you know exactly the buttons to push you know so and it turns into a toxic enmity and I [Laughter] have to ask you about the other one of the films coming out yes what religion the rights are back and I have just signed a contract with a Hollywood guy we're trying for a series so it's writers always happier with with our series because you have the gift of time right yeah in a movie you're forced to edit out quite a lot so a lot of you on tour of the characterization it gets lost or the philosophies will certainly get lost – series you have the luxury to you so luxury of time that's a very term they'll use that now so so this thing you know so we are working on it let's let's hope it works out there what about the are we calling it the rum trilogy around Chandra series it's not really it's five book it's just my books so but but you are going to I mean after the kidnapping there will be recording on yes like this the first three of the five are in a multi linear narrative so the first one round sign of issue aku's from the birth of Lord Rama to the kidnapping of sitamma second Sita warrior Mithila from her birth to a kidnapping third Ravan any of our Berta from his birth to the kidnapping fourth book onwards is a common narrative first book is the last book so why I wanted to do this way it's a little complicated I don't think it's been tried it did please I'm not aware of tried in India before it has been tried abroad it's a way complicated style of writing I'm never doing it ever again but it's I at least I think it's fun for a – cross it all and so match the deed exactly yeah you know story rides on the shoulders of the principal characters right if you get the back story of the characters well you understand the story also well and you will understand the the point of the story the philosophies and the story a lot better so that's a perspective but I'm never doing a multi linear narrative too complicated too complicated on vacation after that but I was asked you know and this is this when I was reading so effectively based on this book the kidnapping happened when Romney was about sixty yeah I didn't realize he was that old but I mean is that yeah that's my interpretation it she was totally older then Lord Rama and Sita Mata that's a given that's a given that that is certainly true that Zen the Valmiki remand that sent many of the piranhas as well because you find a lot of a story before Lord Rama and Sita Maya even born when used the Shannon and you know his his attempt to to take to force Lord Shiva to Lanka so all that happened long time before yes so you certainly older that is true how much older is a matter of debate you know so and the the versions of the Ramayana are not completely fixed so like not too many of the versions of the Rama and specify where he was born for example yeah yeah so he was not born in Raqqa that much is obvious because Lanka was ruled by Kabir he conch he took over in kicked out coup bail which is why Coburn had to go live with Lord Shiva in Kailash Mountain not Shiva gave him refuge so so then what happens is if it's not they in the text you look at folk traditions folk traditions show that Ravan was probably born close to Delhi right there's a place ahead of Noah that that's what the did he should say folk traditions are his oldest temple is actually in the North in close to Delhi in a place called Meshach one of his oldest temples and ahead of noida and that's where he's supposed to have been born the place is named after his father who was with Shaba another you know very old temple of faces close to the MP Rajasthan border called Mansour yes his is wife mondo 3 was supposed to be from there yes it would make sense because he's tall and muscular arrogant and hot-tempered he boy I'm not answering it but you know it is the other thing and I don't know if we should I mean if I'm giving too much away but the idea of him having a deformity and his father being sort of hard on him because of that the resentment building up from there again it humanizes him yeah it's he was a nugger and you've read my books you know what the concept is that essentially a deformity on him and in that sense like you know his what makes his childhood difficult you know often really successful and powerful men tend to be terrible fathers because they were really hard on their children and Robin perhaps had that same problem is his father was extremely respected or revered almost and he expected his son to you know be as great as you know as he was and therefore was extremely hard on him and Ravan was capable right so he wasn't like like a junkie it was a moron Akbar was brilliant jeongae was basically it's a drugged-out guy all right so it was what Robin in that sense in here it was a little more difficult for him because he was genuinely talented right and his thing was he did not want to become great to impress his father you want to become great to show his father down yeah and I think that's you know one of my readers said this that that if Robin had had a kind more loving father perhaps actually could have used his capability to become great rather than which is what is that you know the the sadness of the fact that all of those talents are being used for Eagle instead of using her being used for makes them so much more complicated and so much work in a troubling way fascinating right because he's not just a thug he's not just an easier to mashes people's head in right genuinely talented genuinely welder it could have been great right if only had a kind of a loving father only his love story had not been tragic if only he'd listened to his younger brother could have he'd never a little smell to this much good too much that was unlikely but but yeah he had there were chances and his capability could have been perhaps been used for good okay well you stayed away from the press long enough and now that you're back we have to ask you some some questions and you can choose not to answer as always there's this one controversy going on right now about the use of Josh freedom there were 49 artists who wrote a letter you know just a couple of days ago talking about how they believe that the use of that of the phrase in these incidents is wrong and has to be stopped in some way the view then has been I mean it's it's split opinion down the middle people say that the artists are basically saying that the Hindus are the perpetrators the suggesting that Hindus are perpetrators of these crimes but where do you stand given that so much of your work is based on on the life of RAM where do you stand yes no I mean where do you send I think one of the misfortunes of India's public debate has got extremely poor disease and my belief is that if you look at the data don't look at any goats you know where we have often we forget the scale of our country we have 1.3 billion people we have more people in India then all of North America all of Europe all of Middle East all of North Africa put together right to build that via more a continent than a country to build any kind of narrative on just 10 15 20 incidents you can build any narrative yeah you know if you look at all the reasons I described can you find 10 cases of humans biting dogs yeah of course you know if you look at across North America Europe Middle East and North Africa can you then say therefore all these regions men are biting dogs no right right you have to base a narrative on data one of the things I find I I read phone newspapers every morning I read English and in the newspapers and I find unfortunately a level of bias on both sides many of the the the Hindi language press have unfortunately a bias against Muslims and English language press has a bias against Hindus so you find incidents being reported as if it's a narrative there 1.3 billion people you will find a few creases there are just so many of us but if you look at the data a vast majority of us I India is actually among the lowest per capita of violence countries in the world mmm right and this is not because our police is efficient or our criminal justice system you know well convicts people like this all criminals know they'll probably die of old age before they are convicted beyond all Appeals right it's because as a people I'm not saying India's perfect the many things we need to improve but as a people we are relatively less violent right even the more violent cities like Mumbai Delhi have one more news of bad things does not mean that there are more bad things happening I'm saying look at the data that's all I'm suggesting look at the data there are many things that aren't right with this country but violence a teraz at a per capita basis actually very low and this is to across all communities I argue against those who have a bias against Muslims I argue against those who have a bias against Hindus bias against of course violence is a part of life no in which country is completely nonviolent you tell me even a completely Buddhist or Jane City there'll be some violence right it happen it's a part of humanity what will reduce this violent is a far more efficient criminal justice system yes right that's a point one is trying to make as a society and I mean it's across all groups in India where relatively slowly lower government was exploring the option or the possibility of the fact that the advent of whatsapp and the speed at which rumors can basically rightness might have or could have lent to the increase of kinds of this nature because basically through whatsapp you you manage to gather a crowd faster you managed to upset people fast you might pass to pass a rumor faster that may be one of the cases do you think that there has to be now a criminal jurisprudence study into what's causing this and mainly be the thing which will help us the most there's a book called Hans Rosling but called faithfulness by Hans Rosling just read that it talks talks about violence actually across the world it has come down drastically I know we might not believe that seeing the news but seriously humanity is the most peaceful it has ever been having said that what will really help India is actually a far more efficient criminal justice system all criminals people who take the law into their own hands they all name is nothing is gonna happen they all know that and people who are genuinely innocent never go to a court or to a lower court never go to a police station because they know they'll get arrest and nothing will happen right unless you have some contact someone you can call we don't oppose the system the problem is there how do you make our system more efficient which brings me back to the point with deepest respect to these artists like for someone to have a bias against Islam because a few people are committing violence saying a lower berth at that allow upper there's nothing wrong with that so when it's a beautiful stroke it's the same with with Jesse Tom it's a lovely slogan I'm saying I'm giving my respects to to a God who defines India for many of us Indians right across all groups so to go to this spoken might not be the correct way to present the argument there is certainly a case for people being troubled with people taking the law into their own hands and this is true there are Hindus taking the law into their own hands there are Muslims taking the law into her own hands let's be honest and many of them they had a tiny proportion of both these communities let's look at where the real problem is which is a criminal justice system which is paralyzed that's the real problem and I will never have any embarrassment in saying very proudly j:0 I said very proudly all right I run out of time right now but I quickly want to ask you this what's the plan going forward obviously I know that you deserve a vacation but what's coming up yeah so this is a five book series so the multi-layer narrative is over thank God so the fourth book is a common narrative going forward and the fifth book will be the last book the fourth we'll meet in the death of Robin and the fifth book is when Lord Ram his brothers and Sita ma will go back and fight the battles that need to be fought to establish Melua yes one of the ways to see that amgen the series it's a 1500 year prequel to the events of the Shiva Trilogy yes looking forward to the fourth and especially the fifth book and I not take so long at all to all my readers sorry guys I'll not take so long but it is it's it's been a pleasure chatting with you always thank you so much for coming in from graduations or the neighbors I wish you very very good luck and of course we look forward to everything else that's in the pipeline all right I will Tsubaki thank you so much for taking thank you you

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  1. Dear Mr. Amish Tripathi, hats off to you for your candid views…. You've literally endorsed what Rakesh Nath had said in his book TULSIDAS – The Misguider of Hindu Society…..
    Equal congratulations to you dear Faye D'Souza for airing this programme…


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