Raj Babbar – Biography

Famous skilled actor
who was amazing on stage.. ..and did wonders on
silver screen was Raj Babbar. You are the first person
to touch my collar. Raj Babbar was born in 23rd June, 1952. He was born in Tundla, Uttar Pradesh. Raj Babbar did his initial
schooling in the city of Agra. Why are you so concerned about studies? In Agra he had decided that he would.. ..enter the world of acting. Though he was still
interested in social work. Are you interested
in having fake dentures? Why are you having such bad ideas? He met the same fate as other artists. He took active part
in school and college plays. If I was not worried
about your defamation.. ..I swear on God I
would have made a mark.. ..of our love in the throne of Delhi. He reached Patiala University before.. ..he could reach
National School of Drama. He became a part of
the drama department.. ..of Patiala University and
started to learn acting as a course. Here he met Mr. Harpal Tiwana.. ..who belonged to
National School of Drama. And he used to run a theatre group.. ..called 'Punjab Kala Manch'. Om Puri was also a part of that theater. There he met Raj Babbar. Hail Radha Madhav. While enacting plays Mr.
Tiwana told him that.. ..even I had learned drama
from the national school of drama. Why don't you join NSD too? And he reached NSD in 1972. And there his seniors
were Naseruddin Shah.. ..Om Puri and he learnt
acting from Ibrahim Alkaji. He is asking you payment for the food.. ..you have been fed in this house. Though Raj Babbar
was inspired by movie.. ..and he wanted to work
both on stage and movies. In the beginning he was most impressed.. ..by Dara Singh's movies. After watching Dara Singh's movies.. ..he was introduced
to Dilip Kumar's movies. He was also influenced
by Dilip's movies. Today we stay in a free country. Here the life of a person is valued. It is important to note
that when he completed.. ..his diploma course in
the National School of Drama.. ..then he had the offer of
joining NSD's Repertory Company. But Raj Babbar refused. And he was one of the
few actors of that time.. ..who used to earn
money only through acting. Men require money and wealth
to lead a honorable life. In Delhi he got a job in Doordarshan. And Ila Arun gave him the job. At that time it was
a big deal for an actor.. ..to be paid 25 rupees
for a performance. He used to be paid
25 rupees for the play. And five rupees for rehearsals. At that time famous he got
married to famous playwright.. ..Sajjad Zahir's daughter Nadira Zahir. But he has not yet
got a break in movies. At that time a contest
called Filmfare Madhuri.. ..used to be held and
its judge was United Producers. That means producers
would together look.. ..for a new boy and a new girl. Before him Dharmendra
and Rajesh Khanna.. ..had made their own
mark through this contest. "I go with the heartbeat
of someone's tune." And when it was Raj Babbar's turn.. ..then he was faced with a huge problem. At that time government
has put constraints on producers. The producers were in a bad position. And they couldn't produce
any small budget movie. That's why his movie was not launched. After that he continued
working in plays.. ..and his friend Shankar
Sohail introduced.. ..him to great film maker Rakesh Mehra. It was the time when
Vinod Khanna was retiring.. ..from the industry. If you take away a poor man's roof.. ..than you will lose your roof too. And they were looking for a new hero. Amitabh Bachchan was
becoming more successful. Amarnath, I am proud of you. But there was still
a search of new actors. Salim Javed and Ramesh Sippy
saw Raj Babbar's performance.. ..and decided to cast
him in the movie 'Shakti'. And after that the role
reached a huge star of that era. But before Raj Babbar
could get discouraged.. ..his meeting with Prakash
Mehra made him hopeful again. He was selected for
the film 'Namak Halal'. But at that time Raj
Babbar requested Mr. Mehra.. ..that if he can get
a place to stay in Mumbai.. ..for a year then his
life would become easier. And that is what he got but
fate has something else for him. He was ousted off 'Namak Halal' too. But the house given to him for a year.. ..was not taken back from him. I don't even know what
poison I will have to take.. ..for the rest of my life. After that he was seen
playing a small role in 'Sharda'. The film had Jeetendra,
Rameshwari and Sarika. It was just one dialogue. And he was paid 500
rupees to deliver it. The dialogue was, do you recognize me? And then his fortune changed. He got the film, 'Insaaf Ka Tarazu'. You are a strange person and
your profession is even stranger. 'Insaaf Ka Tarazu' made history. He played the role
of a villain in this movie. When his mother saw
this movie with the scenes. ..where he was assaulting
girls she prayed to him.. ..and said that son, don't do such work. Gradually he became famous. And during that time
Smita Patil entered his life. Raj Babbar was already married. He also had two kids. Juhi and Aryan. He married Smita Patil. He separated from his family. But fate has something
else in store for him. I pity you. You had a golden family. You destroyed it yourself. When his son Prateik Babbar was born.. ..Smita Patil's health
started deteriorating. And she passed away. It was huge cause
of sorrow for Raj Babbar. He certainly got trapped
in his previous family.. ..and his child from
his second marriage. He had a lot of responsibilities. And even his work was increasing. He used to be seen as villains in films. After a lot of effort I
had acquired these nuclear bombs.. ..from my foreign friends. He was also seen as the hero. "The age of my love should be such,
darling." "It should begin
and end with your name." Slowly he got interested in politics. And then he advanced in film,
TV and politics. He also established
his own production company. Babbar Films Private Limited. Raj Babbar was one
of those few actors who.. ..was able to make
a mark in film industry.. ..without being part of any
film family or having a godfather. To know about the unique
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