Rafidah speaks on the flaws of the education system

and then secondly follow up an education system we always say these reformed education system I would like to say that not just education system but any part of the system in this country that's got to do with skills and human resource competence not education Polytechnic I mean skills acquisition is earn so the whole thing must be revamped and to reaffirm not according to what it is to Martha but I know I hate this word Martha but but Mahathir Mohamad Candy's more time back and whatever it becomes more taba at the end of it all you know too many answers or interpretations of how it should be you gamma must be nominee malai you much much Amla so don't Mort about the education system get it to be in line with the imperatives in the global marketplace and what is needed in the industries that we are now trying to create in in the country and of course when you talk about human skills Ares and and and the competence this is what the young need today we don't want them to be irrelevant even with the degrees they find we can get a job yeah when the universities and the you are learning are teaching something that the public sector private sector doesn't want why should we take these people I have one little taller in a private sector why should we take into the companies people who can contribute it at value I don't care if you're a first-class degree you're a first-class idiot was a point and no no I mean degree is paper much of skills come here right from here and yeah not here okay I don't know but how could anybody guide me what to say right when these are the things I want to say and then of course we talk about investing education thank you very much but make sure you qualify the world people love to invest in education it's like building super duper schools the best of tiles to be used the best of bricks the best of minangkabau roofs where Ebola that's where the contract cost goes the the system is not looked at the same blankety-blank are teaching the steam blanketing planks are being thought I'd want to use the word like mercy you know she's so tough for us so investment is not in the Mata and brick it is in the kind of teaching system of teaching that is most effective and the content of the subject matter that is relevant please don't these things that these young people find irrelevant in daily life and in the marketplace I'm sorry please review it no I'm glad that there is a committee being set up by muscly but some of the people who I feel are competent to input are not there please look up form all you know there are the focus I mean come on I don't want to be in anything I'm just saying that you have to be no no no this I please no these are practitioners in the education industry who I separated because the curriculum being check a shackling them you know they can't go beyond this and there whereas in our time my goodness the curriculum was such that we able even to learn French in school today oh my god on top of French I don't is in the vocabulary No so in other words relook and exactly what is entailed in the curriculum and the methods of teaching let's give our panelists another round of applause everyone

20 thoughts on “Rafidah speaks on the flaws of the education system

  1. I have to say this, students today are suffering from the education system in Malaysia. They are fail in SPM not because they are stupid, it is because they can't follow the system.

  2. Best things has been said……. But there are to many unprofessional people are making decisions for our education sistem….

  3. What did you do in your tenure about this? Nothing. What are you doing about it now? Nothing. So is anything going to change for the better? Nothing. Thanks. Just as useless as the first class idiots you quote.

  4. Malaysians ppl hve many skills ..the gov should open more schools like kemahiran schools yg berguna dn dpt d gunakan apabila merkea habis skolah.. preparing the new upcomming generations tht can b a businessman/ women to.compete in the real.global.market with their new odeology and creations.
    Lets help n prepare the new generations to b success in their life for a better malaysians.

  5. Pls ask TM to put education ministres like in india and china, dont put fool, end of the day who suffers u own people as what the country is…..

  6. Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family as well.

  7. It is the system designed by your UMNO. You were one of the cabinet minister who supported the flawed education policy for many decades.

  8. Those days when Rafidah was a student and l was one too,our schools were far excellent.Teachers were dedicated,well trained n disciplined.The teachers loved the school they taught in and we the students loved and respected the teachers.But sorry to say all started to go down hill after most schools were were converted to government schools.Until today no edu minister could stop the slide of education which is in the minus state.Down,down the hill😟.

  9. Education: Like having an Oxfart but a corrupt, a colaborator to corruptions? No use!

    Education revamp: Focus 1st on
    1. Moral, Courtesey, attitude;
    2. Democracy: history of Democracy, why Denocracy and understanding the system.
    3. Honesty and Integrity.
    4. Hate Corruption.

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