R.E.M. – Losing My Religion Lyrics

20 thoughts on “R.E.M. – Losing My Religion Lyrics

  1. When im tryin´ to sing with this song, i think: "Am i the one who´s singing it, or is the song singin´me?" I think both is correct and true. That´s the crazy thing called LIFE!

  2. i think he is passing a message here !!! and in the same time he want to stop talking !!
    like i have said too much,then no i have't said enough and given a hint and the slip that he brought him to his knees
    and he is resembles whom not consider this message as blinded fool !!

  3. My words are not Losing My Religion because I have a strong faith good Catholic faith so Losing My Religion will never happen to this guy 😊

  4. Hello from Greece 🇬🇷
    I thought that I’ve heard you laughing
    I thought that I ve heard you sing
    Just a Dream just a dream

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