Quilting Book Club – Art Quilt Techniques

hello how are you we have conversation going on over here trying to talk to us the dogs are out and who let the dogs out it was Lin no and yeah I did I did so they are there below our table is a bar height table so you can't see their heads there although their heads their normal table heights just not bar like it so there are much you're checking us out likely to be bar height than my dog I've told augs he's a shorty I like tall dogs puppies hmm they may leave this okay so we're here to talk about art mix which is one of my very favorite things I love it she has all the art books and I have a book um we don't have the second camera cuz we figured out what her problem was was that we didn't actually have the right second camera yeah we kept using the wrong camera and it wouldn't work so there you go but we shall overcome and persevere and we've got links to all the books we're talking about in the show notes so if you guys want to click through you can see them on Amazon of course we'll hold them up on camera here absolutely yes so what do you been up to lately I haven't seen you in like well right now I'm instagramming the fact that we're doing this all right well there it is that's exciting I have been working a lot I do you've kept me busy yeah again she has this to-do list and she like I've been trying to check stuff off it's what you do app exactly it's it's kind of a cool app actually I like it I like it cuz now I figured out I can assign things back to her that's what I like about in the same project we can even assign stuff to our producer there he go I think my husband is a law upset cuz we figured out how to find stuff to him so I didn't know I could do that oh I thought you could I thought he got a bunch of stuff from you oh maybe it was just D mails I got some emails he won't you wanted him to do that the new Sony winter oh oh new intro for season five right exactly coming soon but um I was gonna tell you excited about oh I got recognized yesterday and I gone to Hobby Lobby in the area and I know I like Hobby Lobby and I was looking I was finding some markers and um so I'm looking at the markers and this lady walks by me and she goes are you Lynn and I went and I choked on my gum like it was so good so anyway her name is penny and she enjoys watching her shows so thank you for watching Betty so shout out to her and she enjoys doing scrapping quilts so I did check chat with her for a couple and you didn't actually spit your gum on no that's good I joked on it cuz it was like I always said well I was concentrating apparently very focused on the markers so that was the deal there so anyway so so and I have been working I am I'm getting better at Adobe Illustrator yay whoo yes she has she's been kicking some butt I am NOT at the next level but I'm like creeping up on maybe the next level what what level were you at I think Green I can open it so level of that I can open it yes I can open and do that because we are no computers it's amazing so I can now open it and I I had a really old straight line I though czar hard I'm straight lines snap to grid honey I turned that off that was big of me so but I have a I don't know how to pronounce it but is it Wacom or yes we clackum wait I would have called it Wacom so we have an old Wacom tablet and I downloaded the drivers and oh my gosh I can draw on it was yeah oh that was fun learning I've enjoyed learning it it's been kind of cool so we have I've been working on something that will be introduced at market hopefully festival more than market bum will be rocking it at market oh yeah definitely so it's a big surprise and I think everybody's gonna like it I really like what I was able to fit together did you like it I did she did yeah so I sent her the final drawings today and I was like I think this is gonna work so anyway big surprise hold out for that look at announcements like November probably late October yeah how to drop some hints yes this it's gonna be so different than anybody else has ever done so just so this will be fun it'll be totally fun so Oh lots of shout out hey hey buddy we got from California Texas California Missouri Minnesota Mississippi all the m's crammed in their thing I would bet Barbara may be from Honda she's from Georgia come to narrate so there you go she could be whooping and open exactly so have fun Boston we were talking about Boston earlier we were we were chatting about Boston I said I've gotten lost the last few times I've been there I did not have a good time in Boston I guess I'm going back to Boston in September I need to go I need to go with somebody who knows the city oh yeah because I think I love history and I've you know into all of that and I just think that I didn't enjoy Boston and I think the history of Boston I would love I just didn't get a good example like I was there for work though so what's you know getting from the airport to the place you're going and that was why I didn't enjoy it and the Big Dig was happening so it's yeah and nothing was marked it was bad no anyway I've heard it's better yes so Phoenix Arizona New York Brazil Connecticut oh I miss Brazil oh I see it yeah there you go amazing well let's talk about some art quilts because that's why the people are here aside from the witty banter okay um so look true confession I got one book it has a bunch so I was gonna you know I checked them out at the local guild meeting and I was gonna do that and then I got so many out of my library I went probably don't have a chickadee good don't need to risk those probably good um this one is a weird one and okay so if you're an artist I really believe that it maybe it's just me mmm I don't read books as much as I look at the pictures and for this kind of stuff it's gonna say that makes it hard for novels the cool happy ending good job no but this one is it's a portfolio and it's put out by aqua which is the studio art quilt Association and you can belong to this and I think you can get this if you belong to Sakura there are some one Amazon so this is 16 at the link to the one in the show notes I believe is for issue 21 so I'll be different than this but right you think they'd pick this out every year so this is just one that I picked up and really it has zero directions it's just eye candy it's turtle eye candy and it's just different um at all different kinds of quilt all different types of quilts but these are members of sock WA it's like big lips and so I don't know it's called transition okay so these are just all different kinds of quilts from Studio quilt fiber artists and it's just total eye candy and some em are realistic and some of them are abstract and I like this and they're not I think if you find them so this this is gonna be different from 21 or 20 year whatever and I think if you find them it's just they're not really expensive because most of them when you find them are used and I bought this off of someone who turned it into an art or you know like a used book sale yeah so I didn't pay very much for it but for me it was just great I candy to go hey I kind of like those flowers I want if I could interpret that and there's no you know of course instructions on how to do any of this it's just quilts from quilt artists so great I can degrade but these are these are the portfolio from the studio art quilt Association and you can belong to commit I think it's kind of expensive like it's like a hundred bucks a year be juried in though there's two different levels okay they're one level you just join as a member and I think you can get the book with the membership but I think it's like a hundred I think it's expensive I haven't looked at it in a long time truthfully I don't belong and just because I think it was so expensive at the time I was like oh I don't know they want to pay the money and then you can apply to be juried in and if you do that then there's more you know they show your work and shows and you know you there's just more procedure to it also and I think it connects you up to more of a art dealership kind of or you know art market type of level so and I have to be I don't know a ton about it but I do like the eye candy of the portfolio books yes very fun to look at and again from realistic to abstract and all different it looks like all different kinds of technique and just kind of fun to look at and it just gives you I think for me it just gives me ideas going hmm I like I have a picture of a flower I really like I could yeah well the interpretation or praise um yeah or just theme oh I hadn't thought about doing that or you know but did you do your take on it you're not don't mimic this but it's your you know interpretation of it or your inspiration it's inspirational kind of thing so yeah that's my first one do you want another one yes yes users yeah he's my um my one you're one okay the next one I have is fabric embellishment or embellishing the basics and beyond actually if you want to do some stuff with fabric this is fascinating it goes through all different kinds of fabrics from paper collage weaving embroidery stamping angelica fibers this talks about tons of different elements or materials that you would use and it goes through these are really good step-by-step instructions with pictures it's in a three I love it when they are bound like this yes we can like spiral-bound where you can lay it flat open shows you how to do folding techniques so angelica fibres are what for the people that don't know they look like long strings of tinsel but yeah they don't need a tree or a little skinnier but they bind by heat right they do so you use an apple you like spread summer on your thing you put an applique pressing sheet on it you put the heat of your iron on it it fuses the fibers together so you use it a lot to make like hair like this is a particular yarn but you could kind of mimic that look right I've seen people use it like the silver white ones as like the bottom part of a waterfall and they would do you know kind of it bubbles up there they would do kind of a grouping of that to make it look like it was more yeah it makes it look like light is reflecting off of the water because the Angelica fiber has this kind of iridescent kind of like a sheen yeah a sheen to it but this one if you are looking for a great basic I want to do some art with my quilts and I want to know some different techniques fabric embellishments I think is a great and I think you can see some of the stuff that I do and I definitely use this kind of thing okay this is got the bucket bucket so here's the deal like we just released this host card class yeah we just released this post card class and I did like five different post cards with different techniques like this was one of the ones I taught you which is the weaving that she just showed you only in a different color yeah I did dying on that one so I did a bunch of different techniques and some of them I got from this book coming some of them I got from these are just great basic kind of what can I do with fiber what's out there kind of techniques no this is one of her new ones it's not in the class but we talked about thread painting in there so you could totally mimic this tree based on yeah what's in the book what's in the video class like I think and it's gonna be a little bit but I think I was looking at that as maybe developing the next level or whatever of but that was fun thread painting and there's some stuff I was just testing out with it the thing I love about postcards y'all is that they're a small commitment yes you can try out the new technique the new whatever but do it on a postcard and it's cute it's done and it's you know and if one half by five that's all you've spent on it you're not yeah committing to this you know seventy by eighty quilt and if it's horrible it's real easy to fit in your trash can exactly that is true it is a true statement the fabric embellishment the basics and beyond i I really this is a great in fact I'm glad I got it off the shelf because I was like ooh I need to look at that again and it was one of those great you know look at it books kind of thing alright the next one is art plus kill quilt this is lyric canards book I've taken classes from lyrick canard she is incredible quilt artist she's incredible artist period and one of the classes I took from her work oh I mean it was just a it was a day of exploration of all these different techniques from printing on fabric to carving stamps to stamp on fabric to using different mediums to take from photographs to print on fabric I mean just and then we did beating actually this was something this signed by her but she does a great job of you know talking about the creative process the muse not to have excuses and then she breaks down elements of art she spends a little more time with the drawing and inspirational like layout design kind of inspirational stuff she does talk about quilting like these are different background quilting stuff but it's a great she talks about color so this is to me more design strategies than necessarily in technique strategies I mean it has some of that stuff in here I'm not gonna say it's not there but this fabric embellishment goes to the next level this is great if you like look about composition like if you're like I don't know where I should put the tree there's a tree go right in the center does it go outside which it a bit next to composition color that's gonna be more addressed in this then and the other one the other one's all about play with stuff you know so but this is a great book lyric Kennard if you get a chance to take a class from her I think she's teaching at Houston I think I saw she's teaching at Houston okay yeah there's an artist I want to take it Houston I gotta ask Pam if I can't um I know not only with or the spreadsheet just getting old and I need to take a bus you know that's true some quilters out there y'all there's some really talented quilters out there that if you don't get out and take their classes they're retiring they're retiring and it's their we're losing a great whatever set of knowledge um the art quilt collection I think this is just eye candy too I'm sure it is yeah this is another just aren't eye candy it's not necessarily step by step I think there's a limited amount really there is a page in there that says step by step hand dyed fibers as she said that Emily right that's like the only one I'm pretty sure that's the one um but it's it's more eye candy stuff kind of thing and if they do have directions it's like a page not you know beautiful a little bit of here there this again is this one's hard to hold I think it's good the jacket is on it yeah that's what makes that article bit more casual take your jacket off okay I like ocean quilts one day I want to make one of those quilts that actually looks like the wave crashing and I've seen so many gorgeous when he's done look at that one and then that pretty little William Morrissey again this one's abstract realistic it's just again art candy organically I think that I think so but a great art quilt collection and it's by Linda Seward or that's who did the forward no no no no I I like eye candy again these aren't stuff that I it's not from that fabric embellishment one maybe these guys are too alright do yours I've talked through for so and says yes the quilt Xcode that Nancy Zeman's started is in September and have we heard it I think it it's a Wisconsin one if I'm though I've heard of it I didn't know it was in oh that's different it's not original sewing in Colt expo oh then no idea she may have started the one that happens right where right but isn't Bill and weeks don't they teach there cuz they were good friends with Nancy I think they teach at that and I think I saw that they were going to that and teaching there and if you get to take a class from bill and weeks bill Karen weeks wrinkled right of Modern Quilt studio right go do it like I don't care if you make modern quilts go take their class yeah just for the chest for their song position they're so great and nice nice great nice people I actually get to meet weeks like I've met her a couple of times yeah last time we were at festival we only got to see weeks is her first name and I was bills bathroom fairy no I wasn't I would booth so I would like go to our friends would be like do need a break I will watch your business yes like I don't think I've rescued a lot of people I was teaching so she was like the chew in around but we're just we tried to be nice to her friend we'd nice to people not yes our friends people people be nice I like to call scissors at the femoral but for a while I think my name was Theresa what's a Theresa I don't know it was a fake name I remember I don't remember what it was bring Andi it was brandy opera his brandy fine girl yeah we Ringgold weeks is her first name her last name is Ringo and bilker yep and they're wonderful nice people they do the Modern Quilt studio and love their fabric love their knowledge love just I mean love that's not yeah no um Sandra I that the world Lauder connotes other things but I understand what you're so it was my book okay your book ready I'm ready I'm ready so let me first preface by saying the reason I have this book was that I at a certain point in my quilting career was very caught up in the idea of like no scrap goes to waste and so I would save the bits and I would put them in pet beds and yes so I would do that quite a bit it's an interesting technique what you did make some lumpy but then I would get like oh this is a nice batik and I don't want to shove into pet bed and I would save the snippets and so a friend Jay who it goes by the moniker art quilt maker for all of her online presence was like you should check out snippet sensations and I don't have this book and the premise is is that you use all the little tiny snippets of fabric as mosaic basically in still you have a base of fused interfacing and you are or it doesn't have to be fused interfacing it could be like a Missy shoes like a real lightweight fusible but here is like the original painting the kiss and then here is an artistic creation of it as a quilt using this technique now these are not quilts that you will ever sleep under they are literally glued piece of fabric onto background they are not they're not to be washed they're not to be it is an art quotes and so here again you can tell there's a watercolor painting and then here is a quilt made with this technique inspired by the watercolor and so Monet as a painter and Van Gogh or artists that you I would say the Impressionists yes as a whole yes Digga but it's got met the instructions on the actual process so like what you lay down to create the base and it's what kind of fabric works best and then it you can tell it's got like some detail here and like how to set up your station and you know what makes a good composition of fabric pieces and so I have used this for an actual art quilt well did I do the dish I did so my daughter who is an artist in her own right but in kindergarten was just very good at you know stuff and so she had done this painting and it was it was like Normal School acrylic paints and it was you know nine by eleven piece of paper and she painted the ocean so there's lots of blues and greens and there's like something seaweed things and then there's a fish and it's a goldfish mm-hmm and for whatever reason this goldfish is very angry looking and it just made me angry okay so it's the angry goldfish and it just made me laugh and I thought oh I want to try this technique and so I had used the snippets for the foundation of the ocean I had a lot of different blue boutiques and so I could lay them out and like kind of undulating patterns and then I had just some bigger pieces of the green batik that I laid out is the seaweed and then I had you know a nice orange piece for the fish and I made him grumpy too and I the quilts like the exact same size as the painting and I had thought at one point I would mount them both on the same canvas but I just I just loved it so much that I took my quilt with me and it hangs on my desk at work well you're like why are you angry for everything you go now bear in mind I also have a clay piece that she had made an art class that she hates and she wanted to throw away but I like took it to my office so she wouldn't it is very disturbed looking frog that's just like and it just I just keep it right under my monitor because that's how I feel it works sometimes just it just makes you happy it just makes me laugh I like those I like this I that's a great idea for kids art though so because they can almost help you with this are unique and I've gotten some stuff from my sister cuz you know today in the school systems they like have I don't know if it's a fundraiser or not but every year I get like a piece of fabric with it's printed with my my niece or nephews artwork on it and I'm like well I could take that and add to it with this technique or so yeah that's been kind of cool now my said my kids elementary school was different they would have the kids draw like a mmm 20 by 20 we don't know how big it is I know how what mine is like an 8-inch on a pizza box and it was a fundraiser with the pizza place near house and so you could call up and be like I would like this so and so you know cob special and they would deliver the pizza to your house artwork on it that you're kidding oh that's cute now this was she I mean they would put it on magnets and you know fabric I mean she's given me several different things that I think it's a fundraiser of they take their artwork and print them on different marketing type of yes yeah so i as i particularly with boutiques cuz with print fabrics you want to lay them down usually with the printed side of the fabric up or it just it doesn't quite get the same effect the depth so I really only cut up my boutiques into this and it's been a while since I did it but I still have Ziploc baggies full of like here's the Greek light greens here's the dark greens here's the blues here's the purples yeah I also have zip locks full of snippets if you need oh that's a good idea like I could do that maybe Nana's one of Lily's paintings or um although my sister was kind of frustrated she was like she loves it that the kids make art she gets frustrated when she can tell it's not really there's no it's a bummer because you know because the well and the art teacher whatever is trying to help the child learn and with Lily it can be you know hurt she's not at the skill set that maybe somebody else is in their class because they keep him in the same age and so I think Angie's just like I'm not sure she did it all but here's what they sent us like well I love it because it's Lily you say no worries there but um yeah so anyway and if you guys saw Pam's birthday video that I did Lily was in it so yeah so that was my yes and oh it was funny was the other little girls that were in it are not my Nissen are not my niece's but because Lily calls me aunt Lynn I think now they are because now I'm aunt Lynn to them also so that was kind of fun they're really my cousins but it was it was a great weekend and I was glad Pam did the it was the stitching right back in time yeah it was the stitching without me we oh we talked about the shame spiral yeah I ever watched a yo all the dumb stuff you did back to kindergarten just run through your head when you do one dumb thing now all right why did I long the sandbox okay so this isn't really a book it's a magazine and it's called she's just not good at directions y'all that quote video it's called the quilting studio and I bought it because I wanted to see what other people you know studio looked at like but it does have a lot of different a lot it's a expensive magazine yo it is not cheap I think this magazine is $15 for one magazine so it's like a book I feel like it's a book I feel like it should be a book but they do have different arts type of great pictures in it it does give techniques in it if you're looking for a magazine that's on the high end of the magazine's not as expensive as a quilt quilt folk which is a real expensive but this has different techniques every month or not every month I think it comes out four times a year I don't think it's saying I know it's not monthly but beautiful beautiful kind of doesn't always stay with fight with fabric it's does fiber as well which is kind of a broad or terminology but really some neat different artists are focused on and stuff so this is one of the ones I bought and I really I kind of like it I like the different uses for quilts that kind of stuff beautiful until you bought it just in like a book store yeah totally I bought it in why isn't that Barnes and Noble what's the one Iping canton looks a million books a million that's where about it because that's kind of our Sunday thing like we go up there and we have breakfast at IHOP and then they have the bookstore right around the corner and so my husband and I are big bookstore people like we like bookstores and so books-a-million has great magazines but they also have an extent they lot of different books on sale yeah so a great bargain section and it does change a lot so we kind of like I would say we'd go there at least twice a month like we'll go have breakfast and then we'll go around the corner and do the bookstore but we've done that for years we're big bookstore people do you guys are are you guys bookstore people am I just the only break you're a bookstore person or any time I used to be but now I do it mostly online my audiobook oh so Pam had told us about I don't know if this was last time or whatever some book you were reading so I bought the first one and then I got addicted to the series thank you BAM and so I had to go get I didn't want to buy every book and it's not on Kindle unlimited so I went and got the library card so I could use the library app and one thank you for tipping me off to using the library app but – ah okay so you go through the library app and you put these books on hold and then they just show up and you're like I'm not ready for that yet and they're like you haven't you have 14 days and then the next day you have 13 days and I'm like stress the whole time like am I gonna get this done in time okay and then there's like one person waiting to people like I'm like oh my gosh you should put yourself and and so I frequently have issues managing my library hold like flow I will get suddenly four books at once like oh no but what you can do specific to our app or our library and it's done I think you don't National Lab I don't think it's Drive or Libby I want Libby was there as a way on hold to say if it looks like oh I'm gonna have five books coming at me at once you can say you can say suspend this hold for two weeks and it'll like take you off the hold list oh gosh you back in I so need that that's help yeah cuz I'm like I've got to get I just got done with this book and now I do more yes and there's a real good use book store near us to I don't know if you've been there book browser over by the Lowe's on exit 7 yeah go there another time yeah so I got to go there cuz there's a series that I got interested in that one of my co-workers turned me on to and so like books 1 through 3 were available as like a combined series mmm and it's Kevin Hearne and it's the kext is the first one mmm Mike hexed hammered know hounded is the first one it's an extant hammers and it's the last druid on earth you got Matt Myers will found one I was talking about oh and a jury Oh y'all if I had my dream dog it would be an Irish Wolfhound I've wanted an Irish Wolfhound for 20 years so here's a problem with that law because you're checking out three books in one book you only have two weeks to read three books instead of now I will say I'm a pretty quick read like I can read fairly quickly through a book um audiobooks take me longer just because yeah you're stuck at their pace even if it's 1.4 speed I don't listen to and faster it's not you texting me is it how could I be texting you although my phone's right blu-ray now Ray's talking to us now array the internet says hello so um would you please do a show on audio bugs hmm okay maybe I don't know so we have been talking about does book club stay in this format do we expand it do we talk about fiction like what do we want to do so we may yes yes it's not off the table we're looking to revamp this this is probably the last book club for this season I guess Oh guess what Mike told me today that I thought was interesting our 100th episode is coming up in like 15 episodes okay that's a big deal yeah like in you know the media world we could go into syndication no oh that would be funny but one of the things we've talked about adding in that people really like is the how should I quote this segment and but we've been talking through like how do we actually X can we do that is it all our quilt designs we don't want to take quilts from other designers in the books and start taking liberties with their designs because I feel we want to step I feel weird yeah we want to respect their right so we can try to figure out how do we make that work and now that we've figured out the problem with the second camera that will be fixed on the next show yes nice dream yes yeah even the virtual live stream I can have second camera for that one so I could do just like people could just watch me stitch you could do it and I could too cuz we're gonna get one for here do we have four cameras no we can only have three well you could have the the main one that starts the live stream a secondary there and then I have to Skype you to get you into it because of the changes coming to the YouTube oh okay and I don't think you get secondary camera on skype okay so I made I made a Facebook post in our group what's up stitches about like well I feel old because I have just had to pepper my teenage son with questions about live streaming technology yeah and it was like well we could spend 200 bucks or we could get the free software build our own server to merge live streams but which would end up costing more than 200 bucks yes it's what we did because I would also need therapy yeah it's gonna be kind of expensive so we spent the 200 bucks and we've talked about that too we would love for you all to send us pictures on us do that but we were just trying to make sure you know yes we would love that we would love to get what she's saying cuz okay so Ann says how about if we send you pictures of your quilts and you tell us how to quilt it and I love that idea but my we just don't want to depend on to get him at the last minute and how so I'm not gonna say that's off the table I'm just not gonna say that can only be it right I'm because I don't know how many we get like we get to you know that's a lot of stretching for an hour yeah yeah yeah totally thanks Jane I appreciate that your dream dogs I have Annie's I have a friend with a very cute Havanese named Mookie's oh really yeah when I met Mookie oh I got a cute picture of him doing the leg splurt thing where the dogs just like lay on their stomach and their back legs stick straight back my dog throw him do that well no your dog's mine floor no they don't there's something still touch the floor they sit on their haunches like a like a lion would you know there yeah Fred does that but then he like he started you in a gangster lean just like off to a side like so Oh Josie to skate something she wants you to pet her stomach I'm a rubber dummy so but that's how I taught him to do that too as a submissive kind of you know getting to calm down or whatever when they were puppies right there till these kind of things but no I want a big ol Irish Wolfhound that I've won in one for twenty years my husband's a little like those are big dogs I'm like yeah they're big dogs so anyway all right so the last book that I have Wow is the quilting arts book and they put this out in 20 2008 well it's got funky Bolton's name on it I assume Patricia's her real first name I'm assuming it to be Bolton yeah but yes and so this is kind of based off the quilting arts TV show that you Chansey on PBS and I've seen reruns of it the host now is to Susan Baker nap we were right there who have taken a class Herrmann she's really awesome Susan is and this has got some of the great techniques in the people who were on quilting arts and some of the their techniques that they shade on quilting arts so it gives you more information what was already there so it's kind of a synopsis of some of the things that you saw in quilting arts and I like this book too I like this one that's not I can D I like this one and the fabric one and the lyric Cunard one no she's saying and I just all the books she likes no I only name three of the six six seven anyway I know Pam said you can't say I like it anymore I'm like but I like it you're allowed to like stuff yeah a problem what's problem I say it too much it turns into a filler and it's like oh well we could just move along and talk about something new but I like it all right so what are we so oh I just brought more little fun oh yeah that didn't I don't think that one turned out well I thought it was maybe yeah I wasn't pleased a flower so our sushi spelled it out literally for us not well though I mean it just didn't that was not successful show the one in the bin that's not successful I'm just me and this one's got a little fun confetti stuff in it yeah I need to make a bunch more of those so what I've been doing now oh I will show you yeah so um one of the techniques I did is a crazy quilt kind of thing in the deal so it was and the class I talked about using novelty fabrics but um one of the things I like to do cuz I'm always drawing like I'm always got a pad pencil with me something that I can draw with so one of the things I like to do is draw these little things on fabric and it's just like little sayings or whatever and honestly I go to Pinterest and I look at pictures and I just draw these are all for me I'm giving them away so there you go but I love them our scripture base so like she is strong is from Proverbs and set my mind on things above from Colossians and it is well with my set my set mind on things above no I don't think it's my mind it's okay sorry's don't have that well with the rest so this one I did last night I went to I think this might be the light of the world blessed is she who lives who believed that the Lord would fulfill her promises to her Luke 145 you are enough anyway I just do all these little drawings on and I've been taking cheap cheap fabric like literally went to a big-box store bought a yard of fabric for two dollars and it's the cheap cream solid fabric and so what I found is that if I cut it up in like I don't know three and a half inch squares or whatever I am enjoy using these fiber castel pit art pin it's what this is but it's India ink and when I use the India ink you can see it doesn't bleed like a lot of times with markers using markers on fabric it bleeds out but you can't use sharpies you get a crisp line you don't get a crisp line so I've always I've always suggested I've always told people my favorite black line is the pen tell gel roller for fabric I still love this pen it is great but it only comes in black and that frustrated me forever I learned calligraphy when I was a kid and these Pentel fabric are these I would say fat fabric esto mm-hmm fabric s tell pins come in calligraphy tip as well as just a brushed it up and they come in all these colors and so like I'm so excited because now I can make these little things and I just sit I I process what people – I'm an audio learner so when people are talking to me if I'm drawing I'm totally listening to you and I'm paying more attention than you realize so that's what I do as I listen to people and I draw and I people used to think I wasn't paying attention in meetings and my recalls so much better if I'm I don't know what it is well I guess that's just an audio learner does that like if my focus is here I'm totally listening to what you're saying but it doesn't look like it I'm sneaky that way Oh link link Amazon um actually for the Pens yeah is that what you're looking at actually yeah cuz Pam didn't expect me to say this you can get them on Amazon but I will tell you use Dick Blick sells I think the best price on them Amazon was more expensive then Dick Blick was so and the reason I bought these was I was thinking historically if you look at Baltimore album quilts they would draw like the part of the ships and stuff and put their name in him and stuff they were using India ink and that is as clear today a hundred two hundred years later as it was when they put it on the quilts um and I was like hmm this is India ink I bet it's gonna have some this isn't this sharpie this don't use this is a dink I bet it's gonna have some of the same principles so I I really I mean literally I've been playing with these for the last week in between the stuff I've been doing for the stitch sometimes I need to just walk away from my aai issue and when I say AI it's Adobe Illustrator not artificial intelligence right um I would get frustrated with like I'm learning Adobe Illustrator so I would get frustrated with what it could do or how I could do it it can do lots of stuff I don't know how it can do so but there is that so I've just been playing with these tons this week and just loved them so little art tip there so there it is and they have calligraphy I just bought the calligraphy ones last night where I was getting the wind Peggy penny penny penny um where I took told me it was not a smooth move but real who literally exactly how it should've happened honestly like you will surprise me yes I am here so anyway so for those that don't know remember you want to tell the story or the quote behind us so we had a challenge in the quilt guild and the challenge was make a quilt of someplace you had traveled so Mike and I had gone to Hawaii of course says why I own it yeah and this was a postcard that I had found that was from the nineteen I want to say fifties like post-war and I liked it so I did an interpretation of it the postcard has lots of their stuff on there I didn't choose to put it on there because it looked hard anything so I stick this stuff off yeah you can do that when you're making art you don't have to do exactly what they do and so I started with the postcard and then I was like well I need this for it to really read as a postcard you need to see the back of it so I did the back of it and I drew all the kind of detail that you would see kind of on an older postcard and how their you know the the artistry of the post and all that kind of stuff and I thought it was fun to kind of put it behind it and then I wanted to ride on ride on it and I didn't used a couching technique with yarn so it says dear wish and it looks like it says you and in love so you know when you're out at on vacation nice and postcards back you always say wish you were here and it's a lie do not I don't think it's true I think you're just so this is called wish you were here but the funny thing was so the guild had this you know challenge and so this was my entry into the challenge and it didn't get picked and I truly believed the reason it didn't get picked was because I didn't realize you had to run I'm not a writer if you look at all the stuff that gets put out by us blog post all that stuff it's Pam I'm a speaker so I don't like writing stuff down so when I turned it in she goes well where's your story and I was like I heard a story Craig so I put my husband and I went to Hawaii we had a good time and the other entries had I mean I went to Greece for both sooner verbose I went to Greece and saw the tile and the chapel's and it was so intricate I couldn't take my I was just like I think they were five paragraphs long I'm serious it was like a five page theme on some of these I'm telling you literally laughed at me they let and they know it was me cuz it was blind you know they were just saying it was anonymous it was anonymous that was it yeah well I will say so I entered a later challenge with my clamshell quilts yes and just we had the name we had to write a story to go with it and I don't like write in the story don't make me write the story like my story was basically in the name because it was three colors for a one patch quilt and so you've got an envelope that you just pulled randomly and it gave you three crayon colors and you could go like shades lighter or darker and my colors were orange this metallic silver crayon and a green crayon and I was like well this looks like the Irish frappe flag but a little jaunty cuz it's got silver like a disco ball instead of white and so my name I went with a clamshell and so my cool name is feeling clammy at the Irish disco and like that's the story right there of like tada and so what I had written up for that and I don't know if they read it aloud if they did at both meaning basically I was like I got these crayons it looked like a funky Irish flag again this made me think of the disco she won so now that being said we could work on it well I think it's interesting that we both entered is the same guild challenge one year it was kind of geared towards the artists and the next year it was geared towards the pieces and the one you entered I didn't enter the one children and she never the one I entered because I think I tend not to do the art ones because I tend not to do the piecing ones yeah because I'm like so it's all I knew what you relate to that kind of stuff in on art kicks for a while yeah and I will tell you I was so proud of you when you won that I was like so I stood up and yelled she wasn't even at that she wasn't even at the meeting like new way and they announced it I was like I was the only one in the room nobody else knew like 200 people 200 people were there I'm like yeah so it was awesome and I'm like texts I think I had you on oh you mad me I called her like you oh boy on cuz our friend Brian was there too it was my birthday too remember cuz we had the party that night and I gave it to you cuz I could did it at them okay yeah I collected it at the meaning and I brought it to her at my party I got a gauge for myself I gave myself a 50th birthday party it was great I threw myself a lot of cakes for my birthday you had so many cakes like dear I got one piece of one day it was all the kegs of all the cakes though was it not the best cake absolutely opening season for cake was disappointing because it was a store-bought cake for a family event where we go celebrate like all the July birthdays cuz there's like six of us that have to like birthdays and like I'll bring the cake that way I can get something I like well there was a mixup at the store they didn't have it ready so I had to just pick a ready-made one whatever it was not that good it was disappointing that's sad very sad so I would say birthday two weeks before my birthday no that was a week before my birthday too like then we start leading into like okay so for the virtual stitch in I had made like the decadent bacon chocolate brownies cuz they're so good and I went on air this is why I didn't want it right there yeah but it was uh then I got myself a good cake from the store when I didn't realize my husband located grocery story or Publix they make them I had texted him like I'm just coming back from the store got my cake and he was like I was gonna get your cake like and then our friend ray made me key lime pie cake okay and let me just say she makes it for you every year like I made it for myself for years yeah at look I like I used to just send her recipes like okay she's really good Baker yeah she is yeah so she made it the first year's experiment and I was like this is amazing and I need this cake every year piece I have to admit that that's an on keto day right there is yeah oh we were all feeling it the next day oh really feeling it that night can't believe I ate that oh lord help me and they get this giant 30 inch pizza seriously y'all pieces are this big yes they don't I'm not folded in half I won't fit on a place no it's stupid crazy freakin tasty stupid crazy it's New York style thin crust oh so good so good anyway yeah anyway so yes that was the so anyway I had a physical yesterday turns out I need eat more salad who knew like my sister like she wanted to have her physical done right after they got back from vacation on a cruise for like what I used to do she's like wonder why the cholesterol was up to eight jug for the past week and a half you know vacation that could be it well I used to do my physicals in April but then like you get the reminder and you're like oh I need to schedule it but the reminders not far enough advanced for you to get the appointment around the same time and so it would slipped like two weeks later in two weeks later two weeks later and now I'm just like I gotta remember to schedule it a month before my birthday so I put her I keep myself fit to do this but it's not in a shared project well I understand that I don't need to know when you're scheduling your doctor good to know good done but now I got a schedule to follow up I have to go get my mammogram like a good woman it's fine we were discussing it before we started live-streaming there's a nice grandmotherly tech that does it all at the radiology department okay it's a thing you know I want to stick around good point I can't argue with that so anyway there's three minutes left three minutes left what's coming up episode 424 last one to season four dry Friday yes the last episode oh my gosh of season four and then stick around to see if we were new okay fingers crossed hope the executive producer picks this up I think we'll have a meeting actually you know we very filmed some stuff so there you go we could burn it we can burn it hadn't been edited together yet true it hasn't so do you want to show him the postcards that I made in the class I don't know this made no oh yeah no I think they're in the middle this this oh you've redone the mom I didn't read gentlemen gentlemen this one we were issuing the bird one this one okay so cowboys but that's not in the class that's not in the class so here's a fun this one we did in class maybe talk actually you technically did this one no that was the sample this thorn I actually did during the class well I didn't take the class not this one when I show you how to dye stuff behind it this one you should plant a star more glitter yes the weaving or we already showed you which is super cool pics for you weaving in commune yeah I kind of want to put a nose on it though why thank you for you pick your friends you pick your nose can't pick your friends nicely yes really look I maybe I made upon the change that requires a mammogram but I'm still gonna make nose picking jokes you know when you have a teenager in the house I think these are common occurrences yes yes so alright we had a discussion about hamburger buns and my son and I looked at each other and laughed because someone said the word buns up there yeah all right what do Joey has a question has stiffness in your cards I use comic book Becker boards this very stiff cardstock it is an its archival quality ding you can see all my gray hair look at all my gray hair see is that all of it yep this pretty much it right there I want to go gray I know I keep talking about this but Wednesday I'm gonna do it I'm gonna go gray okay completely gray are you guys gonna be okay if I go gray just gonna dye it all gray okay I'm like I'm going gray anyway I just will do it feels like maintenance because then you're gonna have dark roots come in that's true all right well well there you go very well thank you all for joining us stay tuned episode 424 drops next Friday postcard classes at learned off the stage TV show calm if you're interested ly or the books are here I will dig up a link to the India ink pens that we talked about and get that up later so yeah thanks bye bye

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