"Quidam!" – Arrangers Publishing Company

21 thoughts on “"Quidam!" – Arrangers Publishing Company

  1. I did this last year and my band won 2nd in ACCs (Atlantic Coast Championships) and we won regionals and states. Our band was 3a band. Needless to say it was my first and very fun year. I was a baritone horn.

  2. My marching band this for my rookie year and we won finals. This brings so many good memories of the season. Can’t wait for next season.

  3. The violin in quidam sounds so butiful. The one in my band sounds like that one video where the cats are having sex no joke

  4. I did this show my freshman year, so long ago. But every once in a while it pops into my head. The music is just so good.

  5. I am in my high school marching band and we are doing this show this year and I was looking for the Cirque Du Soleil version to see if I could see the original but it was retired so I don't know if I can but I will keep looking for it.

  6. My band did it last year and got 7th nationally and our drumline was 3rd with a 5 person drumline. you're gonna have a LOT of fun with this

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