Quick Start Guide to Essay Writer Software

Welcome to your Quick Start Guide. We’ll first brainstorm some Ideas. Let’s link them to create a simple Idea Map. Then we can start writing. Restructuring is even easier than linking. And at the end, we’ll show you how to print. Open a new document, and double-click
anywhere to start to Create Ideas. Type a short, descriptive note
for what you want to include. Press your ‘Enter’ key
when you’ve finished one. Use them to remind yourself
what to put in a main text section, too! To exit Brainstorming, you need to click
clear areas around your Map twice. Click once to make a new Idea node
right where you click, and again to exit the mode entirely. If one of your Ideas isn’t showing all of its text, Hover over it, and press
the red plus sign to Expand your Idea. To Link Ideas, click once and
hold your Idea over another. The second ‘Branch’ Idea will remain
pink, a top-level Central Idea. Keep connecting your Ideas until you
have the whole list roughly how you want it. They don’t need to be their own sections,
as we’ve done here. Instead, you can write individual
points you want to make. To start writing, double-click an Idea
and its section text editor will open. Again, you don’t need to write
in complete sentences here. Bullet point reminders of
what you need to include will do. Close or move the text window, as you prefer. (In this video, we’re going to close it.) Press the button labelled ‘Map, Text’
to enter mixed view mode. This shows both the Idea Map
and its text sections. Under any pink Central Idea
are its branched Ideas. First are purple ‘chapters’, then green
‘sections’, and further ‘sub-sections’. Each node is identified by
clockwise position around its Branch Idea. Click into any text section to start editing it. Notice how the closest row
of command buttons has changed
once you interact with the text panel. These buttons are more useful
to you in text mode, … … And the button row will change back
when you interact with the Map. Our Introduction currently comes
after one of our main body chapters. To fix that, grab the main body Idea and
pull it behind the Introduction chapter. Introduction is now ahead of the other chapter
in clockwise order, and on the text panel. To preview how the Document will look printed,
go to ‘File’ and ‘Print Preview…’ This was a guide to get you
started quickly, with no fuss. Do check back for more videos about
additional features and how to use them! For example, a Table of Contents automatically
updates itself. Include Reference Lists for
text, media, and database sources. Write Cover Pages to store
important information. And you can also change how the
Map and Text panels are displayed,
including map grid and colours. And here are even more! Come visit our website at FasterEssays.com And good luck with your essays!

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