Quando Rondo x Polo G – Marvelous lyrics

Qundo Rondo x Polo G – Marvelous lyrics I’ma say absolutely when you ask am I in love, I wonder why I need a chic I could cherish who I could only call mine Let’s take a journey, fly to Paris together, just you and I It’s hard for me to even try to compare the look in your eyes All the times I know you felt so embarrassed, I bought you ice Dream’t you were my lil’ girl in brand new Burberry curtains for life Never once, but twice I never got why you wanna leave me inside this life, oh, I So much I saw my little echo by the freezer, it’s on a super I Need a chick that I could cherish what could only come my take a turn to cry together just you and I for me to even try to prepare in the Paris I bought you I’m suing my love garlic bread over barriers life never once but twice never Me and Gaga night, so right away. I know he got a touch to me my perspective change I last iris get the best of me something took a part of me and turned him took the rush to me now. He Champions I feast on my eyes so impressively he was grinding early I’m hustling we all never sleep if that boy was leeching then I left him in the back you mean that gang shit a joke there girl, you got his family No pops at home the hood razor Molly. No inside retreat ain’t no fairy tales up in me She should only and happily we’ve been scouring back and forth We seen so many casualties training turned me wolfish tugging harder than I had to be sometimes I feel like I’m the best and can’t nobody stop me that little bitch won’t give you no play But she been trying to top me bitch. I’m gonna stuff don’t give a fuck about if he called her body I feel like us to wipe his nose like it Only come on take a dirty kitchen They’re in the Islands, I know you got some various I bought you why I’m suing my laconic right over barriers of light never once but twice I never You

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