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let's make some PDF maps with QGIS so I have some map data open here in QGIS and I'm really quickly the shapes these are the boroughs of New York City and the points on top these are uber pickups as I will link to in the description for the video if you are interested in exploring this data set so let's say I'm really happy with how this map looks and I want to make a PDF to share with people or to post online something along those lines so the way you do that is you go up to project and you create a new print composer I'm going to leave the title empty but feel free to set it whatever makes sense for you okay and when you do that you have this blank canvas and this is the page that you're going to print so on the left for me at least I have this toolbar that is a series of items that I can add to the canvas and the main one is going to be adding a new map so I'm going to click add a new map button and I want the map to take up the entire canvas more or less so let's do that okay so the map now shows up exactly as we have it in qgis right now and if I wanted to reposition this I would use this button to select move item to make sure that my map is picked and then I would click this button move item content and this will actually move the map within the box that we made so if we use select move item we're actually moving the box around on the page and if I use this one I'm moving the map around inside that box so if you zoom in with by scrolling with your trackpad or with your mouse you'll you'll see that you're zooming in an app on your map it's not very precise if you wanted to you could update the scale over here or the extents one way that I just recently became more aware of was you could go back to your original map in QGIS so this is actually the the data view that you're usually using and you can zoom in to the area you want let's say I want the area around Central Park um I can go back to my composure and say set to map canvas extents and that will that will zoom out and pan over to the part of the map you were looking at originally okay so let's say I am pretty happy with how that looks right now I have a lot of other things over here that I can add and let's go through those really quickly so one is images so you can add images and for all of these you're gonna draw a box first to put the content in and then on the right you will change the settings so you could just open your own image and place it in here no problem I I want to put a compass here and that's under search directories which maybe isn't the most obvious name for it and I will pick let's see let's pick this one that works and these should all be scalable vectors so you can resize these as much as you want I probably don't want it to be that gigantic okay oops I keep zooming out alright I can add a title remember I have to draw the box first and then I can change over here in the properties I can say they're very big oh yeah the text is really small you can make lots of changes here in ways that you are likely familiar with okay that works I'm not going to make it perfect maybe I'll make the font a little bit bigger sure that works and so next thing is you'll probably want to have a legend of some sort and that is the next button over here well click it and we'll draw a box to put it in and when we do we get an automatically generated one from from our map so you can see that the name is legend you can change that here you could get rid of it if you wanted to and you can change the fonts down here you can so right now the names are exactly the names from our layers so if we go back to the main queue just area you can see that it just has the point symbol and then exactly the name that we gave it originally so one way to fix this is just to right click on these and rename them and if I go back it says that it's auto-updating it doesn't seem to be okay for some reason clicking on it updated it I feel like that parts a little um a little glitchy and I'll remove the background to make it blend in a little bit but as you can see there are lots of there are lots of options that are that are relatively straightforward you can also you can also edit these directly potentially so maybe having New York City on there it doesn't make any sense in this case but you don't want to remove it from your map obviously so you should be able to just delete it there okay so we have our map we have a compass we have a title we have a legend let's go and add a scale bar also in this case skill bar maybe doesn't matter a lot and let's see so our options are the units let's put it in feet since most people are reading maps of New York City are going to be in two feet and okay maybe that's okay maybe we'd rather it down here with the compass that probably makes more sense okay so probably not the best map I've ever made but but you can see the areas for expanding on this and customizing it once you're once you have one that you're pretty happy with you can actually close this and open it again so under project you can go to print composers and this was the third one that I made and it's open it's all there for you so it's there because groups because it's part of the project so if you save this project somewhere it will always be bundled in there with that project which is pretty handy so let's reopen the print composer and let's actually export it so you have three ways you can export it you can export it as an image you can export it as SVG say if you wanted to either I mean usually I use this feature to export it and open in a vector editing program such as illustrator and then finally you can export as PDF and let's try that up I'm going to put it in my folder here of course and let's check it out yeah yeah so there's our map pretty much exactly as we made it and that is a quick guide to making to printing Maps in QGIS

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