QGIS in under 10 minutes: 03 – Print composer

in this tutorial you will learn how to prepare map for printing create a new print composer in composition panel we can adjust paper size orientation and background color place map on the paper in item properties panel we can set map scale rotation extense position and size by using move item tool we can move and resize map item on the paper when we use move content tool we can actually move and zoom map geometry inside map item note that zooming changes map scale add a label just like map all other items can be adjusted in item properties panel let's change label text and font you add a legend and it legend and remove one item from it at a scale bar we can use right mouse click to lock or unlock item if you change something on the map then you will need to refresh view in print composer you can print or export map to PDF file we need your help to continue making free video tutorials please subscribe to our channel or share this video

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