QBank DAM – Publishing

Most files have a purpose
with their digital lives, they could be pictures
destined for brochures, or video clips designed
for a TV Commercial. What they have in common
is that they're meant to be public and somehow need
to be made available for the target audience. This can happen through
pages on the company's website, notices on social
media or physical discs and drives that have to be ordered and delivered manually. QBank is not only a place
for storing and managing your digital files, but
can preferably work as a central hub in the
organization's digital sphere. From QBank, you
can publish, also referred
to as "deploy", directly to social media
or third party channels that can be
anything from a CMS, the company brand portal,
a public media bank or a simple FTP-site. These publishing channels
are set up when needed, media is published there,
and the channel uses QBank's API to identify
itself and collect any information that has been
made available for that particular channel. Enhance your site with
powerful filtering tools and search engines, or let
QBank manage what is seen on the channel using
privilege controls, dynamic publishing and
unpublishing dates, plus many other smart
filtering options. Create image-, video- and
document templates and connect them to publishing
channels making sure suitable formats are
created automatically when publishing. These templates are then
available for the channel to use as needed, making
nice looking thumbnail views and responsive
interfaces a piece of cake. Receive detailed
statistics collected in QBank regarding
views, downloads, shares and more, from
all of your channels. Get a quick overview of
what is being used and where through QBank,
and automatically get a workflow in place that
prevents files in use from getting deleted or changed
without the publicist being aware of it. Don't let the publishing
and distribution of digital assets become
complicated procedures. Take total control
from one platform. Contact us today for more
information or a trial experience.

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