Q&A: Shareena Clanton says Indigenous people want to be "the author of our own destinies"

48 thoughts on “Q&A: Shareena Clanton says Indigenous people want to be "the author of our own destinies"

  1. "Aboriginal people should be at the forefront of your decision-making process".
    Da fuq??
    Are they a special, privileged class of people?
    Are all other people are "less people" or what?

  2. She is so racist against "white" people. Never heard a person go on about the colour of people's skin than this girl. Must be so hard for her to live with so much anger against the whole world. Get over it your a human being like everyone else.

  3. Who is she blaming? 35 billion of taxpayers to indigenous welfare and still the gap have broadened? There’s corruption every time funding is given to an all aboriginal board program. What is this bs about children still being taken away from their family without consultation, give us context. Western civilisation works if you don’t take it for granted.

  4. A 60,000 years of continuous Australian Aboriginal culture, and is what they get?…………….

    I did not even know Aboriginal people were considered human beings until 1967. This referendum sounds like a poison chalice to me, as it only serve the Australian national interest.

    Aboriginal people will only be considered human beings if the serve in the military or they screw other poor people out of their own rights.

    Shareena is holding her own well done to her.

  5. The whole point of a truly egalitarian society surely must be: All immutable factors about one's identity, should be considered non-remarkable features of an individual's personality. Things such as, skin pigmentation, ethnicity, genitalia or with whom you share intimacy should not be considered in individuals unless objectively relevant. Discrimination isn't necessarily unjustifiable, after all we do live in a functioning society clearly based on hierarchies of competence… But pride in one's immutable factors that are irrelevant to you and I, and the insistence they be taken into consideration, is litterally the opposite of progressive. Remember: non remarkable features of your personality.

  6. So where is her victimhood. Shes doing pretty well herself. Go and help Jacinta for crying out loud!

  7. FACT CHECK. It is a myth that aboriginal people were considered under the flora and fauna act prior to 1967. Absolutely incorrect. There has never been a flora and fauna act. The words flora and fauna have never been part of our constitution. Aboriginal people have never been classified under flora and fauna in any legal document in this country. Don't believe me? Google the ABC news "Fact Check: Were aboriginal Australians classified under a flora and fauna act until the 1967 referendum?" Don't believe everything you hear on TV. Just because somebody is passionate, doesn't mean they are right.

  8. She gave stats regarding life expectancy but left out the stats on domestic violence, abuse, alcoholism, criminality, and unemployment. She also blamed others for the problems. If I am unemployed, is that the government's fault? If I die early, is that the government's fault? Or my own? Don't "beg and ask" for humanity. Just live with humanity. Just be the best person you can be regardless of your genetics. Children are forcibly removed from parents of ALL cultural backgrounds in order to protect the child. The rights and safety of the child are the much higher priority than whether the parent's are consulted. Who is denying the aboriginal people a chance to be in parliament, or employment, or on TV, or in universities? Nobody. It's a meritocracy.

  9. I am in American Indigenous woman in California and hearing this sister gave me chills. So much love and respect for my sisters and brothers in Australia and New Zealand.

  10. 1:52 What? Lol. No, Aboriginals are not the sovereign owners of Australia, that's the Australian government. The Australian government has never acknowledged Aboriginal sovereignty and neither has any other government in the world. You can't cede sovereignty if you don't have sovereignty.

  11. If you eat properly and get plenty of exercise youll live just as long as anyone else – ps before whitey got here you had a life expectancy of about 30 -stop whining and get a life

  12. As a white Australian, I've had enough of a white parliament. We need willing Indigenous people in Canberra to lead our country.

  13. Out of all of the societies that have dealt with indigenous peoples, Australia is by far the most cruel. They just can't seem to move on and let these people be in control of their own lives, but as a government, they are oppressive even to their non-indigenous population.

  14. They have no respect they see aborigines as non factors getting in the way of profit and the expansion of white culture and people.

  15. You go Goddess 🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  16. Only Aboriginal People can close the GAP When The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander National Body was defunded by the Liberal Government back in the '90s that was when Aboriginal People started going backwoods. They were making headway with Education, Higher Education, Health/Welfare, Housing/Home Ownership, Employment and Training, the list goes on. It is only when the Liberal Government get into power is when Aboriginal People's issues become a big media issue on every level, why? because that is how they work using ATSI People as a decore so that the rest of Australian's focuses on the black issues while they sell all our Land and resources from out under our noses. Wake Australia the rest of the world will own you very soon

  17. Good on you Shareena. You are a brave, beautiful race of people, and no one in this country has had to endue what you have.

  18. Aboriginal people are given a VERY fair chance. We give equal access to Aboriginals to just about everything that non-aboriginal people have access to e.g. free education, healthcare etc. Not only that, they get MORE, just for being Aboriginal. It is in your hands to empower yourselves. The very fact that this woman has others in her family who went to university is proof of this. We are not failing you.. we are giving you the opportunity. If you throw it away, don't blame others for your decisions.

  19. News flash Indigenous people will never be in charge of their future simply because to drive that future there needs to be a sharing of resources and wealth that is a pipe dream. It has been made clear since 1967 that Aboriginal people are still seen as unable to manage their own affairs and when they get the oppurtunity they squander those oppurtunites. No goverment will share tax revenues and other income streams with Aboriginal people they will have to continually struggle to obtain funding based on a for services model which does nothing to lift the education standard of Aboriginal people across the board nor will it bring about an upward trend in the socio economic status of Aboriginal people. At present there are more political agends amongst Aboriginal communities than there is leaders. This is counter productive communities cannot come up with 6 priorities that need to be addressed in the immediate future. The current alleged leaders appear to be pushing their own agendas and have little input from communities as a whole . The future is simply put the more of the same I do not envisage a positive future where equity and equality are a reality and Aboriginal people have a clear concise understanding of how they will be able to meet the challenges presented in tne next 10 years.

  20. Yes, because state welfare is the way out of poverty. Because that's how all those African nation's got out of being developing nation's right? Through foriegn aid yeah?

  21. I dont know what she is on about the indigenous in this country are represented in Parliament they get preference over white Australians in employment opportunities they get billions in support free health free housing free vehicle's land rites a public voice anytime and anywhere they want, the problems like short life expectancy and health issues are caused because of remote livng a lack of fresh food, genetic incompatibility to western food, a lack of social skills, pure lazyness and most importantly is the false narrative of no one being able to posibly understand or have a rite to contribute to indigenous affairs unless they are indigenous, also the most racism i have ever experienced came from the indigenous, if this cant be talked about and debated freely then the status quo will never change, the indigenous in Australia are their own worse enemy, on one hand they talk about equal rites then say that they arnt Australian and we are invaders then demand more funding, so with the millions every year already going into indigenous departments ask yourself this why are young black single mothers in the bush pushing broken strollers with kids in them when other indigenous individuals drive brand new Landcruisers.
    Dont get me wrong i want the best outcome for all but we have to ALL stop bullshiting ourselves and talk about this if we dont i truly believe the suffering of black Australia will only get worse.

  22. We get a better voice when we stop being victims. Stop blaming everyone else and start putting the responsibility on ourselves to bridge the gap.

  23. Respect has to be earnt. Responsibility, integrity and courage earn respect. Not resentment, blaming and complaining.

  24. This has to end! All countries should have sanctions put on Australia. This would end.

  25. I am a mixed (biracial)American black woman. This sounds so much like 1960 US. When are black people going to be free? When are we going to be respected and treated with dignity and government understand that in a country which we helped build be given the rights we fought and died for. Basic humanitarian rights.
    Ms Sharenna your voice will be heard and a change will come. It may not in your generation, but I promise you it will happen. When corrupt people are removed from the system then things will get done. Let your voice be heard. A change will come!!!!

  26. True words and couldn't have been said better Shareena and I commend you for keeping your cool. The liberal minister who by the rules of Parliament shouldn't be in Parliament as he wasn't Australian when he got elected didn't even have enough respect to look at you while you were speaking.

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