PYP – Ted the Poet (LYRICS IN DESCRIPTION) prod. klimonglue

welcome welcome everybody take a seat relax you're comfortable kick your shoes off pick your poison party people is Amalia wrong and if it's wrong we got Bacardi took a shot of each one we got the apple and the average peach and watermelon I know you see I've had a few I've had a lot and then some I know you're feeling really happy and the party is fun but I gotta lay down a couple of rules for all of your thoughts if the cops come then you gotta just run and if there's Mahmoud on my carpet then you're probably done now right hit the road jack come back tomorrow you set the bar high that's a tough act to follow but here's a fun fact and some Jack to swallow you see that honey deck while I drunk after the bottle why just one of my best friends but it's love/hate for the rest the weirdest got me story with got me stressed and please control your stories I don't need to know your whole life I can barely see you with the weed smoking strobe lights oh my Ross the balance no need to thank me for the good time it's automatic I'm playing garbage drop cos concert rap it's hard to grasp it when you cross fated three ways and falling backwards now let me take you to the bedroom where all the magic happens memories are made and forgotten without a trace of an option and kids are sprayed on your bottom not being placed for adoption because you drank a concoction that did away with your conscience you wake up make it a rotten taste and no change in your pocket they take in your wallet and you forgot their name and their basement is College so there's too many people and that is the problem they told the disappearing act on you like abracadabra so that's where all the magic happens it's awesome all your personal belongings make it a habit to Locker grab a bar get back up on the Batman to Gotham around these jokers and you have to be cautious

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