Publishing your research with Brill

Braille is one of the most renowned academic publishers we have over three centuries of experience and publishing works in the humanities Social Sciences international law and biology we are very passionate about publishing academic works as a scholar you spent years working on your tests and then when it's ready you need a publisher and it's important to find the right publisher a publisher that works for you that you feel at home we try to welcome scholars we try to make things easy for them for Bill it's really important that our publications are of the highest quality so we publish it in many formats we have both printed books but we also publish our private online they have the highest standard for our platform technology and we make sure that our titles are available in university libraries worldwide that is our main goal we also make sure that a book title is accessible for researchers in offensive formats in a portable way so that's why we offer my book which is a cute paperback version that is accessible to you if your university library has purchased Brill's ebook collections a lot of what we do within the marketing department is very visible but there is also a lot that you don't always see here at brill we realized that the publication of a book is not the end of the journey it's just the beginning of the promotion my team is responsible for the global social media strategy we have channels for law history philosophy Middle Eastern Islamic studies religious and biblical studies for every subject area that we publish in we have a different account why would you want to see something about religious studies when you're only studying law in the humanities we've earned our stripes as being one of the leading open access publishers the research that authors publish with us deserves to be made as accessible as possible that's why authors can publish their book their research article and even reference works with Braille we've always responded to change that's why I've been here so long

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