Publishing your Publisher 2007 website

it's very important to remember that your website is not a website until you've published it publishing it turns it from a publisher file into an actual website and the way you do it is really quite simple you need to have the web tools toolbar so go to view if it's not showing toolbars web tools and all you already have it up so I'm not gonna do anything now before you actually publish it's very very important that you can make sure that it's going to be organized in a way that allows you to link to your files properly so you want to make sure to click website options and it's especially important to do this when you're on a college computer because of course when they restart the options change back to the default and the important piece here is under saving where it says organize supporting files in a folder make sure that is not checked if it is checked it will set it up your website in a way that makes your links not work so make sure organize supporting files in a folder is not checked and say okay then the very left button here is published to the web and all you need to do to publish it and turn it into a website is to click that button and you'll get a dialog box that allows you to tell it where to save it make sure you do not change the file name it must be called index or it won't work and you're on your Fox web space double click to open the fet website files folder if it's not open you want to save the files inside the website files folder that's that's what we created it for so I'm going to then click once I've opened that folder I'm going to click Save and you're going to get a little working button here that says publishing HTML files and when it's done that will disappear and you published it if you want to see your you want to see your website all you need to do is go to your website folder open the website files folder this will allow you to preview your site and test it what you want to do is you want to find the want to find the the file that's just called plain old index index is your front page your home page if you can't find it you might want to change your view to details and sort by name there are a lot of files that have the word index in them but you want the one that's just called index and if you double click it it'll open in whatever browser is part of is the one that is standard for your computer and you should be able to click around and see the different websites your links your bookmarks whatever you have should work the ones that you link to files should work and if it's a PDF file it will open inside the browser it looks like this is loading in I'm not going to actually give it the time to open because I don't want to have you wait to watch that but it will open if it's a different kind of file like a an excel file or a PowerPoint file then it will it will ask it ask you if you want to download it but you can check all of your different links and everything should work properly the way that you've set it up to work one warning it sometimes in Firefox things end up on top of each other if when you check your your website and if it's in Firefox that's true don't worry about it simply put a little note on your front page saying best viewed in Internet Explorer and make sure to open it an internet explorer from now on so that's how you publish and once you do that you have a website sitting in your folder on your flash drive or your computer wherever it is to allow other people to see it all you need to do is is upload it to fox web

12 thoughts on “Publishing your Publisher 2007 website

  1. Thanks for your nice tutorial. Is this still posible in MS Publisher 2013, I'm lost, am failing to get the option of publication type "Website" i hope it's still supported. Thanks

  2. I know I probably sound really stupid for not knowing much about technology, but I have a question. Can I go in and edit the website after I do what it says on your video? For example, what if I decide that I want to change some of my pictures once I have done all of this. I'm sorry, I just don;t want to screw anything up. Also, I heard there is still another step in order to fully publish a website. Is this true?

  3. Thanks so much …. saved me hours of trial and error. I already wasted a bunch of time because I couldn't get it to publish in one folder.

  4. Hi there, can you please help me. I have followed your instructions but my pictures wont upload. What am I not doing right? Thank you, your teaching is very easy to follow….Great job!

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