Publishing your Action for the Google Assistant (Behind the Actions, Ep. 2)

hey I'm not oh hi I'm Jessica if you're here again for the second episode of behind the action right and the last episode we created our first action right and it's working yet oh yeah it it's working and we can even try it out on our home hey Google talked to a lucky number calculator okay getting the test version of lucky number calculator hello what is your favorite color I really like purple your lucky number is 210 this is so great but the beginning I heard like a test version yeah this means that this is not actually available to everybody in the world yes yeah this is only available to our account that we have that's on this particular meeting okay so on this episode we're gonna guide you through how we get this publisher to the real world so the what we call the directory right that way everyone has access to it so anyone would say that phrase and they could play with this action yeah so we can also show here if you want for example the director information so you can go to your assistant [Applause] slash Explorer right and you're gonna see for example a lot of actions here so this is like the catalog for all the actions available so after you publish your action it appear here totally it'll be there and then that way you could share that link out to other people and be able to go they try out the action I just made exactly and if you check one of these actions for example you're gonna see the ratings a lot of infer the Google Express so you can see a ways to activate this action what the available device that's compatible with this action and also reviews and and also some rating numbers this is good so I can try and then we want to you to get your action to this today as well so we go back to our home right remember only said well we're gonna go back to our actions on google console okay so what's what we are seeing here Jessica yeah so we're on the overview page and ideally you want to have it where your I have the invocation done and then all the functionality that you want and that was through our actions using dialogues okay so we've got those two things done okay you tested it out in the simulator and what's really nice is the nav bar pretty much tells us the next thing is deployment so let's let's go into their Anders directory so this is really when I show you the the number the name and the the number of devices compatible and the other stuff this is enter all through these director information exactly right because they're right on the right information so it's it's here right so please yeah let's open this up so it looks like here we had two different types of descriptions right so we need a short description and then the longer description of the action itself okay and and the other information here is the sample invocations and here is important because you're gonna teach your user how they can it came fold your your action itself so here can include for example talk you in the name or ask you you know a set of ways that the person can invoke your action ask your action right and if you have something call it deep implicit invocation you can use here we did not cover these on our last episode but it means that you can use simple remember when you say my favorite color but imagine you have another one that where the training phrases is for example book right you could say the call ask the names of the action to book a right and then what happened is these will be directly delivered to the action is started going for the welcoming to that's right so if you see something like that on other actions it's about the implicit vocation but don't don't don't care about this right now don't worry we're gonna go up and then some images why do we need images is your voice total this is for voice but that's where the directory that we had that we showed earlier this is what's gonna be shown on there so I'm gonna scroll down just a little bit that way we could see there's a larger image and then there's this shorter or the smaller image larger image is for the actual directory yeah let's show here okay so we can open here this is the this is the icon for example and we you if we hit back here these infirmities use the larger image you'll see here right so these the larger imagine the other one is the small icon yeah exactly and then after that is all about the developer all of us yes so here you must enter your email information so someone can contact you to report something even to Google contact you if it's something necessary and also the display name you can put your full name you can put your company name we can you don't need to have all the same names for all the actions each actions you can use a different if you had like different products with your own name or you are a very prior developer that it's developing for someone you can use here in a problem and then the last thing on this part is all about the privacy consent and so this is really important every action needs to have a privacy policy and that needs to contain information about what you're doing with the users information or data so this is really important readings I respect our users and remember when it's when it comes to your action you have all the responsibilities on what you are doing with these data so this is important to you explain to your user what you are doing and we have many regulations in many different countries so what you provide here is for example it's a way that you can use a Google Doc that you can create a link and share this link here in the privacy policy and this privacy policy use echidna sex assess anytime but if you want to use your own website there's no problem so just put here the link and remember that we are we are not providing any sample what we have here is just a template for the file so I can know how to share the file the contents your responsibility there are many services are online or talk to a lawyer so it's it's it's very important don't don't don't let this like can I say don't ignore this and also this is reviewed by our team exactly if you do not have that if you just put a dummy link we do check it so it's it's not too it's not too bad just I would google it there's like methyl said tons of different services that could support and Laurie is always helpful if you want to go into legal things yeah and also if you want to put some kind of Terms of Service for example you are something these you are we are reading yard we study these information to provide you a customized solution on mortgage calculator I don't know something like that remember to put the terms of services out there different things right terms of services is what how you are providing the service and the privacy policies about the privates of the user so but the the second one the Terms of Service it's it's optional so I don't need to enter right now there is some additional information there we go so category yeah this is nice this is what we could choose where this should live in regards to what type of category in the directory and so I feel like ours is like a game so it makes sense to kind of put this in the game James in the phone yeah so that would make sense so it depends on your action whatever you think it matches but that kind of very just choose that yeah and now well very cool things about for families if you think your actions suitable for family is family friend please no bad words no content that's right right so it should be a good idea to develop for family because we are curating this content and we have a specific session for a family so if you said someone wants to play something of the kids their kids they can use this session so it's nice in our case for example we are able to say that for a family but it's not you're not sure don't do it but read the documentation and also and if you are referring or is saying something about alcohol and tobacco also please do have to be like explicit about this now that way we could let our users know about yeah and there's testing instructions right this is for example imagining you the when the person is reviewing your your action needs maybe to do a specific logging or run a specific query to show how it's working because all the actions are validated and tested by a human it's not only automated tests so if you want to say something for that person that's testing yes please right here there are some other interesting topic right yeah so there's transactions and then so just asking whether using the transactions API and then the digital purchasing API so if you're using those you of course click yes and there's a Mick police because sometimes for example you maybe leave the microphone a microphone open but if you are not prompting for answer you must click here because the user must say yeah it's kind of hearing me well remember the timeouts like eight seconds at some point D if there's no way put the mic it's a lot closer than any action is it's closed it as well so it's not here in the ambient all the time yeah I would say this is my policy leaving it open it's very special cases yeah generally most actions don't need that yeah exactly what okay yes when I feel a doubt what should I do next I think we should just do surface capabilities right cuz let's tell Google what options oh yes this time we are gonna not saving right now but remember you need to save all the time right so what is this screen about Jessica yes this is all about telling Google on what devices does this action work with there are times where some of my builds an action that needs a visual and so you have to mark that down that it requires a screen output and that way we're not servicing those actions on just audio only devices like homes and minis yeah for example if you are building I can't guess I put something I was playing with like a chess voice so we can play chess in the movements but you need to see the board yeah so in this case I would click here that requires a screen and also it's not okay to play on a car so maybe Android auto I wouldn't publish for Android auto I won't I don't want to cause any accidents car crashes so do you know like Jessica said a we can choose whatever you it's better for your action yeah so once we get that done then the next thing is release and so here there's a couple of options because you and this is very cool because much we are working here and we want to test with more people but not only our account all right what it's not yet ready for everybody yes yeah there's two stages right I can use one is the alpha what is the alpha so alpha lets you test with twenty people until you grab their emails and you put it into this alpha testers list and you could deploy just to those and so those twenty people have access to your action and be able to play around with it nice and then when it's almost ready right and you won't just expand the number of people testing there's a betta so what alpha there is no remove process it goes out it's available those 20 people beta you do get the review exactly so it will go through all the regular process but won't be available for everyone and when it's done you can just promote to to the production or if you want to go straight for production you are total confident no problem did this button submit for production will be enabled you just click then you receive an email saying hey your actions is under review so you can wait some in general we say it takes up two weeks right but yes it's it's wait and because it's like I said it's a real reveal review right it's not something just automated because we take this very serious or the kind of content the interactions and and everything else exactly and if there is an issue it will be reported back to you of why didn't didn't get deployed I didn't pass the review and it generally usually links out to our docs to to help support you to be able to solve that problem too so it's a really nice tool really yeah so we can easily fix and and meet again if you want so it then be ready how can I say we'll be ready straightforward you'll have your action more people for everyone and then you can say hey it's available please test your devices kitty shot your friends your customers with whatever yeah because once it's on the directory you could even use that link and then send that how through your meeting through an email campaign letting people know this thing is alive it works it's after yeah if you have a safety future on their website or in your Android app and a mobile I have that you want to call out okay you can try this for voice yeah you can try this by voice yes I put the link in the drain the person side is a user I say this and it's a great way to complement your experience across devices services it's amazing well this is what kind of short tip site but we hope you enjoy because now you are ready to go short if your action right so I imagine you you had some time to play more and make something more advanced than our lucky number if you can and then you can now go and publish all my so please give us your like is important to us you know that you are enjoying the content subscribe to our channel to the Google developers Channel and please give us your comments right deskah oh definitely we want to hear your feedback especially for next episodes that way let us know it's something that you're interested in for future videos we could build that out and be able to deliver the content that you want yeah thanks for watching stay tuned for the next behind action-y

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